WHY I need an Editor

Wow.  I must have been VERY tired last night.  I forgot the 2 lessons I REALLY wanted to mention.  An editor would have reminded me.

(1) If your screen is all blurry or smeared, if your screen goes dark, if your screen goes light, MOVE your avatar!!!  All my frantic emails my first day when the screen was blurred – Ahuva was standing in the bushes.  She was simply way too close to some leaves so her eyes were a little unfocused.  When D teleported her away, of course the screen became clear – she wasn’t in the bushes anymore.  Ahuva now has a lot of experience walking into walls, objects, bushes.  If you are walking into a wall – you stop moving.  Try turning sideways and then move.  This is where it is very much like real-life!!!

(2) When someone gives you something or sends you an invitation to teleport, you get a little blue box on the screen with the appropriate message.  L kept sending Ahuva invitations to teleport to her, but Ahuva never saw them.  Why?  Because Ahuva had not cleared a previous blue box – she wanted to think about the mesage in it and deal with it later.  All of L’s messages were BEHIND that original blue box.  You CAN flip through those messages.  If you have more than one blue box, there will be a chevron-arrow in the corner of the visible one, and clicking on it will “shufle” the top blue box to the bottom of the stack, and you’ll be able to see the second one.  And so on.  As my friend D says:  Extremely non-obvious!

Knowing those 2 things would have saved me a lot of frustration.  The people who were helping me were so experienced that it never would have occurred to them that my problems were as simple as not moving or not clicking.  Live and Learn!

And I succumbed to the lure last night.  I DID logon to check my new group association.  Ahuva’s instincts seem to be okay – this group looks like a group of people who like to hang out together and party.  No fee, nothing odd showing up in the description.  I didn’t become a vampire!  And I managed to logon and logoff in less than 5 minutes!  Could I be bringing this obsession under control???  nah……

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