Dancing Under the Sea

This blog is for YOU, Dave!!!

I made a new friend this weekend – Dave. We met on the boardwalk (where else?). On Saturday afternoon I was hanging about. I’d gone shopping with some friends earlier and gotten a beautiful pair of wings. You’ll see them in the pictures – they change color! I was cleaning up the clutter that is my inventory and practicing my new AO controls. Dave came by and said Hi. There are some people you meet that cheer you up the moment you see them – high-energy, good-natured, fun. I am sure that in RL when Dave walks into a room the whole room lights up. Even in SL, an incredibly bright and cheerful place (at least in my experience), Dave’s presence makes you smile. He’s got a dynamite mohawk, gorgeous wings, fascinating tattoos. And he’s cheerful!!

So I was sitting pensively, staring at the water and the sand, sorting folders. Dave said “Let me give you something to look at”. The next thing I knew he was running about in circles, arms waving. It was a riot! I asked him WHAT that was all about. It’s something he wrote to amuse someone else (Dave – you said I could use your name and pic but I never asked permission to discuss anything else). Dave gave me a copy. I jumped down onto the sand, said Onigokko! and the two of us began running about, our arms waving. I know it doesn’t SOUND funny, but trust me – it was hilarious to watch.

Next Dave produced a bee. Not just any bee. A BIG bee. 🙂 A REALLY big bee. It flies. Dave flew the bee about us and over the water. I needed an AO that would drop me to the sand, laughing uncontrollably. I LOVE the bee. I begged Dave to get back on the bee and pose it for me. And being the generous fellow he is, Dave gave me a bee also.

We weren’t done playing. I’ve been hanging out at the beach for WEEKS now. I love it there. Dave has been inworld maybe a week. He said to me “I found this place, you want to see it?” Now in RL I might hesitate to follow. But in SL, sure, I’m game. To my surprise, Dave walked INTO the water and continued until he was completely submerged. I followed and found that there is a whole world under the water. It was gorgeous. Dave showed me the treasure chest, where I got a pearl. We danced under the water – merfolk celebrating. I will have to find a better way to make a movie so that you can see how utterly lovely and graceful and special it is to be a mermaid (or merman as the case may be). There was lovely music playing, the lighting changed, we looked so graceful. It was idyllic. Our wings moved with us under the water. We did back flips and dives and turns. Several weeks ago I was reading a blog on “50 First Dates in SL”. Dancing under the sea needs to be on that list. I was filled with such joy watching the beauty of it.

And STILL we weren’t done. We walked to another part of the underwater garden. There were more poseballs here. While Dave danced the macarena under the sea, I selected the multi-dance poseball. As we danced, colored light streamed through the water around us. We were surrounded by colored bubbles. I loved watching all the colors, watching my wings move, imagining how great it would be to actually feel the water.

Then Dave taught me yet another new thing. We flew up and up and up – out of the water and as high into the sky as we could. Then we stopped flying and fell back. The resolution is so good on this machine now that I could watch as i fell past the buildings back into the water and back to the ocean bottom. And it didn’t hurt a bit!!!!! It was totally silly and so much fun.

I may very well have a new favorite spot. I love sitting in “my” beach chair and looking at the water. But I’m going to have to allow time every day to walk beneath the waves and dance.

Thank you Dave!!!! I’d never have found it without you! Thanks for an absolutely incredible wonderful day! Thanks for being my friend!

2 Responses to “Dancing Under the Sea”

  1. 1 michelehyacinth August 17, 2008 at 7:37 pm

    Ohhhh Ahuva! I *love* being under the water. I spent a great deal of time under the water when I was a newbie, and I still love dancing and walking, floating, swimming, mermaiding under the sea…it’s so pretty! So wonderful to see you having such great fun!! And I *love* those wings, ;-)!!

  2. 2 Dale Innis August 17, 2008 at 11:57 pm

    A great story, and so very SL. 🙂

    On another subject entirely, AOL seems to be blocking gmail tonight, so in answer to your technical question, I tried to write this:

    Gah, computers are so annoying! I have no experience with that
    particular game, but it looks like numerous other people do. I


    and in particular


    (Although probably best to start at the first one.) Hope it helps!

    Funny, my son is currently into games with names in the same general
    vein as that one… 🙂

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