Let me say right from the get-go that I know nothing about fishing. I think I’ve been exactly once, on a charter boat in Little Egg Harbor. The blues we caught were tasty but that once was sufficient. Ah, it was sufficient until I experienced SL fishing!!! What a blast!!!!

J and I were hanging out on the benches, chatting. U and A came and joined us. I’d missed the big fishing contest a few days earlier because I was on a shopping expedition. J decided that what we all needed was to go fishing. So we tp’d to where M and S had set up everything necessary for an enjoyable fishing trip. 🙂 You could purchase poles and bait, get your name up on the leader score board, or simply gaze at the various aquariums. J gave me a pole (thank you SO much, generous J!!!) and showed me how to find bait. For one horrifying moment I thought she meant we’d have to dig for it ourselves!!! I knew at that point, virtual world or not, I was not fishing. I am NOT touching worms!!!!! Eewwwww! To my great relief, “finding bait” meant turning the vending machine to the proper selection! LOL.

So armed with poles and bait, we headed to the dock. A and U were already there fishing, as they were experts at this already. M and S were working on aquariums at first, but they both picked up poles later and joined in. I had no idea what to do. We were all standing on the dock and the other 3 were casting and catching. J told me to type /1 cast. AH! So I did. And I was remarkably unsuccessful. Fish are being caught to my left and to my right, but I’m catching nothing. Hmmm. At this point, RL fishing was winning over SL fishing. 🙂 I did finally catch a seahorse. I wore him and named him Seabiscuit. 🙂 Just like that – SL fishing moved into the lead.

A and J were pulling in the fish left and right. U was hooking quite a few as well. But me, well I kept getting messages like “No fish that time, afraid! Keep trying!” and “You almost got a fish, but it slipped away” and, most aggravating, “Yikes, that one put up a fight! Shame it got away”. I really did not like that pole!!!!! A was full of helpful advice: Spit on the hook. Stand closer to the edge. It’s all in the cast. Being the good and gracious sport that I am, I threatened to push him off the dock. 🙂 J gave up her spot to me, hoping it might help matters. What really helped was when U IM’d me and told me that I had to click on the reel of the fishing pole to load the bait!!!! Well, no wonder I wasn’t catching anything – there was no bait on my hook!!!! LOL. I told you I have no idea how to fish. Thank goodness that I don’t have to touch the bait – a little click will do you.

And so the time passed. The conversation was light-hearted. The fish were caught and some released to swim about our heads. Other fish were released into the aquariums. We fished and we laughed and we had a wonderful time. And of course there was beautiful moonlight on the water. (Notice that J (whose photo I used above) was fishing in daylight but I was fishing at night!. Ah, the wonders of SL!!)

Thanks M and S, for making such a wonderful place and for allowing all your friends to come and enjoy it too!

2 Responses to “Fishing!”

  1. 1 Darcey Twine September 11, 2008 at 12:48 am

    Not true Auntie! We totally went fishing at the beach one summer. The weather was so muggy and it was hot. I remember B was a little crabby at some points, (he was much younger too) but we all caught something that day! I think our guide was Captain Steve or something like that, right? He was corny.



  2. 2 ahuva18 September 11, 2008 at 7:43 am

    Right Darcey – we were on the charter boat in Little Egg Harbor. Same trip. And we did all catch something – may not have been blues. And we kept losing hooks! I thought it was Captain Alan! 🙂 Trust me – fishing in SL is MUCH better than that!!!

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