Skills Connect

Hey. Hi! How are you? I guess I’ve forgotten to show up here for a few days. Um. Well. You see…. I HAVE been busy. It’s true. VERY busy. I’ve been scripting. I’ve been working on a project for a friend. I tend to get lost for hours once I start thinking about it. I get a little obsessive about it. At some point in the last 5 days I believe I have IM’d every inworld scripting friend to ask questions. 🙂 It is a testimony to their good natures that not one of them has muted me. Yet. I am having a wonderful time. And when I get this finished, I will tell you all about it and show pictures and all the rest. But for the time being, I’m not telling. I want to surprise you when I pull this off. 🙂

skills-connectI decide to leave my beach and visit NCI. A friend of mine has come up with a great idea: Skills Connect. The Skills Connect board is a place where people who have SL talents can advertise. So if you are looking for a scripter or a builder or a sculpter or an animator, go over to NCI and the Skills Connect board. You can find names and notecards. The board will tell you if that particular artisan is online or not. If you script/build/sculpt or do graphics or animations, post your name and information on the board! An easy way to find customers. An easy way to find contractors. There is also a miscellaneous board that has such things as specialists in Business-to-Business marketing.

I wandered over there tonight to take a look. connection-boardsBefore I even got to the boards, I ran into a friend I’d not seen in ages. She introduced me to her companion and we spent quite a bit of time catching up. It really was exactly what I needed. RL had been a bit deflating today – many layoffs where I work and (unrelated to the layoffs) my office was closed today and we are all moving to a different location, farther from my home and nowhere near as beautiful as where we’ve been for the last several years. Sigh. So I was a little down. But chatting with friends at the beach is the perfect mood-lifter. We talked about lucky chairs, boots, hair and shopping. 🙂 You know – the essentials of life. It was great. Turned my mood around completely.

negotiating-the-contractSo, the Skills Connect board. I like the layout of the boards. I love the desk and chair where you can sit and do business. 🙂 Nice touch, that. My understanding is that the board is still being set up and tweaked. So check it out and get yourself on it, or offer suggestions. I think this is another good example of SL residents “doing” for themselves, making connections, getting things done.

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