Trying it on for Size

Saturday, June 21

Pretending to be someone I’m not, at a party I brag about how I’m going to join SL, hold virtual meetings, become the “leading edge” in my team. The non-technical crowd is impressed. By a techie, I’m no techie. But these people think this is a cool idea.

Sunday, June 22

My family was over for dinner so I announced this new part of my job description to them. If I thought my initial reaction was negative, it was nothing compared to the scorn and disbelief and derision my triumphant proclamation received. I was so excited about learning something new, something modern, something adventurous. They wanted to know why any company would support such a thing. Why would any person waste their time doing this? What was the matter with a regular chat room? Who needed this kind of thing? And you’d pay good money for this?? Ouch. Sometimes it hurts to look in the mirror. And I thought back to my company’s social networking site. This is what I said when M invited me to join that and look at how much fun and use I get from it now. I didn’t want to be that negative. And so my resolution was hardening more and more.

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