We Raised a Cow

the-refuge-and-expansionBruce Springsteen sings that Adam raised a Cain, but Saturday night dozens (almost 70 at the busiest time) of SLers raised a cow for Heifer International. Instead of existential despair, we raised hope. One Heifer International cow in less than 90 minutes.

Saturday night I was at the Crown and Pearl having tea with Dark and Mow, getting ready to logout and sleep when Calli sent an IM. She told me there was a great blues concert starting in about 10 minutes. komuso-tokugawa-at-wales-springOh. I love the blues. And I’d heard of this person before: Komuso Tokugawa. One incredible night I heard him and Noma Falta rocking out. That was a phenomenal night. Chestnut had blogged about this as well, but I’d forgotten that it was happening (Ches always knows what’s going on!) I knew I had to catch at least a little of the concert. In addition, the concert was a fund raiser for Heifer International, a charity to which I have a special connection in RL. For my RL friends – think Red Heifer, Golden Calf, March 13, 2004. 🙂

So Dark and I headed to Wales Spring region. That is where AM Radio has his creation “The Refuge and The Expansion”. I know that you can google AM Radio and get scores of hits and learn about his work. I’ll point out that AM never sells any of his work for profit – he uses his talents here to raise money for Heifer.

I’d like to take a moment and also acknowledge Alexandar Vargas, himself a talented creator. Alexandar owns the sims that host “The Refuge”. It is generosity such as this that enables the arts and creativity to flourish in SL. Without people like Alexandar, many artists would be hard-pressed to create the wonders that we all enjoy. Kudos also to Komuso Tokugawa, who donated his time and tips to Heifer International, and to Callipygian Christensen, who put the event together. SL is filled with wonderful, generous, creative people.

the-crowd-for-komusoKomuso was scheduled to play for an hour. At the end of the hour, we had raised over half a cow. So he said he would keep playing until we could raise the rest. 🙂 So he did and we did. Friends tp’d in to help the cause and hear the great music. Many of us ante’d up again to keep the good times going. Within 90 minutes we had managed to raise over 500 $US – the cost of one cow. All in all, it was a great time. EXCELLENT blues, wonderful cause. I ran into many friends there as well, which made it clear to me why they are my friends. 🙂 Also linked up with some people I’d only known casually in the past. These are the stories that the RL news services should be publicizing. Music and good deeds. SL is full of that.

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