Avoiding the Issue

Monday, June 23

I started vacation today. Hey, no time to start playing with the computer. I had Real Life things to do. But I still logged to read the forum, check the social network, email coworkers and friends. I was still talking about joining SL. M was still encouraging me, even telling me that I should write a blog to detail my journey. Right. Like I’m going to write a blog. Be real.

Tuesday, June 24

The VUC forum had a question that intrigued me. I thought, gee, what if they could do this…. I debated posting my thoughts to the forum. But vanity got in the way. I have no experience in these issues. What if someone has already proposed this or what if my suggestion is simply total nonsense? I’d be embarrassed to have someone point that out in public. So I sent off an email to D, hoping again that I wasn’t violating forum etiquette. But this time he didn’t answer. HEY!! Shouldn’t everything revolve around ME and MY needs? Oh wait – I’m supposed to be a grown up now, and mature. I was starting to get very fidgety. I WANTED to participate in the discussion. I wanted to understand and maybe even contribute. Oh, but it’s late and there are things I need to do to be ready for Real Life Wednesday.

Wednesday, June 25

Real Life Wednesday left no time for Virtual life. Barely had time to read the forums, check the network.

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