The Rave of Aquarius


Shengri La hosted another Rave this past weekend – The Aquarian Rave. You know my-little-ponythat you are at Shengri La if there are butterflies and particles. The more of each, the better. 🙂 As always, the inimitable Qee Nishi was DJ’ing up a storm. Now I just read that “My Little Pony” is only 25 years old, which means it was part of the 80’s, not the 60’s. But apparently nobody told the ponies that important fact and there were several round, fairy-tale steeds about the dance floor.

The instructions for this rave were as vague and open-ended as possible: “Dress is your best interpretation of the theme of Hope. dont-set-the-wings-on-fire If you need some help, cast your mind back to 1969 (or google it!) for the Summer of Love”. I refuse to tell you whether I googled or recalled, but I did manage to find a pair of tie-dyed pants, headband and flowered top in my inventory, plus dangling bead earrings. The most difficult part of the costume? Parting with my boots! But to keep in the spirit of things, I kicked them off and went barefoot. As usual, a goody bag came with the invitation. I had my choice of wings: green, blue, lavendar, pink, lime, yellow. The wings came with controls: flap fast, flap slow, don’t flap. 🙂 Shenlei never misses a detail. And of course, the all-important sparkler!! You can’t party without a sparkler. 🙂

I had another stop to make before I could get to the rave, so by the time I rez-and-shenleiarrived it was in full swing and everyone was fairly giddy. 🙂 Rez and Shenlei, warm and generous hosts, were greeting incoming guests and keeping us all laughing. I danced about, my green wings crashing into many people, listening to the chat and banter. Being a kind soul, Shen reminded us all that we were dancing high in the sky at 400 meters. Which means it is a loooonnnng way down should you choose to dance off the edge. 🙂 As most of us had fashion-wings as opposed to functional-wings, the warning was most welcome.

michele-and-dale1Definitely one of the fun performances were Dale and Michele twirling their rave sticks. As it was also Michele’s rez day, it was most appropriate to have her surrounded by sparkls and color!





These raves do pull in the most eclectic collection of raversavatars and outfits. Obviously we all have very different ideas about how “Hope” is best represented. 🙂 I love people watching and reading profiles.

Unfortunately, as seems to be the case all too frequently in SL lately, there was one guest who was being inconsiderate. He had an open mike and refused to turn it off. This was causing a LOT of reverberation. So Shen killed voice, which handled THAT. But to ensure harmony the rest of the evening, Shenlei called in her private security forces for control. 🙂

Once peace had been restored, we popped the champagne bubbles1and toasted yet another successful Shengri La rave!

3 Responses to “The Rave of Aquarius”

  1. 1 melissa88 November 19, 2008 at 8:58 am

    Just a kinder, gentler suggestion from a very inexperienced still-newbie-after-5-months: perhaps the person with the open mike either 1) didn’t realize it was open; 2) didn’t realize it was causing problems; 3) didn’t know how to turn it off! (I would be in the last category, LOL!)

  2. 2 ahuva18 November 19, 2008 at 11:32 am

    @Melessa – 🙂 I still mess up the mic, too, and that’s after having been on it for a solid week for work. BUT…. the difference between us (you and me) and this other person… when someone points out to us that our mic is open and we’re creating feedback – we fix it. Or ask HOW to fix it if we don’t know how. We don’t ignore the request or say “too bad for you”. otherwise I do agree with you – I tend to assume problems are ignorance/inexperience, not nastiness.

    @Dale – ummmm, I MAY have taken a bit of poetic license with descriptions and the event time line…… 🙂

  3. 3 majestic collection san francisco July 10, 2013 at 8:48 pm

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    . Anyhow, excellent site!

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