How it Began – Day 2

Friday, June 20

So I began eavesdropping on the Virtual Universe Community (VUC) forum at my company. I read the posts. I googled topics that made no sense on first reading. I got brave. On Friday I emailed someone who seemed to know a lot about the VUC and SL but also seemed to have a sense of humor. I had no idea how I’d be received. I was a stranger, an uninformed and fairly ignorant stranger, writing to ask the simplest most basic questions. I had no idea if that was a gross violation of etiquette, or if it would be acceptable. But I figured I had nothing to lose, at worst he’d ignore the email. So I introduced myself, confessed my total lack of technical knowledge, my total lack of SL knowledge, and asked for the opportunity to ask questions. Within 2 hours I had a reply. A warm, friendly welcoming reply. I was so pleased and grateful. D is so much more technical and knowledgeable than I on all things computer and SL and probably many more topics. But he answered all of my questions and then some, provided links, provided presentations, and encouraged me to give it a try.

Give it a try. But I’m a coward. I had visions of being lost in the virtual world. Of committing some horrible faux pas. Of making a fool of myself. Wasting money. Getting hurt. So I wrote back and asked more questions. And I started talking about how I WAS going to join SL. Maybe if I said it enough I’d believe it and actually do it. Maybe. So I announced to more coworkers that I was going to join SL. I saw a notice of a VUC meeting and forwarded it to my manager M. M said – go, you’re our SL ambassador. Okay, so do it! Still too scary.

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