Yes! My brain still functions!

the-door-is-not-yet-ready-for-use-closedAlright!!! Despite a 2-week hiatus, I can still script! Yahoo!!!! I got the kick-in-the-pants I needed yesterday from Honour. Okay, that was NOT her intention. But that was the result. She IM’d me asking a scripting question. Quite honestly, Honour has a greatly exaggerated confidence in my scripting abilities. I’m simply NOT that good. Yet. 🙂 So I went over to check out her sundial and see if I could even understand the questions. I did, mostly, but had no idea of the answer. My usual scripting advisors were not available. I went to my reserves and got the link to the relevant LL functions. As I started reading the different time functions, I felt my brain wake up. I even figured out which function would be the most apt. I started reasoning out how and where it should be used.

At that point I realized I was back in the-door-is-openbusiness – it was time to get back to work! So I dragged out my class notes and the last assignment from Hell (gee, I so LOVE that phrase 🙂 ) and began scripting. I’m supposed to be scripting doors: a sliding door and a swinging door. Of course Hell, being the excellent teacher he is, threw in all sorts of bells and whistles. Messages, passing in parameters, timers. The works, in otherwords.
[6:12] : Door not ready for use
[6:12] : Opening door
[6:13] : Closing door
I ended up talking scripting techniques and best practices with a friend. Hey B – if you’re reading this – your ears should have been burning. I mentioned that you keep me on my toes and want me to script well right from the start – begin coding now the way I’ll want to be coding when I hit my stride. So while I’m torn between simply getting the door to move as requested, I know that I need to clean up my code and try to optimize it. I have teachers in all my lives.

the-door-is-closedSpeaking of teachers (so I actually spoke to or referenced FOUR script wizards – 3 in SL, and B in RL), I also met up with an SL friend who likes to script. He mentioned that he was bored and needed a project that he could “sink his teeth into”. Well, if I’d been at the Crown and Pearl, that line would probably have led somewhere else entirely. 🙂 But since I was scripting on my beach, I offered him one of MY projects. LOL. Oh gee, Honour – I should have given him YOUR project. Sorry. Next time. I was at a friend’s house and saw her TP system. She has a big house and property and she built an internal tp system to make it easier to move about. I WANT that system. I hate having to drag out landmarks to move about my land and I don’t like flying. So that’s the project I off-loaded. I said that the tp device needed to be functional, beautiful and subtle. We even talked about giving it smarts so that certain locations would only be valid for specific people. Cool, huh? So we’ll see how he does. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, I am going back to scripting. I’m not done with the assignments. I confess – I took time out last night to go fishing. More on that in another post. What a great way to close out this calendar year – scripting success, hanging with friends, feeling alive.

Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy New Year for you and yours.

4 Jermyn Place, Victoriana

4-jermyn-street1While some of us (that would be me) have done nothing productive for the last week or so, some people (that would be Shenlei) have been working. She is either the most productive person I know or the least productive person I know because she is ALWAYS working. welcome-to-victoriana 🙂 Teasing – I know she always has several ongoing projects, ranging all over the world. And STILL finds time to get to Rez day parties. (Hey – *I* made the rez day parties TOO! Hmmm, but I missed the “work” part of the week.) So while I was busy being the grasshopper and making music, Shen was setting up her newest Debutante location – 4 Jermyn Place in Victoriana Harbour.

shenleis-orangeryNow I know that Shenlei has always had an interest in the period sims but I never quite understood the fascination. Of course, I’d never been to one, so I wasn’t evaluating from much data. So when Shen invited me to come see her new store in Victoriana Harbour I decided it was time. We talked shop for a bit (and I picked up a strand of pearls) and then Shen took me on a tour of Victoriana Harbour and Lakeside (where she already has an Orangery). Strolling between the two properties was simply lovely. even-the-manhole-covers-are-beautiful The Victorian theme is so well done and so complete. I was, of course, dressed completely inappropriately theme-wise, but I had finally picked up a winter jacket so I wasn’t too chilled as we strolled through the sims. The Orangery is a wonderful peaceful spot. I wanted to settle in for tea and cookies and watch the snow fall.

the-carouselI walked Shen back to the store and she pointed me on the path to the Carnivale. I strolled through the center of town, passed the railroad tracks, on my way to the Lake and the Carnivale. Along the way I admired the scenery and the buildings. Even the manhole covers are beautiful in Victoriana. I found the Carnivale with no trouble (obviously a tourist-friendly town).

i-love-a-carouselThere was a carousel. I LOVE carousels. I smile writing the word. So of course I had to jump on and start the ride. It was great. 🙂 Went ’round and ’round, faster and faster! Played music and everything.

After a time, even I tired of the carousel. you-cant-miss-the-ferris-wheelI got off and went roaming about the Carnivale. It was a bit lonely there, in the midst of a winter evening but still interesting. There were concession stands and booths. I did see someone else flit by me but we didn’t chat. Despite how impressive it looked – tall and stark in the falling snow – I decided to pass on the ferris wheel (next time for sure).

all-aboardI wandered into a tent that turned out to be a drinking hall with bear musicians who played polkas. 🙂 Also next time. I decided it was time to head back to town so I went and waited for the train. The train took me through the snowy countryside, making appropriate train sounds the entire way. It stopped at the town square station and I disembarked.

Across from the Welcome now-for-the-sleigh-ride Center in the town square there is a horse-drawn sleigh, which tours through Victoriana. It is charming, wonderful, delightful, fun. A brilliant concept. Although the pose ball appears to be made for two, I had no problem managing the horse and sleigh on my own.

dashing-through-the-snowWe went through Harbour and Lakeside, up hill and under bridges, past the lake, crossing the railroad tracks. I saw the fishing hole and Tinytoriana. The tour gives a wonderful view of the houses, shops, roads, bridges and scenery. I snapped dozens of pictures because each new turn was prettier than the last. As usual, I have uploaded the entire Victoriana stream to my Flickr account.

The sleigh ride ends at the church, the-ride-ends-by-the-churchwhich is just a few steps to Debutante. So I strolled back to 4 Jermyn and thanked Shenlei for yet another wonderful SL adventure. It’s good to have friends. And I think I must have the best friends an SL gal can have.

Dark Air

dark-air-11I meet the most interesting people in SL. I meet the most incredibly generous and helpful people also, but that will be covered in a different post. Today I’m talking interesting. I was hanging about one night at the Crown and Pearl (how unusual, right?). The crowd had thinned to just a few of us intrepid souls. I back-seat-flyer1ended up dancing (swing) with Dark. I’d not really had any conversation with Dark, just talking together in group chat. We began chatting as we danced. What a wonderful surprise! Not only is Dark witty and very quick with a riposte, but he is extremely intelligent. Our conversation ranged from Fermi,ready-for-takeoff Heisenberg and Shrodinger to quaternions and gimbal lock to gamelans to how you can tell if an elephant has been in your refrigerator. And then it got even better. 🙂 Dark builds and scripts planes. WWII British planes, to be taxid-to-runwaymore precise. Well. I LOVE fast cars, planes, boats, space craft, motorcycles and fast vehicles of all kinds. Of course I immediately badgered Dark to take me for a ride. So he did! I had a bit of difficulty getting into the plane because I seemed to want to be the pilot, but once we solved THAT issue we were ready for take-off.

up-up-upAnd take-off we did. We soared high up into the sky, through the clouds, above the clouds. We soared and swoped and dove and spun. It was fantastic! We soared across sim boundaries and back again. Flew over the land and the water. It was high-above-sl as freeing and amazing an experience as the time I finally got the courage to go sky-diving in SL. I could feel the wind in my hair. SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Thank you again, Dark. It was a fantastic evening. The dancing, the dark-air-1-supermarinespitfireconversation, the flying, the start of a new friendship. Dark has already taken me flying again. For those who can’t wait for me to post (because I have gotten incredibly remiss about things like scripting, building and blogging over this wheee-sidewaysholiday break), the latest batch of photos are already up on Flickr. Or maybe you should contact Dark and buy one of his planes for yourself. Yep, he will even sell you a plane if you are so inclined. The ducks and I have been discussing where to build the hangar…..the-view-from-the-back-seat

Why you should not let others have Rez rights

beach-ball-bedroomYou give some people an inch, they take a mile. 🙂 I HAVE to let HellspawneD have scripting and rezzing rights on my land. That’s where we have my scripting lessons. But there IS a drawback to having a practical joker as your teacher. Your house can be filled with tons of bright beach balls. Good thing I was awake and dressed when my room began to fill up! On the other hand, the-room-begins-to-clearI have to admit that Hell DOES clean up after himself – all the beach balls disappear on their own after a very very short time. 🙂 Thanks Hell! I truly enjoyed that laugh of the day! AND I got a new script, too!

Timely Presents

callis-calendarI posted the present pictures too soon. See – I told you this was really my first Christmas. I didn’t realize Santa would be delivering all the way up til midnight. 🙂 Time seems to be on many people’s minds this year. Dale made the wonderful 24-Hours-per-sim-sun-day-clock, which is up by my pool. I also got a 2009 calendar from an extremely talented photographer friend. Another friend gave me a regular clock, set to SL time AND the scripts so that I could learn how it works. 🙂 Never one to miss a teaching opportunity, huh? And since WordPress is STILL not cooperating and letting me click through, you can find the calendar here, although to see all the great photos you will have to come and visit me. To see the clocks more clearly, use this link in a timely fashion.

no-excuse-to-be-late-or-sunburntI also got a Humbug. I have to confess – I didn’t know what a humbug was. Is. I thought it was something that followed the word “Bah”. But apparently in the UK a humbug is a candy. Well live and learn. Everyday I learn something new in SL. (Teehee – learned the expression “on the pull” just last week. ) At first I thought perhaps the humbug was a chair. It actually worked quite nicely as a chair. But now it is lined up in my room along with the other wonderful gifts and presents. It’s going to take me a loooonnnngg time to deal with a piece of candy that size. Check out my humbug at this location.


Christmas Eve day with friends

1loading-up-the-dog-sled1Christmas Eve day started with ice in RL – everything covered. I skated from the front door to the curb to put out the recyclables. You know I thought it was dangerous when I allowed my son to go back to sleep and skip the 1/2 day of school he was supposed to attend. So rather than 2mushdrive in to my office, I logged inworld. Hey – priorities, you know? I thought I’d catch up on my holiday cards, sort my inventory, stuff like that.

Issa was on when I got here. We headed over to NCI to chat and catch up on things, see who else might show up. Oura and Jimpsky joined us. Issa was just about to log out when I thanked her again for the dog 3maestrosled and mentioned that I was giving it to friends as well. So much for going to sleep, huh Issa? She rezzed up a sled and Oura and Jimpsky piled on. They raced up and down the boardwalk a few times. Issa handed out sleds so everyone could race.
Then Issa pulled out her bass violin and began to play Christmas music. It was lovely, actually. Quite mellow, beautiful sound. Jimpsky pulled out his violin and joined in. Oura and I watched and listened for awhile. Then a concert piano appeared (I’m not sure who produced that – I think it was Jimpsky). I let Oura duet4have first refusal and then I jumped on the bench. It’s been a looonnng time since I tickled the ivories. Oura opted to adorn the piano. We had been playing for a bit when Suki arrived. Jimpsky pulled out a set of drums for her to play, but she opted to be the audience. We played on as more people began to arrive. Issa switched to her violin which not only played music (more Christmas carols) but also emitted Santas and Christmas tree particles. We were still lacking a drummer until Anna showed up. 🙂 Thanks Anna!

ensemble3As far as I can tell from previewing, WordPress is NOT allowing you to click the pics to see the larger size. Sigh. It wouldn’t let me link to the Flickr urls either. So I apologize for the small photos, but if you wish to see the photos, click here to get to my Flickr account.

My First Christmas

the-orrery-up-closeIt’s true. This really is my first Christmas. I have exchanged holiday gifts in RL, but it didn’t feel like Christmas. (Maybe because they were always wrapped in blue & white paper with Chanukiot?) But in SL it feels like Christmas for me, too. And it’s fun! No, I am NOT suffering any confusion, either.

I’ve been trying to tell you the-orrery-in-my-roomabout all the fun I had in SL just before I lost my internet connection. But I keep getting distracted. Maybe I’ll get back to it, maybe I won’t. There was fun at the Crown and Pearl, great fun flying Dark Air, fun (and not fun) learning to make hair, fun at the Winter Ball and fun hanging out with a new friend listening to great music.

I’m REALLY having fun with the holiday cards I’ve been receiving. People are SO clever and creative!!!! I’ve gotten many cards that have great pictures and witty sayings and express greetings of the season. But many people go beyond just a card and script and build the24-hours-per-sim-sun-day-clock most amazing things. Of course, more often than not I have forgotten that I should try to open the cards. So when I thank the sender, I often hear: Um, did you OPEN it?” LOL. I had that conversation with a friend about one card. Then immediately forgot to open the very next one. 🙂

winter-in-shengri-laI have even more respect and admiration now that I have begun touching the edges of building and scripting. I understand just how complicated some of these scripts can be. And their creativity!!! I am in awe. That’s not mere words – that is the truth. I am in awe of the things people decide to build. Without a doubt, some of the mostdetail-from-shengri-la-winter creative intelligent people I know reside in SL. I’d like to share some of their creativity with you. Keep in mind that most of these have animation. (Leave me ALONE, B – I am so NOT in the mood to attempt another video today!!! LOL) .

The photos on this post show my new orrery and a clock that keeps SL time. I simply adore them. What patience and precision to translate RL into something so wonderful in SL. I put the clock by the pool (don’t want to get burned from too much sun!) and the orrery in my bedroom. I’ve been staring at it for long periods of time. I wonder when and if I will ever be able to script things like these. crown-and-pearl-ornaments

There are also tree ornaments from the Crown and Pearl and a winter scene from Shengri La. A friend provided a quiet spot for meditation and relaxation for times when both RL and SL can be a bit too much. I realize as I look around my home, and see all these gifts, what joy these friends bring to my life. Not only joy, but such stimulation. Their creativity inspires me to try a little harder, put in a little more contemplation-station effort. While I may indeed gain technical competence, I’ll be hard pressed to match their imagination. But you know what – maybe even THAT will happen! I can always hope!

The last picture is not something that someone made specifically as a holiday gift, rideable-dog-sledbut I wanted to include it anyway. It was a gift from a dear friend of mine in SL. It is a rideable dog sled. 🙂 Yep, get on and ride! Even more wonderful – it is a full perm item. That means that when someone else sees it and likes it, I can give them a copy as well. I have already handed out 2 copies. So not only did she gift me, but she gifted my friends also! I keep telling you – SL is a great place to live.