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Ladies’ Day Out at the Fashion Show

I racked up another first yesterday. I attended a fashion show. I’ve never attended one in RL or SL before yesterday. But I got word of a fashion show at Shengri La – Jare Capalini was having a show of his latest creations. So my curiosity was piqued. I decided that I would attend and find out, perhaps, what the world of fashion is all about. But being the natural coward that I am, I decided that I needed friends to keep me company. I still have doubts about my ability to manage the camera, the chats and the surroundings all at the same time. I figured friends would make sure I didn’t miss anything I needed to see. Turns out most of the folks I know had never been to a fashion show before either. So we all tp’d in to the event not having any idea what to expect.

jare-fashions-1We were greeted warmly when we arrived and were encouraged to pick up the shoes (designed by Jare, of course) being offered to the attendees. They are very cute! The stage setting was lovely which by now is exactly what I expect when I visit Shengri La. The bar is quite high there. 🙂 And Shengri La is wearing its winter weather – snow all around. At first glance it appeared that there might not be enough chairs for all of us. We were five and I only saw 2 empty chairs. But these chairs were cleverly designed by Dale. Once the last chair was filled, another chair rezzed into an open space. The script even displays an arrow to warn you where the next chair will rez. So there were seats aplenty. We tried to stick together on the edge of the crowd.

We settled in and did not have long to wait for the show. I was wondering if there would be VOIP or a running commentary in the local chat. Instead we were all welcomed to the show with a brief introduction and then the models began to walk the runway. From my point of view it appeared that all the models came out on time, no one tripped, things seemed smooth. So kudos to Michele! Now you know that I am totally clueless about fashion. 🙂 I don’t know the right terms, phrases, techniques. So bear with me while I attempt a description. I apologize in advance if my lack of knowledge in this subject leads me to say something incorrectly or to say something inadvertently insulting.

To my eye, it seemed as if Jare had focused on a winter theme. The colors appeared to be fairly monochromatic – a lot of whites, with some gray. Many of the outfits made me think of snow – light, fluffy. I, of course, kept zooming in on the shoes and boots. Yeah, I know – I have a one-track mind. But that is something I will keep in mind for my next fashion show. 🙂 I need to get my camera aimed at one good spot on the runway, so that I can snap pictures of the outfits quickly. I missed several shots I would have liked because I am too slow to focus on a moving target – a model attending-the-fashion-showwalking the runway. 🙂 We were all quite taken with Jare’s original and intriguing creations. I’d seen the pod coat before but the gowns were new. I know I sound so completely newbie and naive but I am so impressed by how inventive builders are in SL. Everytime I see textures and shapes used for clothing and art I am awed at the talent all around in SL.

This show confirmed something that I think I realized awhile ago. For me – SL is about friends. I like seeing what everyone creates and invents and all the possibilities. But I REALLY like hanging out with friends, laughing and talking and sharing stories and having a good time. It was fun to introduce my friends to each other and see everyone get along. After the show we went shopping together at the Vintage Marketplace. We swapped landmarks for buying hair. We made plans to play again. I think we all had a lot of fun. And at the end of the day – that’s why I’m in SL.

What Does YOUR SL Look Like?

Alright…. don’t say I never listen to you Dale. Keeping the meme going…. It seems to have started on Osprey’s blog. then HeadBurro AntFarm took up the theme. I have to say – I have never heard of some of the options mentioned! I will be heading from here to learn more. For instance – I didn’t know I could turn off my own name!!! 🙂 I found the thread when Dale posted it to his blog. I looked at his screen and thought – wow – that doesn’t work for me. So my screen probably doesn’t work for YOU, either! 🙂 What DOES your SL look like?

I always have the mini-map and camera controls. My inventory opens in the bottom right. I close it down when I’m done with it. My Mysti Tool is always on the bottom right, under the inventory. My AO is on the bottom left. I don’t separate my local chat and my IMs. But I rather liked how Dale had that – maybe I will start. 🙂 Obviously my name is on (since I don’t know how to turn it off) but I never have a group tag on unless I must. When I am working, I usually need voice chat so that is on the bottom left. Never heard of chat bubbles, hovertips or selection beam, all things that HeadBurro mentions. HeadBurro also mentions something about camera constraints (#17 on his (her?) blog) so s/he doesn’t build underground. Okay – I REALLY need that – I keep rezzing things on the 1st floor when I’m on the 2nd floor. 🙂 And I don’t know what Osprey and HeadBurro mean about “suppressing the UI”. So I’m guessing that I don’t do that. I do tend to leave the camera on the middle left when I use it – just habit, since that’s where I first got used to it. I don’t leave Search or Map open – I simply put them in the least annoying spot when I use them and then minimize or close them as soon as possible.

Okay – here it is. I hope I managed to keep everything confidential that I need confidential. 🙂 Tried to make sure no names were showing. 🙂 I notice that property lines are still on. LOL. I NEED them because I still don’t know where my land starts and stops. 🙂 Maybe once I finish landscaping I will turn them off again.


Gobble, Gobble

Kudos to Michele for FINDING the hats (which do produce a “gobble gobble” sound) and to Bailey for joining me for the fashion show.

Giving Thanks

Despite a tiny part of me that feels this is too much of a cliche and too dull, most of me embraces taking a moment to acknowledge publicly why I feel truly fortunate to be who and what I am. I am thankful for so much in my life.

For my family – I love you all beyond words. Family is the core of my existence and without you there would be no world for me. Thank you for your love, your support, for being you.

For my friends – you make me smile, wipe my tears, keep me company, share my joys, share my tragedies, teach me about life, celebrate our existence.

For my coworkers – really, you are in the friends category. But this year I need to thank you for rescuing me from the stagnant morass of being a “Stepford Analyst”, as one of you coined many many years ago. Thank you for encouraging me to try something new and helping me learn the way. Thank you for respecting this new passion of mine and letting me incorporate it into my day-to-day responsibilities. I was withering and you brought me back to life. Words cannot express my gratitude.

For my SL coworkers – I’ve never “met” you, probably would not recognize you if we literally bumped into each other in the atomic world. Thank you for encouraging me to join you in your work, allowing me the opportunities to volunteer, learn, grow and enjoy. From teaching me how to login to working the camera to allowing me to landscape to adding me to the support/training teams to answering my simple new-to-VW questions – thank you. You have added immensely to my personal and professional satisfaction and I am honored to count you among my friends.

For my SL friends – oh wow. I’m emotional enough to tell you that by this point in this post there are tears in my eyes thinking of you all. I have friends all over the world – Australia and New Zealand, Germany, UK, Canada, Alaska, California, the US heartlands, the east coast. And probably other places as well. You are so real to me. You are funny, smart, kind, generous, thought-provoking, patient, supportive. I have cried my literal tears in your virtual arms. I have laughed out loud at my computer and your virtual antics. I have loved you and liked you and argued with you. You have given me the opportunity to stretch my emotional, psychological and philosophical boundaries. We’ve gone shopping. We’ve bared our souls. We’ve been totally silly. You are always there. When I count the people who have made my life better, more complete, saner – you are there.

Today as I sit down with my family and friends in RL, the prayer of thanksgiving for having been given life and been sustained to reach this day has never been as heartfelt.

I give thanks for each and every one of you in my life –
Ahuva Heliosense

Black and White Ball

The Crown and Pearl celebrated its first anniversary this past weekend with a Black and White Ball. I and-the-music-got-fastlove dressing up and dancing. I love dancing no matter WHAT I’m wearing, but it is even more thrilling to be in a romantic dress and glide across the floor. I was lucky enough to have a friend join me at the party, so I did indeed get to glide and dip and twirl as well as wriggle and jive and strut. 🙂

The day started off a little precariously, you may remember – losing my artwork and my house. feather-dress But once I’d recovered, I headed out shopping for the appropriate outfit. Let me tell you again about the Vintage Market at Shengri La. I bought Misteria Loon’s gorgeous feather dress. You get 2 dresses for the one price – a black version and a white version. As you may have guessed, I wore the black. 🙂 The back of this dress is so beautiful that I had to wear my hair up so that the lace could be seen to its fullest.

I’ve posted a lot of pictures to Flickr, but here are a few of my favorites. blinding-linesI simply love the creativity and humor I find in the CnP regulars. They do make me smile.

The Upside of Home Ownership

And sometimes, life is simply perfect. 🙂 Relaxing on a sunny day in the pool with a friend after the wall fiasco, all the trauma seems far, far away…..

Housing Disaster

Oh dear. Just when I think I know what I’m doing, I do something amazingly stupid. 😦 Did you know that textures need to be rezzed onto a prim? Maybe I knew that, but maybe I didn’t. I have several photos that are defined as textures in my inventory and I open them up just as if they were photos. So until Sunday morning, I never really paid attention to the differences. Oops……

Saturday night I went to an art show opening. Callipygian Christensen, Sysperia Poppy and Trindolyn Beck are showing their work at Chosen Misery. Calli had shown me some of the current pieces a few weeks ago. I’d fallen in love with one of them. I didn’t know that I’d fallen in love until I realized that I couldn’t stop thinking about the face and the lighting and the mood. So I told Calli that I thought I was in love and wanted to see the picture again. Sure enough, when I saw it Saturday night, I was still in love. So I bought it. My first artwork for my beautiful new house. No – I’m NOT posting a picture. If you want to see it, you have to come visit me. 🙂 I also fell in love with a photo by Sysperia. In for a penny, in for a pound – I bought that one also.

Sunday morning I decided to hang my new artwork. I was quite excited to put them up on the walls, see where they would look best, how to size them for best viewing. I started with Calli’s. I rezzed it, sized it, put it on the wall next to the fireplace. It looked wonderful – just as I’d been imaging it all these weeks. So without thinking much about anything, I rezzed Sysp’s texture, to hang on the wall. Oh dear. It was a texture, not a texture on a prim. It GLOMMED onto the wall of the house. Full size – covering the wall upstairs and down. Okay, no big deal, I thought. I’ll just take it back and start again. Except……. It’s like this, for you RL friends…. the texture becomes part of the wall. Not only that, but this particular texture – it’s “no-copy”. That means I can use it only once. So….. my wall now had this picture all over it instead of being wall texture, and I couldn’t re-rez the texture onto a prim to hang because it was already in use. So I’d damaged both the wall and the texture.

And then it got worse…. As I said, I figured I’d fix everything by “taking” the texture back. So I did. But I “took” the wall. That is, I “took” my house. Suddenly I was up in the air with no house. I was falling. I looked at my bare empty land with my furniture floating 3 stories up, and my pool where it should be and my heart stopped. Oh My Word. I destroyed my house. I didn’t put it in place – Rez and Shenlei did that for me!!!!! Oh my. Oh no. Having RL pains in my chest, can’t breathe. My house…. Frantically I look at my friends list. No Shenlei. Bailey!!! Bailey is on!!!! I IM Bailey, hysterical. Bailey tells me to start breathing again and she tp’s in to my rescue.

I give Bailey all rights to my inventory, I rez my house again (floating detached from the pool now) and stand back to watch. Bailey nudges and tugs that house right back into alignment – perfectly!!! I don’t even have to fix the furniture or the flowers or anything!!!! My house is BACK!!!! She made it look so easy. I think she accomplished the whole process in less than 10 minutes. I think it took her longer to stop my hysteria than it took her to move the house into place. 🙂 The wall was still textured with “Still Waters” (the Sysperia Poppy work), but Bailey needed to get back to work. I did not have the texture for the walls, so Bailey suggested that I contact both the architect who built the house and Sysperia, to ask for the textures. So I sent off notecards to both.

As I caught my breath and settled in to wait for replies, Shenlei logged in. I IM’d her to tell her of myenjoying-my-restored-walls-and-art latest fiasco. 🙂 Shen, like Bailey, immediately jumped to help, despite being up to her chin in her own work. She tp’d over. She has a house similar to mine and she gave me her wall texture. Then she began to teach me how to retrieve that texture out of the wall. The woman has the patience of a saint. LOL. I’m sure there is something ironic in that sentence, but you KNOW that I adore you, Shen. 🙂 Anyway, I was still being incredibly stupid (maybe I shouldn’t attempt SL until AFTER I drink my coffee??) and we must have gone through the same set of instructions five times before I understood how to get it right. Bingo! THERE was that texture within the content of the wall prim! I dragged it from there back into my inventory. YAY!!!! Shenlei trusted me to fix the wall texture and rez “Still Waters” correctly at that point and so returned home. I did indeed apply her wall texture successfully and it was a fairly close match. Not exact. But at that moment the architect IM’d me and sent me the correct texture. 🙂 YAY!!! My house was in place and textured properly!!!!! Next I rezzed a prim, textured it with “Still Waters” and hung it above my bed. It looks fantastic!! And while I was doing that, Sysp came online and IM’d me to help out. She too was very kind and comforting, saying (as did all the others) that everyone makes mistakes like this on occasion.

Everyone was wonderfully helpful, kind and supportive. Each one of them took time from their busy lives IMMEDIATELY upon hearing of my distress. I am always so touched by the kindness and generosity of the people that I meet in SL. I know that some people blog about rudeness and incivility. I have been extremely fortunate in the people that I know and meet.

So….. it seems to me that I need to repay the generosity and kindness of my friends. Some big, dramatic, tell-the-world gesture. I don’t think that simply giving an object as a gift will suffice. I think that something more personal may be required. I am thinking over how best to implement my idea…….

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