So today (actually, now yesterday) was my birthday. I didn’t want much. My husband had already given me this beautiful laptop. It was a work day, that was fine. All I wanted was to do what I had to do in my every-day life and then stay up late and celebrate in SL. I logged on at 10 and that was the last thing that worked. From that point on I couldnt rez properly, I couldn’t tp, my chats froze. I logged in and out and in and out and in…. Over a dozen times. Literally. After the first 30 minutes I never rezzed as anything other than a cloud. I could IM to my friends – nearly all were on. And I couldn’t get anywhere. I locked and crashed repeatedly. Poor Michele – what a wonderful friend. She listened to me as I literally cried and wept. I tried on both machines: new one with the 1.20 client, old one with the 1.19 client. I could not get logged on. I’m still crying. At this point I want to power down and never open the machines again. I’m so discouraged and disappointed. It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to, and I want to and I am.

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  1. 1 michelehyacinth July 31, 2008 at 10:40 am

    Dear, sweet Ahuva, smiles. Happy personal new year! It was yesterday, yes, and yesterday, SL was highly ornery, but your new personal year is not made up of one day, as significant and wonderful as your date of birth is. It’s everyday. I say, extend your birthday celebration to the weekend at the very least, if not more. (Some people I know take birthday weeks, seriously.) As for SL, you know I crashed repeatedly too last night. For a time there, you and I didn’t know who was crashing until we figured out we both were! I’m far from knowledgable about the technical aspects of SL, but D shared with me that SL was having difficulties last night. On what I think was a final crash last night (not even sure if it was a crash or if my im’s stopped working or if I was yet locking up again for the upteenth time), I couldn’t log back in at all…after banging on SL’s door repeatedly. It would not budge. I say all this to say, yes it sucks and most particularly since it happened on your birthday, it sucks royally that your celebration plans were denied by the silly machine. (It must have been jealous.) It happens from time to time, these odd jerky weird flipouts on the grid. I understand SL has resolved whatever the issues were. We’ll see…if I don’t crash 10 times tonight, maybe I’ll believe it. But I’m hopeful and I’m going to try again. So come on and try again too and we’ll celebrate YOU! Smiles and gives you a huge birthday hug (and chocolate cake too!) 🙂

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