RL Interjection Into My Saga of Volunteerism

LOL. I almost thought I was fired! For one brief shining moment – I thought J was firing me. 🙂 That hurt my pride. Relief? Wounded pride? A brief war ensued. Oops. Pride won. I told J that I had friends offering to help me and to supply me with trees. (When oh when oh when will I learn to KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT??????) So for all you dear, wonderful friends who have been offering to help me…

Here’s the “new” mission, should you choose to accept it: I have been charged with taking all “my” trees and setting up shop in our sim, and my cohorts in conferencedom will come and take their own trees for landscaping. LOL. So I no longer have to do the entire landscaping – I merely have to provide trees. That would be Copy/Modify/Transfer. Oh forget that!!! Copy/Transfer!!! Ack!!! Ahuva Heliosense’s Garden Center!!!

Bring me a Shrubbery!!! Roflol. Please. Someone. Anyone. Duct tape my mouth shut before the next meeting!!!!!!

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