The Weekend Begins

Last night was a mixture of pain and pleasure.  That WAS going to be my entry heading, but I FINALLY seem to be rid of the creepo (see Blogger’s Remorse below if you don’t know which creepo and want to find out) and I don’t want to risk picking up another one.

Anyway…. the pain centered around connectivity, as usual.  I had a terrible time rezzing.  I could see by the statistics display that I was suffering severe packet loss.  There are many things I wouldn’t mind losing, but packets aren’t among them!  Packet.  Sounds like I’m going to take part in an illicit trade, doesn’t it?  Heh, heh, want this packet?  I had to logon numerous times before I could actually be in SL and not crash.  I  upgraded to the latest client version, thinking what did I have to lose?  Nothing was working all that well for me anyway.  Not exactly the intrepid trend-setter.  More like the resigned battered user.   🙂

I finally rezzed in the proper clothes, with my hair, in the right spot, with my inventory working.  Strolled over to the boardwalk benches.  I do see some of the most interesting avatars.  I was chatting with a pirate.  Yes, full pirate regalia.  I tried to take his picture but didn’t get the camera close enough.  There were some little non-humanoids as well.  Notice that they had their own seats, apparently.  Don’t ask me – I simply take the pictures.

Ultimately it settled down to 3 of us:  me, F and L.  F is, I think, an official helper.  In any case I learned (or relearned) some interesting things.  Everyone was a little slow last night.  Apparently there was a class going on nearby.  The more AVs in  sim (location), the slower it gets for everyone.  We also talked about shoes and how to make them fit SL feet.  F gave me a pair of sandals to wear.  And they fit!  So of course, being the ingrate that I am I whined “But they’re not RED”.   🙂  Lucky for me, F thought this was funny and she recreated them in red (I couldn’t because she had given them to me but had left them set at “no modify”, which meant I could use them, but not change them).  So there I was with attractive red sandals that fit!  L got into the act and gave me some more shoes.  Then she gave me a lovely black party outfit.  Of course I tried it on.  But then the red sandals simply did NOT go.  So I tried to change shoes.

It was at this point that either the SL asset server started having difficulty, or I was dropping packets left and right, or the sim was overloaded.  (Doesn’t it sound as if I might actually have a CLUE about what I’m saying?????)   I got one shoe off, but not the other.  LOL.  So elegant, but I looked like Cinderella.  Except with one red sandal, as opposed to a glass slipper.  More folks joined us and conversation flowed.  I tried repeatedly to remove that stupid shoe.  (Oh that’s going to be another blog some day – how “stupid” has been outlawed as a “bad” word.  I used the word in the office the other day when someone’s child was there.  Her eyes got big and round, and 2 parents of young children reprimanded me.  I said “I said the idea was stupid, I didn’t say the person was stupid”.  Sheesh.  And it wasn’t even on a “real” topic – we were standing around joking.  Lighten up folks.  As I said, I’ll save that rant for another day.)  Anyway, finally I decided to ignore my inventory display and pretend that the shoe really HAD come off.  So i put on a different shoe and it worked!  I looked quite elegant, I must say!  What do you think?  I found my “missing” necklace.  Too bad I’ve got my hand behind me so that you can’t see my bracelet.  I’m not very cooperative when it comes to photos, apparently.

Just about that time another friend came online and mentioned that there was a concert going on.  I figured this was my chance to see how RL shows worked in SL.  And I was certainly dressed to impress.  🙂 So I tp’d over.  I could hear the music – it was very enjoyable.  A good artist.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t rez the venue.  I could get some of the people.  Others remained amorphous white clouds.  Which I have to say IS better than the “ruthed” avatars of the prior version.  (Okay – a note to the non-SL folk – “ruthed” is when you haven’t rezzed properly and your avatar is all gray.  No, I don’t know the derivation of the term.  Go google it yourself. )  Not only couldn’t I get the room to rez, I couldn’t stop the typing motion.  Somone told me how to turn it off, but it didn’t work.  Which led me to suspect that I was only partially there in SL – that my connectivity was out of whack again.  I logged in and out perhaps 5 times but could never get it to rez properly.  Which was a shame, because I was really enjoying the music, and would have liked the complete experience.

The show ended about 10:30.  And I couldn’t leave.  My tp wasn’t working.  Everytime I tried to tp back to the beach, it failed.  Finally I logged out.  I changed my preferences so that instead of rezzing in my “last location” I’d rez in my home location.  (My home location is actually very funny, but that will have to wait.)  So I logged in to home and still couldn’t rez.  Isn’t this boring??  Just think how not fun it is for me doing this.  It’s times like this that I believe in all the conspiracy advocates.  Somewhere out there is a conspiracy determined to keep me from having fun.  🙂   I don’t know WHY there should be such a conspiracy, but there you go – who can understand fanatics anyway?  🙂   Ultimately I managed to get myself back to the beach in the proper clothes.  It was time for the party, but I’d had it by then.  The last thing I wanted was anymore arguing with the world.  I plopped myself in “my chair” and logged out.

The bad news is that it looks like I’m going to have to talk to the cable company about these connectivity issues.  I tried all the other tests folks suggested to me and suffered packet loss each test.  The other option is to move into my office where I have a T1 connection.  🙂  And you all wondered why I’ve been putting in so many hours at work lately!!!!!   LOL

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