The Pressure Mounts

Oh, wow. You folks never give me a chance to rest on my laurels, do you????? Can’t I savor my little victories before the bar gets raised AGAIN???? LOL. Thanks – I LOVE you all. I haven’t felt this alive in years.

Chestnut – thanks for the terminology! For sure that’s one way I give away my newbie status – every time I open my mouth! If you find an SL dictionary PLEASE send it along. From now on, I will Rez instead of materialize or “wink in and out”. 🙂

Dale – I’ll do it, I’ll do it. I promise. Well, I promise about the picture. I make no promises about clever words.

WireGuy – HEY!!! I followed the WordPress instructions. Like you think i KNEW i was putting in a link as opposed to putting the gif in directly???? i’ll be over to discuss this very soon….. you’ve been warned.

Melissa – You say “What’s the prim FOR????” I guess I wasn’t clear about meeting goals and challenges and baby steps. So let me try this instead, just for YOU:

What’s if FOR??? Dahling, it’s ART!!!! The rotating, color-changing, bubble-textured prim is my 3-d representation of “The Vicissitudes of Life”. It doesn’t do anything. It sits there as ART, a commentary on reality.

Does that work? 🙂

2 Responses to “The Pressure Mounts”

  1. 2 melissa88 July 17, 2008 at 1:04 pm

    It’s “art”? Hmmmmmmm. I love the color-changing. The texture is interesting. But the shape is too-much Old You. You aren’t so square anymore ….or even rectangular. Time to change your art to a more creative SHAPE and then we’ll agree.

    Of course, you can take anything i say with a grain of salt… or an entire SL ocean of salt. I still waddle like a duck and the only thing i’ve accomplished so far is to pick up free L$ when it’s available at the round blue ATM machine.

    Something’s been wrong with my hair for a week–the brown bald layer shows through the red. That’s why you never see me anymore. I live in the pool (ducks live in the water, you know) near the money machine. I rez , grab $10L more, and go back to float in my tube. I was trying to drown myself but the pool is too shallow. Maybe before my 45 days of free money is up, i’ll pick up enough cash to buy myself some decent hair.

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