Oh this is sooooo embarrassing. And it’s all my fault. Melissa reminded me but I forgot. Found 4 messages in my email this morning. I littered!!!! I opened items in my inventory and pulled them out to look at them and left them sitting around. I never deleted that copy. (That’s how it works in SL – you have things in your inventory. If those things are in a box, you need to drag the box from your inventory list out into the avatar area (out of the list, iow). Then you can click on the box and open it and go from there.) But a good responsible, neat, LAW-ABIDING citizen of SL DELETES the copy once they are done using it. I left 4 items tossed about carelessly, cluttering up the landscape. The cleaning ‘bots found them and returned them to my “inventory lost and found folder”. Do you think word has gone out through SL? Will there be an anthem, The July 4th Ahuva Inventory Massacre”? I can see it now. I’m going to go back to Fishermens’ Cove, sit back on a bench to chat with the others and they’ll all move away from me. Alice’s Restaurant,for those young ones among you

Once my prayers were answered and my computer booted up, I raced back into SL. There was Melissa, waiting for me. Melissa wanted to change her appearance. I wanted to see if I could get my original hair back (a friend having told me that it was probably in my Library Folder). And I needed to go find a skirt. I was invited to a party on Friday. I had nothing appropriate to wear. So we both needed major appearance revisions.

I guess I have to confess a little here. This was a work invitation. My corporation was having an “event”. But didn’t it sound so cool that I had an invitation!! I felt like a real SL denizen.

I had actually been given “work” clothes. But you know what? They are boring!!! And I didnt like the way they fit. And besides, I wear SKIRTS!!! All they gave me were pants. HELLO!!! I (Ahuva) have nice legs and I wear skirts!!!! Honestly. Another little entry in the “things I learn about RL people from my time in SL”. I thought that a nice white skirt with white heels and perhaps a light blue top would be appropriate. After all, I would be meeting my co-workers for the first time. And SL is probably the only place where I could wear white and not have a dozen stains on it within the first 10 minutes! 🙂 I’d inquired about the dress code and interpreted the response to mean business casual. I couldn’t tell if jeans would be proper.

Here’s a real problem with SL – no one works. It’s a fantasy world. People indulge their fantasies. Melissa took me to the Freebie warehouse (remember – she went shopping while I went to see A’s house and party). All the freebie clothes were either fairy tale, slutty or costumes. Whereas I agree that all of that is fun, it doesn’t fit the bill for business casual. I wanted a simple skirt, folks. You know – not see-through, with a hem length between mid-thigh and knee. There will be a time for me to dress like Sleeping Beauty and like Natasha Badunov but this was not that day (that’s a bone-toss for the LOTR fans or even better – Shakespearean scholars – name the scene in LOTR or the play from which they “stole” that scene)

Melissa and I spent over 2 hours hanging about the dressing room in Kuula, playing with our hair, our clothes, our skin. Trust me – I am nowhere near this vain in RL. I don’t have the time to obsess like this. My friend D was online and IM’ing me. I’m getting better at managing 2 IM’s at once. It only took me 15 minutes to notice the new Im box and I only typed in the wrong box once. The best part is that D knows so much, so we could ask questions – how do we do this, where is that? Melissa had a necklace that wasn’t fitting properly. We did ask about that. You can tell when someone IM’s back “well…….” that the explanation is going to be more than “click a and then do b”. So we dropped that. Future info.

Finally we had decided on our appearances and were heading out to Freebie warehouse and then to find others and party. Just as I was about to TP, D sent me a gift – a really hot outfit for doing the town. Of COURSE I changed into it – did you think for a second I wouldn’t?

There is so much stuff out there for free, not for free. I wish that I had the knowledge and time to do psychological research into SL. The items that people have created and put out there for free for others to have and use say so much about the people who made them, the people who take them, the world in which we live. There were boxes for clothing, for sexual fetishes, for furniture, for houses, for toys, for toys for pets, for dancing, for gestures, for posing, for makeup, for textures, for materials. You name it, there was a box for it. (Okay, no box for business casual, but maybe I simply haven’t found it yet.)

Melissa found a box of dances and a dance platform that activated you to dance. We had a lot of fun doing that! We have some VERY good moves now! I was all excited – there was a box “Cat Stuff”. YES!!!! I want a pet. It said it had a white cat sitting, a black cat sitting. So I took that box. But it was very disappointing. The cats didn’t do anything. And they weren’t as cute as my friend’s cat from the first day.

So I guess I need to get some money and head to a pet store. AND I need to find a clothing store with skirts!! Or even better – maybe I can learn to make my own skirt. It’s the weekend – I have hours to play. Time to take a class and learn!!

I missed the party, btw. I was up so late last night, that I slept til 2 hours past. 🙂 Next time! (and I’ll have a skirt!)

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