Calming Down and Getting it Right

Thursday evening, June 26

My family arrives home and I wish to prove to them that I do indeed have a good-looking avatar and I can move about. So after dinner I logon to SL. There I am, on the hammock. I try to move to the couch to show them the kitten. After several false starts, I get there. And look – the wine glass is now on the table. How did it get there???? I still can’t pick it up. Sigh. Our time is limited, so I make my way back to the hammock, stretch out, and exit. Hey. I never got my invitation to join the group. Or maybe I got my invitation but didn’t see it or recognize it. I can’t believe D and L said this was easy. I have to say that very little of this is intuitive for me. This is hard and it is work. But despite that I admit – it’s a blast. I want to do more. I NEED a gaming computer!

So here it is, nearly 1am. I’ve been writing this account for nearly 2 hours. I sent off an email to D thanking him again for his hospitality. I told him I figured it was time for me to move on, if I only knew how. If I can join the company’s group, I can get some new clothes for free. I asked D where the homeless and poor go to hang out in SL. Maybe there’s a library somewhere that I can park myself when I’m not doing whatever it is I’m going to do in SL. I’d like to go hang out in a bar or coffeehouse or some place social to chat with people, but I don’t have any money (do i?) to pay for anything to eat or drink. There’s so much to learn, so much to master. So many questions. And a recognition that I have probably just embarked on an adventure that is going to consume hours and hours of my time. To think, just one week ago I was scoffing at all this, wondering who in the world would want to join SL. That at least, is something I DO know. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

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