Female Artists

Most of this may be old news for all you “oldbies” out there. But who knows, SL is such a big place, maybe this will be new to you, too.

I just discovered La Reve because of a new post. Indagatricis is a relatively new blog. It is fiction inspired by SL places and things. I was reading it the other day and saw this post inspired by art in La Reve. I enjoyed the story and I found the art intriguing. I suggest you add Inagatricis to your blog list. I plan to visit La Reve as soon as time permits. In the meantime you can do as I did: google it. 🙂

I found a new vocalist that I REALLY enjoy. You know how much I like Grace McDunnough. I try to catch her whenever I can and belong to her group. I was listening to her sing a few nights ago at the Trax Live Music Resource Center (See Chestnut’s blog for more information about this wonderful new place.) Grace finished her set but I was sitting about chatting with friends so we stayed put, instead of tp’ing out.

Noma Falta came on. Oh WOW! Another great voice, this time doing the Blues and Jazz and rocking too! Signed up for her group right away!

I’ve been a member of Phoebe Ann Theas’ group for several weeks as well. Another warm, rich voice that can really put over a song. For my RL friends – if you join a group, you receive group messages about events of interest to that particular group. So I receive messages telling me when and where the artists I follow will be performing. There are also “generic” music groups. I belong to one of those as well – it sends me messages about live performances by a variety of artists.

My post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Callipygian Christensen. Calli is a phenomenal photographer and artist. I had the great pleasure of spending some time with her in one of her galleries as she explained to me how she does what she does to SL photos. She showed me the pictures in the various stages of moving from great photos to great art. She has 4 galleries in SL as well as posting her work to Flickr. Calli has galleries at Antiquity Harbor (
Antiquity Harbor (73, 169, 23), Rasczak (Manzanillo Artist Enclave, Rasczak (239, 10, 21)), Caledon Cay (Caledon Cay (110, 76, 23) ) and what may be my favorite, at Shengri La (Shengri La (240, 167, 25)) where the gallery has four floors of portraits, landscapes, and erotica.

There are a lot of very positive, healthy things to do in SL.

1 Response to “Female Artists”

  1. 1 Krissy Muggleston October 8, 2008 at 4:00 pm

    I agree about La Reve, I did a post on it awhile back, it’s an *amazing* place. I love the random beds floating around…

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