Ladies’ Day Out at the Fashion Show

I racked up another first yesterday. I attended a fashion show. I’ve never attended one in RL or SL before yesterday. But I got word of a fashion show at Shengri La – Jare Capalini was having a show of his latest creations. So my curiosity was piqued. I decided that I would attend and find out, perhaps, what the world of fashion is all about. But being the natural coward that I am, I decided that I needed friends to keep me company. I still have doubts about my ability to manage the camera, the chats and the surroundings all at the same time. I figured friends would make sure I didn’t miss anything I needed to see. Turns out most of the folks I know had never been to a fashion show before either. So we all tp’d in to the event not having any idea what to expect.

jare-fashions-1We were greeted warmly when we arrived and were encouraged to pick up the shoes (designed by Jare, of course) being offered to the attendees. They are very cute! The stage setting was lovely which by now is exactly what I expect when I visit Shengri La. The bar is quite high there. 🙂 And Shengri La is wearing its winter weather – snow all around. At first glance it appeared that there might not be enough chairs for all of us. We were five and I only saw 2 empty chairs. But these chairs were cleverly designed by Dale. Once the last chair was filled, another chair rezzed into an open space. The script even displays an arrow to warn you where the next chair will rez. So there were seats aplenty. We tried to stick together on the edge of the crowd.

We settled in and did not have long to wait for the show. I was wondering if there would be VOIP or a running commentary in the local chat. Instead we were all welcomed to the show with a brief introduction and then the models began to walk the runway. From my point of view it appeared that all the models came out on time, no one tripped, things seemed smooth. So kudos to Michele! Now you know that I am totally clueless about fashion. 🙂 I don’t know the right terms, phrases, techniques. So bear with me while I attempt a description. I apologize in advance if my lack of knowledge in this subject leads me to say something incorrectly or to say something inadvertently insulting.

To my eye, it seemed as if Jare had focused on a winter theme. The colors appeared to be fairly monochromatic – a lot of whites, with some gray. Many of the outfits made me think of snow – light, fluffy. I, of course, kept zooming in on the shoes and boots. Yeah, I know – I have a one-track mind. But that is something I will keep in mind for my next fashion show. 🙂 I need to get my camera aimed at one good spot on the runway, so that I can snap pictures of the outfits quickly. I missed several shots I would have liked because I am too slow to focus on a moving target – a model attending-the-fashion-showwalking the runway. 🙂 We were all quite taken with Jare’s original and intriguing creations. I’d seen the pod coat before but the gowns were new. I know I sound so completely newbie and naive but I am so impressed by how inventive builders are in SL. Everytime I see textures and shapes used for clothing and art I am awed at the talent all around in SL.

This show confirmed something that I think I realized awhile ago. For me – SL is about friends. I like seeing what everyone creates and invents and all the possibilities. But I REALLY like hanging out with friends, laughing and talking and sharing stories and having a good time. It was fun to introduce my friends to each other and see everyone get along. After the show we went shopping together at the Vintage Marketplace. We swapped landmarks for buying hair. We made plans to play again. I think we all had a lot of fun. And at the end of the day – that’s why I’m in SL.

What Does YOUR SL Look Like?

Alright…. don’t say I never listen to you Dale. Keeping the meme going…. It seems to have started on Osprey’s blog. then HeadBurro AntFarm took up the theme. I have to say – I have never heard of some of the options mentioned! I will be heading from here to learn more. For instance – I didn’t know I could turn off my own name!!! 🙂 I found the thread when Dale posted it to his blog. I looked at his screen and thought – wow – that doesn’t work for me. So my screen probably doesn’t work for YOU, either! 🙂 What DOES your SL look like?

I always have the mini-map and camera controls. My inventory opens in the bottom right. I close it down when I’m done with it. My Mysti Tool is always on the bottom right, under the inventory. My AO is on the bottom left. I don’t separate my local chat and my IMs. But I rather liked how Dale had that – maybe I will start. 🙂 Obviously my name is on (since I don’t know how to turn it off) but I never have a group tag on unless I must. When I am working, I usually need voice chat so that is on the bottom left. Never heard of chat bubbles, hovertips or selection beam, all things that HeadBurro mentions. HeadBurro also mentions something about camera constraints (#17 on his (her?) blog) so s/he doesn’t build underground. Okay – I REALLY need that – I keep rezzing things on the 1st floor when I’m on the 2nd floor. 🙂 And I don’t know what Osprey and HeadBurro mean about “suppressing the UI”. So I’m guessing that I don’t do that. I do tend to leave the camera on the middle left when I use it – just habit, since that’s where I first got used to it. I don’t leave Search or Map open – I simply put them in the least annoying spot when I use them and then minimize or close them as soon as possible.

Okay – here it is. I hope I managed to keep everything confidential that I need confidential. 🙂 Tried to make sure no names were showing. 🙂 I notice that property lines are still on. LOL. I NEED them because I still don’t know where my land starts and stops. 🙂 Maybe once I finish landscaping I will turn them off again.


Giving Thanks

Despite a tiny part of me that feels this is too much of a cliche and too dull, most of me embraces taking a moment to acknowledge publicly why I feel truly fortunate to be who and what I am. I am thankful for so much in my life.

For my family – I love you all beyond words. Family is the core of my existence and without you there would be no world for me. Thank you for your love, your support, for being you.

For my friends – you make me smile, wipe my tears, keep me company, share my joys, share my tragedies, teach me about life, celebrate our existence.

For my coworkers – really, you are in the friends category. But this year I need to thank you for rescuing me from the stagnant morass of being a “Stepford Analyst”, as one of you coined many many years ago. Thank you for encouraging me to try something new and helping me learn the way. Thank you for respecting this new passion of mine and letting me incorporate it into my day-to-day responsibilities. I was withering and you brought me back to life. Words cannot express my gratitude.

For my SL coworkers – I’ve never “met” you, probably would not recognize you if we literally bumped into each other in the atomic world. Thank you for encouraging me to join you in your work, allowing me the opportunities to volunteer, learn, grow and enjoy. From teaching me how to login to working the camera to allowing me to landscape to adding me to the support/training teams to answering my simple new-to-VW questions – thank you. You have added immensely to my personal and professional satisfaction and I am honored to count you among my friends.

For my SL friends – oh wow. I’m emotional enough to tell you that by this point in this post there are tears in my eyes thinking of you all. I have friends all over the world – Australia and New Zealand, Germany, UK, Canada, Alaska, California, the US heartlands, the east coast. And probably other places as well. You are so real to me. You are funny, smart, kind, generous, thought-provoking, patient, supportive. I have cried my literal tears in your virtual arms. I have laughed out loud at my computer and your virtual antics. I have loved you and liked you and argued with you. You have given me the opportunity to stretch my emotional, psychological and philosophical boundaries. We’ve gone shopping. We’ve bared our souls. We’ve been totally silly. You are always there. When I count the people who have made my life better, more complete, saner – you are there.

Today as I sit down with my family and friends in RL, the prayer of thanksgiving for having been given life and been sustained to reach this day has never been as heartfelt.

I give thanks for each and every one of you in my life –
Ahuva Heliosense

Black and White Ball

The Crown and Pearl celebrated its first anniversary this past weekend with a Black and White Ball. I and-the-music-got-fastlove dressing up and dancing. I love dancing no matter WHAT I’m wearing, but it is even more thrilling to be in a romantic dress and glide across the floor. I was lucky enough to have a friend join me at the party, so I did indeed get to glide and dip and twirl as well as wriggle and jive and strut. 🙂

The day started off a little precariously, you may remember – losing my artwork and my house. feather-dress But once I’d recovered, I headed out shopping for the appropriate outfit. Let me tell you again about the Vintage Market at Shengri La. I bought Misteria Loon’s gorgeous feather dress. You get 2 dresses for the one price – a black version and a white version. As you may have guessed, I wore the black. 🙂 The back of this dress is so beautiful that I had to wear my hair up so that the lace could be seen to its fullest.

I’ve posted a lot of pictures to Flickr, but here are a few of my favorites. blinding-linesI simply love the creativity and humor I find in the CnP regulars. They do make me smile.

Housing Disaster

Oh dear. Just when I think I know what I’m doing, I do something amazingly stupid. 😦 Did you know that textures need to be rezzed onto a prim? Maybe I knew that, but maybe I didn’t. I have several photos that are defined as textures in my inventory and I open them up just as if they were photos. So until Sunday morning, I never really paid attention to the differences. Oops……

Saturday night I went to an art show opening. Callipygian Christensen, Sysperia Poppy and Trindolyn Beck are showing their work at Chosen Misery. Calli had shown me some of the current pieces a few weeks ago. I’d fallen in love with one of them. I didn’t know that I’d fallen in love until I realized that I couldn’t stop thinking about the face and the lighting and the mood. So I told Calli that I thought I was in love and wanted to see the picture again. Sure enough, when I saw it Saturday night, I was still in love. So I bought it. My first artwork for my beautiful new house. No – I’m NOT posting a picture. If you want to see it, you have to come visit me. 🙂 I also fell in love with a photo by Sysperia. In for a penny, in for a pound – I bought that one also.

Sunday morning I decided to hang my new artwork. I was quite excited to put them up on the walls, see where they would look best, how to size them for best viewing. I started with Calli’s. I rezzed it, sized it, put it on the wall next to the fireplace. It looked wonderful – just as I’d been imaging it all these weeks. So without thinking much about anything, I rezzed Sysp’s texture, to hang on the wall. Oh dear. It was a texture, not a texture on a prim. It GLOMMED onto the wall of the house. Full size – covering the wall upstairs and down. Okay, no big deal, I thought. I’ll just take it back and start again. Except……. It’s like this, for you RL friends…. the texture becomes part of the wall. Not only that, but this particular texture – it’s “no-copy”. That means I can use it only once. So….. my wall now had this picture all over it instead of being wall texture, and I couldn’t re-rez the texture onto a prim to hang because it was already in use. So I’d damaged both the wall and the texture.

And then it got worse…. As I said, I figured I’d fix everything by “taking” the texture back. So I did. But I “took” the wall. That is, I “took” my house. Suddenly I was up in the air with no house. I was falling. I looked at my bare empty land with my furniture floating 3 stories up, and my pool where it should be and my heart stopped. Oh My Word. I destroyed my house. I didn’t put it in place – Rez and Shenlei did that for me!!!!! Oh my. Oh no. Having RL pains in my chest, can’t breathe. My house…. Frantically I look at my friends list. No Shenlei. Bailey!!! Bailey is on!!!! I IM Bailey, hysterical. Bailey tells me to start breathing again and she tp’s in to my rescue.

I give Bailey all rights to my inventory, I rez my house again (floating detached from the pool now) and stand back to watch. Bailey nudges and tugs that house right back into alignment – perfectly!!! I don’t even have to fix the furniture or the flowers or anything!!!! My house is BACK!!!! She made it look so easy. I think she accomplished the whole process in less than 10 minutes. I think it took her longer to stop my hysteria than it took her to move the house into place. 🙂 The wall was still textured with “Still Waters” (the Sysperia Poppy work), but Bailey needed to get back to work. I did not have the texture for the walls, so Bailey suggested that I contact both the architect who built the house and Sysperia, to ask for the textures. So I sent off notecards to both.

As I caught my breath and settled in to wait for replies, Shenlei logged in. I IM’d her to tell her of myenjoying-my-restored-walls-and-art latest fiasco. 🙂 Shen, like Bailey, immediately jumped to help, despite being up to her chin in her own work. She tp’d over. She has a house similar to mine and she gave me her wall texture. Then she began to teach me how to retrieve that texture out of the wall. The woman has the patience of a saint. LOL. I’m sure there is something ironic in that sentence, but you KNOW that I adore you, Shen. 🙂 Anyway, I was still being incredibly stupid (maybe I shouldn’t attempt SL until AFTER I drink my coffee??) and we must have gone through the same set of instructions five times before I understood how to get it right. Bingo! THERE was that texture within the content of the wall prim! I dragged it from there back into my inventory. YAY!!!! Shenlei trusted me to fix the wall texture and rez “Still Waters” correctly at that point and so returned home. I did indeed apply her wall texture successfully and it was a fairly close match. Not exact. But at that moment the architect IM’d me and sent me the correct texture. 🙂 YAY!!! My house was in place and textured properly!!!!! Next I rezzed a prim, textured it with “Still Waters” and hung it above my bed. It looks fantastic!! And while I was doing that, Sysp came online and IM’d me to help out. She too was very kind and comforting, saying (as did all the others) that everyone makes mistakes like this on occasion.

Everyone was wonderfully helpful, kind and supportive. Each one of them took time from their busy lives IMMEDIATELY upon hearing of my distress. I am always so touched by the kindness and generosity of the people that I meet in SL. I know that some people blog about rudeness and incivility. I have been extremely fortunate in the people that I know and meet.

So….. it seems to me that I need to repay the generosity and kindness of my friends. Some big, dramatic, tell-the-world gesture. I don’t think that simply giving an object as a gift will suffice. I think that something more personal may be required. I am thinking over how best to implement my idea…….

Return to Happy Mood

bailey-scriptingThis time it’s all BAILEY’S fault. Oh yes it is, BL, don’t try to deny it. On MY blog you basically posted a challenge to the Lucky Stumps and to us: could you write the necessary scripts faster than we could win you bubble chairs? YOUR fault. There we were, back in Happy Mood! (HappyMood (111, 123, 31)) And oh – did we have fun or what????

I saw Bailey’s comment and logged in to join her. It was very slow going at first – I was sure that Bailey was going to win the event. There weren’t many folks logged on at that particular moment and we sat and sat watching unmatchable letters turn up. So I played with the rocking horse chair. I really like the rocking horse chair. I’m not sure I like it L$580 worth however. It doesn’t really match rocking-horse-poses more-rocking-horse-posesmy art deco home. But I tried out every pose while Bailey sat and scripted. Looking at them again as I put together these photos – I really like that rocking horse!!! 🙂 I look so sweet and innocent!!! So I rocked and Bailey scripted and finally the stumps started calling out useful letters! Our first success was with a P – Prad tp’d in and won himself the famed bubble chairs. Shenlei logged in and I IM’d her so that she would know how far this insanity had spread. Of course she tp’d over to join us. So now there were three of us IM’ing and urging people onto stumps. 🙂 C came in and won herself bubbles and she brought Q (why am I using letters again? because I forgot to ask permission to use names. bailey-getting-her-bubble-chairs make up your own names if you don’t like my letters. 🙂 MY blog, I can post what I wish!) I will note that someone in that group was being quite unfair and accusing me of reneging on a deal. Not naming names, of course. 🙂 It only took us an hour and Bailey had her bubble chairs! We’re getting better at this, aren’t we? With any luck we should be able to get Krissy and M their chairs in under an hour.

Once we were all sufficiently bubbled and the victory photo taken, we headed over to look at the giant bunnies. 🙂 I LOVE the giant bunnies. They are big and soft looking and their noses twitch and bunny-sitterstheir ears twitch. You can sit on them. They have 7 poses, according to the sign. Bailey and Shenlei jumped right on. C and Q did the same. I was taking pics, of course. 🙂 At that point SD came along. LOL. Poor SD – he had no idea what he was in for! So he leapt onto the bunny and I got onto the bunny. That was only 6. So I IM’d Issa and SHE jumped on the bunny. The complete group of pics is up on Flickr. We were all attached in some fashion on or to the bunny. Once we’d conquered the first bunny, we moved to the second. Some of these poses are really quite, um, risque. Had I KNOWN that I was going to be splayed across a bunny, I would have worn pants. Now you know why I’m almost always in pants inworld. As it is, I am fairly certain that SD was looking up my skirt. He didn’t deny it. And THAT almost got him in bigger trouble.

Big celebratory party this weekend. A black and white ball. I “need” a new dress, of course. That’s 2nd-bunnyeasily remedied. I have no doubt that I will find what I need at Debutante. But I need a date!!!!! I can’t go to the ball without a partner!!! Sigh. I asked SD to be my date – it seemed only fair after his wayward vision. But he turned me down!!!!!! I threw myself to the ground in tears, inconsolable, while Shen and Bailey and Issa tried to guilt SD into being my date. 🙂 Poor soul. Shen and Issa nearly had him buying me a bunny as a consolation prize. LOL. He IM’d me to explain WHY he couldn’t, so I took pity and explained that we were all simply having a wonderful time teasing and that he was an incredibly good sport. SD was foolish enough to be wearing an evil titler (that’s a label above your head that YOU can’t change but anyone else can change). Issa changed the titler to “Ahuva is hot” and we considered that “revenge” enough.

About this time the lunacy began to subside. Bailey, SD and I managed to have a few calm words. Having asked SD FOUR times how he happened by (I was trying to figure out if someone had TP’d him in for a bubble chair or if it was merely karma) and having not listened to the answer any of those times, I finally learned that he had come as a result of reading a blog. He gave us links to two very interesting SL blogs. Bailey was familiar with them but they were both new to me. Here they are for your enjoyment: A SecondLife Travelogue by Garth Goode and Aleister Kronos’ blog Ambling in SecondLife. Happy travels! You never know what or who you might find, right SD? 🙂

Lucky Stumps, Bubble Chairs

I don’t know how to classify this post. This COULD be classified as another “Ahuva threw herself under a bus”. It could go under “Strong Contender for laughing the most in SL”. Or “My Friends are Wonderful”. “Shopping Do’s and Don’ts”. 🙂 Of course – it is ALL of those things. I threw myself into the exuberance and energy that is Shenlei Flasheart and laughed for three hours straight.

I’ve never gone Lucky Chair hunting. I belong to a group that sends out Lucky Chair alerts but I’veshenlei-on-the-rocking-horse never responded. I sat in a Lucky Chair twice at an NCI party. But I’ve always felt somewhat skeptical? scornful? too lazy? to join in the pursuit of a Lucky Chair calling for an “A”. It always seemed like way more effort than it would be worth. Until, that is, I saw Shenlei’s new bubble chairs. 🙂 The truth is – Shen makes EVERYTHING seem brighter and more exciting and more alive than probably any three other people put together. Certainly I enjoy our serious talks, but when she is in a mood to play, my face hurts from smiling so much. We were hanging out chatting during the Ode Butterfly hunt this month and she mentioned that she’d been staking out a Lucky Chair the previous evening. She’d fallen in love with Chestnut’s chairs (hmmm, so this is really all Ches’ fault!!!) Shen rezzed the prize for me – 6 bubble chairs, each with its own script. They were definitely adorable. And as we sat there on our bubbles chatting, she told me of the madness I had missed in the amassing of this marvel. It began sometime around the time carriages turn back into pumpkins and continued until the wee hours of the morning. She had friends tp’ing in from all over SL, sitting on the Lucky Chairs, in an attempt to get the chairs to call out an S. 🙂 Shen can be fairly persistent AND forceful. By the time she got to the part where she had a friend come tp’ing in naked, I was already laughing out loud and regretting that I’d missed the party.

Here comes the “under the bus part”. Actually, Shenlei and I differ in our recollection of this discussion. SHE claims that I said that if we staked out these Lucky Chairs and I got a set of bubble chairs, that I would, well, never mind what exactly, because if it comes to pass, I will blog it. (I have a plane ticket standing by so that I can leave the country should it ever come to pass. 🙂 ) Now *I* say that is NOT how the deal went. *I* insist that I held out for a much more rare and intriguing prize. And Shen did NOT deliver that prize. 🙂 However…… the terms of this Ladies Agreement are neither here nor there. The result was that we agreed to meet again to stake out the Lucky Chairs and win me a set of bubble chairs!!!!

The other evening the ping came in…. “tonight’s the night…. meet me at Happy Mood and we will lucky-stump-if-your-name-starts-with-qmake those chairs sing A “. My SL friends know how Lucky Chairs work. But here’s a primer for my RL friends. In order to draw traffic to the store, merchants will have a Lucky Chair in their store that gives away a free gift. Every few minutes the chair will call out a letter. If your first name begins with that letter and you sit in the chair first, you get the prize. If someone sits in the chair and wins the prize, the chair calls another letter. If no one sits in the chair, after a set period of time, the chair will call a different letter. If you try to sit in the chair and you are NOT the correct letter, it kicks you out. 🙂 Lucky chairs, despite claims to the contrary, are OBVIOUSLY sentient, evil, malicious and and all-around hateful. They KNOW what your letter is and that you WANT their prize and they DON’T CALL YOUR LETTER. These bubble chairs can ONLY be obtained through the Lucky Chairs, you cannot buy them. So you have to hope the chair calls your letter if you want bubble chairs. 🙂

First, the lucky chairs in Happy Mood are actually tree stumps. That makes no difference to how it works, but it does explain the picture. Second, there are two lucky stumps. Third, this is one of those things that if you are not doing it, you think, “that’s not so funny” but when you are participating, you get caught up in the frenzy and the hysteria. Think mob psychology. 🙂 Since I always tell you the truth (okay, not really, but mostly) I will confess that I was EXTREMELY apprehensive about this venture. I don’t have that many people on my friends list. Of course “that many” is relative. Maybe I do. But I don’t think so. And many of them are from work. I was afraid that I would not be able to keep up my end of tp’ing in friends to trigger the stumps. Since these chairs were to be for me, I didn’t want to be imposing on Shenlei’s friends (okay, we share some friends, but I’m willing to bet that her list is much more extensive than mine). But I joined Shen in Happy Mood and the madness began.

We were the only ones in the grove. The chairs were calling D and E. Sounds easy, no? No. As I fumbled through my friends list the D changed to an S! Yay! Shen sat down! And from that point on it got increasingly crazy. We had a run of Zs. Js. W. K. For ‘K’ I brought in a D friend and he brought a K friend. 🙂 I had both H and C on call waiting. 🙂 Theoretically Shen and I were positioned RIGHT IN FRONT of the stump. But of course I would be tp’ing in folks for Shen’s tree and she was bringing in folks for mine, and there were more tree stumps that weren’t lucky chairs and there was a lot of lag. Shen and I were calling “come sit on my stump” and people were rezzing in waiting-waiting-waiting-for-an-msaying “I can’t see anything” and other people were hanging about commenting on the farce. 🙂 There is actually a lovely store at Happy Mood. I wouldn’t know. I never raised my eyes from the tree stumps and my friends list and my chat boxes. 🙂 At least 3 of our friends/observers remarked that we could MAKE our own bubble chairs faster than we could win one. Yeah, but that’s no fun. I remember being a little girl at the carnival and wanting my father to win me a stuffed animal. He told me that was a waste of money, that he would buy me one when we got home. And he DID, but it wasn’t the same. 😦 (I’m so spoiled now – I have someone in RL who wins me stuffed animals down the shore every summer!!!)

And so we IM’d and pinged and begged and cajoled and pleaded and laughed and laughed and laughed. I talked to people I have not talked to since I friended them. I talked with coworkers and friends. Many of my friends are now wealthier by a set of bubble chairs. We had such a run of Ks and Qs and Xs. Can you believe that we got stuck on B??? Neither of us had a B online. At one point BOTH chairs were looking for a B. And my former friend T – hmmph!!!! Purple pretender!!!!! NEVER winning-the-chairscame and sat on a stump for me to reset the letter. We had a slow period full of X and K and Z. 7 minutes between letters. Hell had stuck around after winning his set, so he helped amuse us and pass the time. Then we had a run of S. Of course, when Shen was stalking for HER chairs, all SHE got was A. Proof positive that the chairs are malicious. One of the most frustrating moments was when Issa rezzed in for her I, but couldn’t find the right stump (too much lag). By the time she got there, the letter had changed. But of course – now she was hooked. 🙂 I IM’d to some people that I had to think twice before hitting the send. Only 3 people turned me down, and they were all very, very nice about it (except the purple pretender 😛 ). I called some scary people too, and they came as well. Perhaps the scariest call I made, and the one I may regret the most, was my call to my vampire friend. Gulp. I may indeed owe him. eek. But he too was an incredibly good sport and got into the spirit of things. And, of course, walked off with a set of bubble chairs. 🙂 FINALLY!!!! TWO HOURS into the adventure, an A was called!!! VICTORY!!!!

We were set to head out and shop when we realized that Issa still needed her chairs. So we stayed put and continued tp’ing people in left and right. About 30 minutes after my A, Issa got her I. But by issa-on-her-bubble-chairthat time M had come in and wanted HER set. So we stayed. 🙂 Life got crazier and crazier as more people stayed. Lack of sleep is an amazing factor. 🙂 We had a child av with us also, tripping the chairs each time an E came up. She was truly amazing. She was totally a child – never broke character. One of our friends was wearing some space-age boots. E asked if the friend was a robot. For some reason – that seemed to be the straw that broke the sanity camel’s back. People started changing avs, mutating into more sci-fi shapes or fantasy shapes. I was completely immersed by that point – sure that E was a kid, wondering if I was in a Grade B movie and was going to be captured by the mechanical bug-thing, laughing my head off saviouras the centaur kicked up dust clouds and watching E defend us all w/ a huge hammer. M declared that she was throwing in the towel for the evening – we would have to stalk bubble chairs on her behalf another evening. That was the signal for most of us to realize how late it was, and to head off to other adventures.

I have TWO sets of bubble chairs. I have the most fantastic memories. I had an amazingly fabulous time. Without doubt I have the most wonderful, fun friends a person could have – the cavalry riding to the rescue time after time. And Shenlei – thank you!!!! This may even top the night you rezzed a horse for me and I rode all through Shengri La. As I wrote this post, I laughed and laughed again. Thanks for sharing your joy in life!

Personal Business

Maybe you’ve noticed by now that my method of dealing with pain is to drag it out in the open, stare at it, try to find something humorous about it, let go of the anger, and then remedy whatever caused the pain. Well, that’s what I think I do. LOL. Probably that’s not what I do at all, but since I’m too close to the situation, I can’t see what it is that I REALLY do. 🙂 But that’s life, isn’t it?

So having nursed the indignity of being told that I was “stiff”, having received much loving care and ego-strokes from my friends AND gotten a post out of it as well, I decided that the time had come to address the issue. 🙂 There were two options: buy or make. Oh, remember my brave dreams and words back in June, when I thought that I might actually learn to build and script? 🙂 Somehow I’ve been side-tracked into partying and socializing and viewing art and, of course, buying boots. So although I do WANT to learn to build my own AO, I decided that would take too long. My injured pride needed salve NOW. So I began looking. Since I trust Bailey and Chestnut, I started looking at Vista AOs. Many times in SL, I know that I am “home”, that this is where I belong. Other times….. well, I figure I’m really in a bad anxiety dream and that, oh please, any moment I will wake up. Shopping for an AO falls into the anxiety dream category.

I did a search on “Vista” and tp’d to their main store. Maybe I was tired, maybe I’m simply an idiot. But I found the experience a bit overwhelming and numbing. I’d actually been there a few days (or maybe weeks by now) earlier and had been so taken aback by all the choices and options and gadgets that I’d fled. This time I resolved to hold my ground. I went to the first signs and machines up front. The typical AO try-outs that I’d seen in the past have stands. You stand on them and then click through the options for that AO. But these machines were simply posts – no stand. It seemed that I should be able to touch the machine and try different AO’s and walk about. At least, that is how *I* read the sign. I am as clueless now as I was the very first time I walked in there. But I figured I understood the other machines. So I steeled myself and went and tried every single AO package for females that they had. Oh wow. It never occurred to me that one “needed” so many options. Stands, walks, runs, flying, sitting, sit anywhere, crawl, swim, ab crunches (right – I am SO not in SL to exercise 🙂 ). While all of the packages had some animations that I liked, most had more that I didn’t like. And they are quite expensive. Well, if I’d LIKED them more, they wouldn’t have been expensive. But to pay that much for only liking 20-30% and not liking 70-80%? Plus the packages seemed so similar. How to decide??? I tried Vista, Abraminations, and somewhere else. None of them appealed. So I quit.

Luckily Issa logged on shortly thereafter. I whined and moaned to her about how I “needed” an AO and didn’t know how to choose. To my great fortune and delight, Issa had time to play that night. And so off we went. Back to all the same stores where I’d been. But somehow it was so much less stressful with my own personal shopper!!! There have been MANY times in SL when I’ve been shopping and thought “If only there were someone to ask….”. So there’s a business niche for SL entrepreneurs: Personal Shopper. Maybe this service already exists in SL – heaven knows everything else seems to be there. 🙂 Anyway, Issa and I tp’d to store after store and I walked, stood, sat, crawled, swam and flew through all the AO paces. It’s curious, but it would become apparent nearly immediately whether or not an AO was “right” for me. Issa and I had much the same concept of what fit me and what simply was not me. I ended up buying an older model Vista AO. Of course Issa then had to give me a lesson on how to set it up, how to use it. 🙂 Issa is a wonderful, patient kind soul who took the time to spell everything out in the simplest terms for me. Thank you Issa – you are the best!!!!!

So now I can stand with the most natural of them. 🙂 I can walk my sexy walk. I can sit anywhere. When I fly, I have SUCH a lady-like way of landing. And I love my AO. Yep, I do. Now I know what X meant and, rats, X was right. I did look stiff and now I look better. LOL. I am still trying to remember to turn it off to dance and then remember to turn it back on. Turn it off to use a different sit and turn it back on. But I am getting a bit smoother at it all.

So /me tosses my hair back from my face, shifts weight, sits, crosses my legs and prepares to write about my adventures looking for a mani/pedi. 🙂 Bet you can’t wait, huh?