The Rave of Aquarius


Shengri La hosted another Rave this past weekend – The Aquarian Rave. You know my-little-ponythat you are at Shengri La if there are butterflies and particles. The more of each, the better. 🙂 As always, the inimitable Qee Nishi was DJ’ing up a storm. Now I just read that “My Little Pony” is only 25 years old, which means it was part of the 80’s, not the 60’s. But apparently nobody told the ponies that important fact and there were several round, fairy-tale steeds about the dance floor.

The instructions for this rave were as vague and open-ended as possible: “Dress is your best interpretation of the theme of Hope. dont-set-the-wings-on-fire If you need some help, cast your mind back to 1969 (or google it!) for the Summer of Love”. I refuse to tell you whether I googled or recalled, but I did manage to find a pair of tie-dyed pants, headband and flowered top in my inventory, plus dangling bead earrings. The most difficult part of the costume? Parting with my boots! But to keep in the spirit of things, I kicked them off and went barefoot. As usual, a goody bag came with the invitation. I had my choice of wings: green, blue, lavendar, pink, lime, yellow. The wings came with controls: flap fast, flap slow, don’t flap. 🙂 Shenlei never misses a detail. And of course, the all-important sparkler!! You can’t party without a sparkler. 🙂

I had another stop to make before I could get to the rave, so by the time I rez-and-shenleiarrived it was in full swing and everyone was fairly giddy. 🙂 Rez and Shenlei, warm and generous hosts, were greeting incoming guests and keeping us all laughing. I danced about, my green wings crashing into many people, listening to the chat and banter. Being a kind soul, Shen reminded us all that we were dancing high in the sky at 400 meters. Which means it is a loooonnnng way down should you choose to dance off the edge. 🙂 As most of us had fashion-wings as opposed to functional-wings, the warning was most welcome.

michele-and-dale1Definitely one of the fun performances were Dale and Michele twirling their rave sticks. As it was also Michele’s rez day, it was most appropriate to have her surrounded by sparkls and color!





These raves do pull in the most eclectic collection of raversavatars and outfits. Obviously we all have very different ideas about how “Hope” is best represented. 🙂 I love people watching and reading profiles.

Unfortunately, as seems to be the case all too frequently in SL lately, there was one guest who was being inconsiderate. He had an open mike and refused to turn it off. This was causing a LOT of reverberation. So Shen killed voice, which handled THAT. But to ensure harmony the rest of the evening, Shenlei called in her private security forces for control. 🙂

Once peace had been restored, we popped the champagne bubbles1and toasted yet another successful Shengri La rave!

Sex in SL

I was chatting with a new friend the other night. First off this friend complained about my use of X and Y instead of names. “Make up names” I was urged. Fine. Never let it be said that I am not responsive to my readers. 🙂 So I was chatting with a friend, Bea, the other night. 😛

Bea and I were talking about sex. I know. How unusual in SL. or RL. 🙂 Well, Dale already ruined my surprise – guessed that there is indeed sex in SL. There is lots of it, in fact. And you learn to take it in stride. So I know or have encountered RL men who are SL women, RL “straights” indulging in SL “bent”, herms, TG, TS, Gorean, BDSM (Hey – I don’t post EVERYTHING on this blog, you know??). I don’t think that I’ve encountered RL women who are SL men but then, would I know? And, of course, there are the non-human avatars.

I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever even slow-danced with a furry. 🙂 I know that i’ve gone rock n’ rollin’ with them. But I think I’ve only slow-danced w/ human avs. Obviously I need to remedy that situation. I wouldn’t want to be accused of being narrow-minded. And I can tell you truthfully, straight-out – I’ve NEVER had sex with a furry. 🙂 Which leads me to……

Bea and I were talking about all the different sex/love possiblities inworld. And we stumbled upon an interesting issue. Suppose Bea was a bunny av? 2-bunnies NOT playboy bunny, silly. But a REAL bunny – you know, like Flopsy, Mopsy or Cottontail. If Bea and I were to have sex….. eeewwwww. Somehow that seemed very wrong to both of us. Now it may NOT seem wrong to you. I have no problem with that. Just don’t put on your bunny av and ask ME to, um, yeah, whatever. But what if I were a bunny ALSO??? Would THAT be wrong???? Bea said yes. You know what? I say no. Somehow two bunnies together – that seems like a beautiful thing to me. 🙂 bunnmy-and-dogOn the other hand…. a bunny and a non-bunny, say a bunny and a dog? Wrong wrong wrong. 🙂 (In case a disclaimer is necessary here: I am being light-hearted and facetious!!!! Do NOT take this too seriously!! )

Photo credits: found ’em via google. 2 bunnies: Bunny & Dog:

Belated Happy Rez Day!

Michele – I didn’t realize last night was your rez day as well!! Belated happy rez day! Don’t have any good shots of you from last night (those wands kept getting in the way) so here you are, beautiful at the gypsy rave! Thank you for being one of my first friends in SL. I will never forget what good care you took of me all through those painful first weeks. You are among the nicest people in SL, not to mention the most creative and artistic. Have a fantastic year to come!

Belated Happy Rez Day to Michele Hyacinth!!!

Rez Day at the CnP

Why is it that everything happens at once? Not only were there 3 exciting things to do in SL last night, but RL was fairly packed as well. Had a lovely, elegant, romantic day in RL – 🙂 how nice. So I had to cut short my visit to the big rez day celebration going on at the Crown and Pearl. FOUR lovelyrez-day-at-the-cnp ladies were celebrating reaching the grand ol’ age of 2. It appears that there were festivities going on all day. I arrived there in (my) late afternoon to find the party going full swing and well attended by people and a herd of sheep. Yes, a herd of sheep. I’m not quite sure why and of course no one would/could give me a sensible “real” answer, but hey, I’ve learned to simply go with the flow in SL. There was also a large poster of, um, hmmm, male bits. One friend there claimed not to have seen it, and it was gone when I went to point it out, but that poster IS in my photos. So I know that if I am crazy – that’s not why. 🙂 Anyway, I never envisioned myself as a censor, but I did paintbrush that poster so don’t bother zooming in to look.

So here are my pics. I also uploaded some to Flickr. Oh yeah, I upgraded my Flickr account as well thishappy-rez-day-bailey-rrish-and-ari weekend. 🙂 This is turning into quite the expensive hobby. But besides this party, I went to an art opening at the University of Kentucky and to another Shengri La rave. I knew that my basic free Flickr account was never going to handle all of that! LOL. And my RL friends are STILL asking me “What is it you DO there, anyway?” 🙂 Happy Rez Day Bailey D. Bailey L, Aribeth and Rrisha. Bailey D was not there when I was, so I apologize for not having any pics of that Rez Gal.

Here’s a plea for help…. sometimes when I insert my photos into the blog, and I justify them left or right, there is no problem – you can click on them and see the full photo. But other times, like today, once I use the justify option, you can no longer click through to the full photo. Why is that? Does it have something to do with the picture being surrounded by text? Thanks!!!


Public Service Announcements

I’ve been neglecting my self-appointed task as gossip columnist and Upcoming Events Announcer. 🙂

Tonight – PARTY!!!!! yep, Shengri La is hosting another rave! This one is the Aquarian Rave. *I* will be there. 6pm-9pm SLT, Saturday, Nov. 15.

And the 17th of the month is approaching. That means another Ode butterfly hunt in Shengri La. These are a lot of fun. But you should also tell all the newbies that you know to attend. Besides the fun of getting pretty jewelry and accessories for nothing, these hunts are excellent practice for moving about in SL. You are flying and touching and zooming and turning. All at the same time. It’s a beautiful location and it shows new folks many positive wonderful things about SL. So spread the word. Take a moment and bring a “new” friend over and help them hunt. And drop by the Vintage Marketplace as well. There are some fantastic designers there with wonderful clothes and jewelry. (Check out the gorgeous necklace in my pic below.)

If you like reading, this is National Novel Writing Month. Michelle Hyacinth has her story, Iconoclast Rising, up on her blog. Check it out and transport yourself into another world. But I warn you – this is a double-edged sword. I love reading the story!!! But it’s not done! So part of me wants to race to the end and find out all the answers and I can’t. But part of me loves having the enjoyment spread over the entire month, logging on each day to see if the next treat has been posted. Anyone else out there who is writing and wants their blog mentioned – let me know.

More news for the fashion conscious…. Shenlei has launched her Debutante line of clothes, elegant upscale clothes for dancing. Yes, Chestnut – I stole that from you. 🙂 Actually for a great description of the clothes and for the slurl, read Ches’ blog: Delicious Gowns at Debutante. I confess – I already have several. I LOVE them. I feel wonderfully romantic and beautiful and special when I wear them. As you move the skirts float and swirl about you. And I always receive compliments on them as well. So check it out and treat yourself. You deserve it.

Here’s my own cliff-hanger…. my next post – Sex in SL. Yep, I’m finally going to bow to pressure and write about sex. 🙂 I’m even going to risk all the porn searches and use the word ‘sex’ in the title. LOL. So watch this spot!!!

How do you think?

I am working my way through an emotional situation. That’s not really the right description, but I can’t think of a better term at the moment. It’s like this: Y….. – I have to use Y because I used X last time and if I use X again you’ll think I’m talking about X and, really, I’m trying to start a new thought here. 🙂 Okay. Take 2, from the top…. Y is behaving a certain way. This is how Y behaves. I know this. It was/is not a secret to me. But I don’t WANT Y to behave that way. I WANT Y to behave MY way. Perhaps you can see the situation? I understand full well that this is my problem, not Y’s. So I am working on MY attitude, my approach to the situation. If it were only a case of accepting that this is how Y behaves, well, that I believe I can do. But this behavior is impinging on my actions. So I have to make some decisions about what I want to do. And it’s not that easy.

But this blog isn’t about the situation or my decision. It’s about how to reach a decision. I can’t really discuss the matter with anyone. It’s personal, obviously. I can’t talk to people who know Y and I can’t talk to people who don’t know Y. It’s nobody’s business if they know us and if they don’t know both of us nothing makes sense anyway. So I’m left to my own devices. How do I refine and articulate the issue? How do I test each possible approach? How do I find an outlet for the emotional and mental energy that is boiling about in my body? I suppose I could get on the treadmill and run, but my knees would never last the course. 🙂

So I’m writing haikus. Yep, I write them in my head all day long. All night, too. I wake up and find myself thinking on this, and I start composing haikus. I write some down – the ones that seem most crystalized. I’ve begun placing them in a sequence, showing my progression. Why haikus? Because I find that the meter (5-7-5) forces me to hone my thoughts and feelings. I must search for the exact right word that denotes that aspect. I can’t run on and on and on as I do when I write. I can’t use 3 words to describe one feeling. I can’t stray from the point. I find that as I think and edit and redact and revise (see – I told you I like multiple words to describe the same thing) the muddy jumbled feelings rez into articulation.

I had the answer
Knew my way for ten minutes
Then realized I lie.

Where do you look?

Part of me is reluctant to blog about this again and part of me can’t stop picking at it. I’ll admit right up front that I am thin-skinned, a big baby and that by now I really should have applied all the positive thinking techniques I know and that I should simply move on. Whew. Pause to take a breath. But. Obviously I am NOT moving on. I’m not as upset as I was because I’m not as tired as I was. So let’s it hear it for the benefits of sleep.

Someone asked me the other day if I was wearing an AO because I looked “a little stiff”. Sigh. This someone, X for the sake of conversation, has been inworld a long time. I am closing in on 5 months, more than one of which involved horrendous graphics, router and laptop. You and I have already lived through the one incident back in August I believe when another “well-intentioned soul” told me that I could “at least try”. I am now quite happy with my hair, thank you very much. 🙂 Indeed, I have many old-timers asking me where I got my hair. So there. (And for spite, I think I’ll start emphasizing the word “old” when I talk about THEM!!) My skin was a gift from someone who is herself quite beautiful. She made this skin, I like it, it has what I need 🙂 and I don’t really feel the need to do that much to it. I’m presentable. I did go skin-shopping once. Nothing I saw seemed that much more “me” than what I had. I DO know how to dress up in RL – I can wear make-up, put my hair up, wear ball gowns, sway and twitch my way across the floor or down the street. Most of the time I don’t bother. And that’s how I feel in SL too.

So I was talking to X, who is quite the beauty. Knock you to your knees beautiful. Yes, when I grow up, I wouldn’t mind looking like her. 🙂 Assuming I ever grow up. Don’t get me wrong. yet again this is someone who was being very kind to me and is a friend. She did ask as nicely as I suppose one could ask. But of course, I did feel incredibly embarrassed and gauche and inferior and invalidated and all sorts of other not-good feelings. Especially when I looked closer and saw her gorgeous manicure and pedicure. Sigh. I bet she doesn’t garden in RL or SL. Anyway, I wasn’t wearing my “stand” AO at the moment and so I put it on and asked if that was an improvement. I’m sorry – but do you have any idea how humiliating this kind of conversation is for me??? So I guess I have to go shopping for an AO now. I’ve been wanting some “sits” for awhile. I guess I’m going to look for “stands” as well. Heck I may as well have my own dances, my own gestures. Where does it stop?????? We are talking about avatars, folks. Yes, I am overly-identified with mine. (Obviously, or this comment wouldn’t sting. But does how I stand matter? I can’t go there right now. The answer is that it did and it didn’t and that needs more thought.

The benefits and drawbacks of holding back a written entry to post at another time…. I’m no longer upset about this incident. Definitely the lack of sleep was a major factor. Part of me is still bemused by the idea that how I stand in SL is important. But in the meantime, someone wrote to me about my Oct. 30 post of “Appearances Matter”. So, okay, I have to stick with that conclusion. Appearances DO matter and how I stand DOES matter and so I will move AO Shopping to the top of my “to-do” list. And I want a manicure and pedicure too…

Which leads me to the theme for today. Where do you look when you are talking to someone inworld? We weren’t on voice – we were using the chat box. So I’m not going to compare this to where I’d be looking if this were a RL conversation. We were chatting. I was at her place. It was the first time I was visiting her there, we’ve hung out together other places. So *I* was looking about, checking out her art work and posessions and stuff. But mostly I was looking at the chat box, reading our words and, of course, monitoring any other IMs that may have been happening. So I was aware of where we were standing and what we were doing and the like, but my eyes were not fixed on her to the extent I would have noticed whether or not SHE was stiff. (Oh – by the way – she has a wonderful AO. It was after I saw hers for the first time that i began thinking that maybe I should get one also. So perhaps that also answers the question of “does how I stand matter?”). I keep side-tracking myself here….. 🙂

What are you looking at? What do you see? Where is your camera? What really matters? Is it the words? Is it the image? Is it the gestalt?

When I am dancing – it is the image. No question. Words are practically immaterial when I am dancing in SL. If I am dancing as part of a couple – my camera is back far enough that I can see us both in entirety. Usually there is sound but I think that often fades behind the image of the dancers.

When I am talking to a group of friends – it is the chat box. I can’t begin to remember how many times I have been confused by the text because I have been reading words while someone was rezzing something and I didn’t notice. I have the camera pulled back to show all the people at a level that shows me the majority of the faces. Rarely do I have the camera close-up on anything. And lately, unless I am at a party or bar or concert -I’ve been turning off the background music.

When I am dancing at a concert or a bar – it is the image and the sound. Not a close-up image and not far either. Basically I’m looking for that middle-ground shot where I can see myself and others dancing, but not concentrating on faces.

When I am hanging about with a friend chatting – well, now this does get more complicated. Just like RL, no? unlikely that I have the music on. Certainly if it’s me and Darcey sunbathing, I have the ambient sound turned up as high as it will go. I look long enough to take pics for the blog and then switch to chat windows and multitasking on other things as well. 🙂 (Sorry Darce!) With X, well, I was checking out her home and reading the chat. No music.

The most interesting aspect of the above paragraph is that I realize the great majority of the intimate chats take place in IM, when we are NOT in the same SL location. 🙂 Does that say something about when and how people open up? Certainly in RL one of the easiest times for open and frank discussion is when you are driving in the car. Neither of you has to make eye contact. Maybe that’s part of what works in IM as well. If we aren’t looking at each other face-to-face, it’s easier to bare our souls.

Okay, that’s it for being serious today. I am off to review duck names. And to start polling friends for what I “need” in the way of an AO. 🙂