Haikus for Lovers

I read a very powerful blog today by Nightflower. I thought of all the people I have met in SL, all the stories I have heard and read. It’s raining outside in my RL, I am physically a little under the weather today, and I found my mind drifting in 5-7-5. No titles, no identifications, other than saying that the first one is for Nightflower.  Otherwise – if it fits – you are welcome to it.

But you are NOT me!
Your facade betrayed my grief,
Imprisoned my pain.

.                                               Snared by your dark light
.                                               we have nothing in common
.                                               My wings work in vain.

I know your secrets
your past history, your friends
so glad I am yours.

.                                                    Official partners!
.                                                    You brighten my SL life
.                                                    My joy spreads to all.

Turn-about is fair!
Sometimes I lead, sometimes you
But pleasure always!

.                                                     Mysterious one
.                                                     Showed me possibilities
.                                                     then you disappeared.

Inworld but rarely
yet my heart partnered with yours
joy when you are here.

.                                                     We weathered the storm
.                                                     Our love deeper than ever
.                                                     We complete our selves.

Love should equal joy
But often love hurts, frustrates
Partners not the path.

.                                                     I collared you, love
.                                                     Hope one day so in both worlds
.                                                     I love you truly.

Thirty-one years love.
Sometimes so hard to believe
Passion flames again.

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