4 Jermyn Place, Victoriana

4-jermyn-street1While some of us (that would be me) have done nothing productive for the last week or so, some people (that would be Shenlei) have been working. She is either the most productive person I know or the least productive person I know because she is ALWAYS working. welcome-to-victoriana 🙂 Teasing – I know she always has several ongoing projects, ranging all over the world. And STILL finds time to get to Rez day parties. (Hey – *I* made the rez day parties TOO! Hmmm, but I missed the “work” part of the week.) So while I was busy being the grasshopper and making music, Shen was setting up her newest Debutante location – 4 Jermyn Place in Victoriana Harbour.

shenleis-orangeryNow I know that Shenlei has always had an interest in the period sims but I never quite understood the fascination. Of course, I’d never been to one, so I wasn’t evaluating from much data. So when Shen invited me to come see her new store in Victoriana Harbour I decided it was time. We talked shop for a bit (and I picked up a strand of pearls) and then Shen took me on a tour of Victoriana Harbour and Lakeside (where she already has an Orangery). Strolling between the two properties was simply lovely. even-the-manhole-covers-are-beautiful The Victorian theme is so well done and so complete. I was, of course, dressed completely inappropriately theme-wise, but I had finally picked up a winter jacket so I wasn’t too chilled as we strolled through the sims. The Orangery is a wonderful peaceful spot. I wanted to settle in for tea and cookies and watch the snow fall.

the-carouselI walked Shen back to the store and she pointed me on the path to the Carnivale. I strolled through the center of town, passed the railroad tracks, on my way to the Lake and the Carnivale. Along the way I admired the scenery and the buildings. Even the manhole covers are beautiful in Victoriana. I found the Carnivale with no trouble (obviously a tourist-friendly town).

i-love-a-carouselThere was a carousel. I LOVE carousels. I smile writing the word. So of course I had to jump on and start the ride. It was great. 🙂 Went ’round and ’round, faster and faster! Played music and everything.

After a time, even I tired of the carousel. you-cant-miss-the-ferris-wheelI got off and went roaming about the Carnivale. It was a bit lonely there, in the midst of a winter evening but still interesting. There were concession stands and booths. I did see someone else flit by me but we didn’t chat. Despite how impressive it looked – tall and stark in the falling snow – I decided to pass on the ferris wheel (next time for sure).

all-aboardI wandered into a tent that turned out to be a drinking hall with bear musicians who played polkas. 🙂 Also next time. I decided it was time to head back to town so I went and waited for the train. The train took me through the snowy countryside, making appropriate train sounds the entire way. It stopped at the town square station and I disembarked.

Across from the Welcome now-for-the-sleigh-ride Center in the town square there is a horse-drawn sleigh, which tours through Victoriana. It is charming, wonderful, delightful, fun. A brilliant concept. Although the pose ball appears to be made for two, I had no problem managing the horse and sleigh on my own.

dashing-through-the-snowWe went through Harbour and Lakeside, up hill and under bridges, past the lake, crossing the railroad tracks. I saw the fishing hole and Tinytoriana. The tour gives a wonderful view of the houses, shops, roads, bridges and scenery. I snapped dozens of pictures because each new turn was prettier than the last. As usual, I have uploaded the entire Victoriana stream to my Flickr account.

The sleigh ride ends at the church, the-ride-ends-by-the-churchwhich is just a few steps to Debutante. So I strolled back to 4 Jermyn and thanked Shenlei for yet another wonderful SL adventure. It’s good to have friends. And I think I must have the best friends an SL gal can have.

1 Response to “4 Jermyn Place, Victoriana”

  1. 1 daleinnis December 30, 2008 at 6:40 pm

    Looks like a lovely build; you’ve given me get ANOTHER place to put on my infinite list of things to get around to experiencing… 🙂

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