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The Grand Opening

Debutante and Calli’s at Victoriana held their grand openings Saturday night. I believe they were quite successful. I know that the sim was full within 10 minutes of the starting time. I’m glad I got there just BEFORE it started.

modelling-shenleis-beautiful-new-louisa-gownShenlei had given me a copy of one of her new dresses the night before the opening – the Louisa gown in red. ZOMG – it is stupendous. I love most of Shen’s dresses, but this one is incredible. I love the open bodice, the styling, the colors, the lines. I was twirling and modelling it for myself while I was scripting. If I’m scripting down by the beach, I like to sit on the sand. If I’m scripting in my room, I like to sit on my bed. In any case – I like to sit while I script. But it’s not that comfortable to sit with all those skirts. So I left on the bodice and slipped into jeans. Took off the sleeve decorations as well. And LOVED the look.

So that’s how I showed up at the opening – jeans, boots, bodice. I walked into Debutante and there was Shenlei talking to another visitor. They both looked gorgeous in their Victoriana outfits. The Mayor came in just after I. Elegant and gracious as always, he bowed to us ladies. Well. I tried to curtsy back. A bit difficult in jeans. All the others were in proper outfits for the sim, having refined, polite conversation. I was ashamed of myself. Sigh. I don’t know WHY I love wearing jeans so much. I certainly like dressing up. So I slunk upstairs, out of sight. (Ha ha – that’s a joke. You are NEVER out of sight in SL.) I put on the entire Lousia outfit. Smile. I left on my boots. No one could SEE my boots under all those skirts. And I descended the stairs to rejoin the group and be a gracious lady also.

natalya-and-i-at-the-opening-of-callis-in-victorianaThere were sooooo many people pouring into Victoriana. The lag was ferocious. The vast majority of people were in period costume and acting in period. But many people came in their every-day outfits as well. Certainly all were welcome. For me, the whole experience was enhanced because so many of my friends showed up. I often IM with them but don’t always get to be in the same location. So it was great to actually see them all. Natalya came and joined me to look at Calli’s art. I love looking at art with another person, especially one with an eye as good as Nat’s. I like sharing critiques and observations on the art. I couldn’t resist snapping a pic of us together. I am standing in front of Calli’s photo called “How Much?”. That is a photo of Shen and I in the Debutante store. Shen is behind the counter and I am the customer. 🙂 To the left of Nat in the picture is a bit of my favorite picture in the store – Timeless Passion. Timeless Passion now hangs on the wall of my room. I have to laugh – sooooo many people purchased copies of Timeless Passion that night. See – I told you it was sensational. So I decided I needed to start a new group – Owners of Timeless Passion. 🙂

timeless-victorianaAlthough the opening was officially for 2 hours, we were there for nearly 3. Afterwards we tp’d to a party where Kyle Beltran was performing. I’d first heard and met Kyle at Calli’s rez day party. He is a pianist and extremely talented. Not only does he play and sing well, but he has witty and amusing conversation to accompany the singing. You can catch Kyle in just a few days when he performs on Jan 25. I took advantage of the tp lag to slip back into “modern Victoriana”. I simply love this Louisa bodice. Now I NEED the proper jewelry to do it justice. 🙂

Animals of the Crown and Pearl

lots-of-sheepI probably should reach all the way back to the Rez day party. That’s when I first saw the CnP filled with non-Avatar animals. Remember all the sheep? Things have been fairly calm since then. I think that I have seen one or two animals appear. Maybe a little cat on a shoulder. Maybe a turkey hat around Thanksgiving. But it’s been fairly pet-free.

spikeUntil this past week or so. I guess the cold weather is driving all the animals inside. For me, it started one night when we were hanging about dancing. I’m not quite sure what started it and to be honest – I probably don’t WANT to remember. Because the conversation sank to a low level fairly quickly. 🙂 It began with Spike. Spike is a friendly, inoffensive dog. But the people around him were NOT so inoffensive. Poor Spike. I will simply say that some people have not quite mastered their inner 6-year old. Spike turned quite blue in misery.

Next to rez was a horse with 5 legs. I apologize – I do NOT have a picture of this “horse”. I only know that it was a horse because it WAS vaguely horse-like and its owner claimed that it was a horse. It looked a lot more like a squirrel with 5 legs. Yes, it was definitely a 5th leg, starting from the poor creature’s belly and ending in a hoof on the floor. It was perhaps the sorriest excuse for a horse that I have ever seen. 🙂 I will provide equal time for a rebuttal should its owner choose to offer a defense.

the-red-nosed-reindeerThen we had the post-Christmas infestation. The reindeer was fairly cute but was NOT house-broken. Sigh. This is why you are supposed to take your pets for a walk. Parents – PLEASE do not give your children pets if the children are NOT ready for the responsibilities.

And of course, there were the squirrels. Rrish’s squirrel was well-behaved. It did leave a few nuts about but they disappeared on their own. It wasn’t too noisy. 🙂 It allowed people to change its name. It didn’t respect personal boundaries, however, as it went burrowing beneath the couchcnp-squirrel cushions. But not too bad, all things considered.

its-time-for-an-exterminatorThe well-behaved squirrel appeared to have rude, aggressive cousins. We had been sitting and chatting quietly when Phin was ATTACKED! Yes! Attacked – the wrath of the squirrels. Prad, Bailey – it is DEFINITELY time for an exterminator.

marisas-dogThis week more animals came out of hiding – uh, inventory. Marisa introduced us to Astro the dog, Turf the psycho cat and her little yellow chick. There was another dog there as well, but I confess that I don’t remember its name nor who owns it. We were all relaxing, not talking about much in particular. Mowgli was telling us a hilarious story about his encounter with a senior citizen in Greece. Mow had arranged his schedule so that he could a-dog-the-chick-and-an-acornsee the Acropolis by moonlight. I won’t tell you the story nor the punchline but it was a case of the sublime and the mundane crashing headfirst.

We also talked a bit about Las Vegas. 🙂 In many respects I’d have to agree with one of the comments – SL IS a bit like Las Vegas. I like Vegas. I wouldn’t want to live there and I don’t think I would want to stay there for more than a few days at a time, but I’ve had a great time whenever I’ve been there. It doesn’t pretend to be anything more than what it is. There yet-another-cnp-dogare lots of fun things – just put yourself in the right mindset. I don’t even mean the gambling. I think that I’ve only played the slots once while I was there. I know – I’m NOT the kind of visitor they really want. We toured about the area around Vegas and we did all the 3D rides on the strip. There IS such a thing as 3D overload. By the time we were doing the last one, at what was 1am by my body clock, I simply closed my eyes and endured. 🙂

turf-the-psycho-cat-goes-for-the-squirrelSo how we got from the Acropolis and Vegas to more animals running about, I’m not sure. But that’s how conversation goes, does it not? Our friends were over yesterday to watch the football playoffs. They were hanging about in the living room while I set up on my laptop in the dining room. I was in SL but could watch the screen also for replays and such. 🙂 Yes, I LIKE football. American football that is. With the odd shaped ball. 11 players to a side. TOUCHDOWN!!! GO GIANTS!!!!! Oh – sorry. I got carried away. 🙂 Anyway, the fragile thread here was trying to explain to my RL friends what it is we DO here. We hang out and chat. Just like I do with THEM. Except my SL friends don’t leave crumbs and chips that I have to clean up. OTOH – my SL friends don’t bring me chocolates. So I guess I’ll have to stay in BOTH lives. Because I can’t avoid the psycho kitties and squirrels in either world.

Calli’s at Victoriana

victoriana-openingI knew already that I love Victoriana. Even if Shenlei Flasheart had not opened a Debutante store there, I would be going back to ride the train and play at the Carnivale. Now I have even more reason to be there. Callipygian Christensen is opening an art gallery there. I’ve posted about Calli before (back on Oct 7 of this year and many references in other posts). She is an extremely talented and gifted photographer who uses SL for inspiration. Her new gallery, #8 Jermyn Street, is opening right next door to Shenlei’s Debutante store, #4 Jermyn Street in Victoriana. So go shop and tour Victoriana. Whatever the season.

But if you want to be in on the “happening”, the opening for BOTH stores is Saturday, January 10th, from 4-6pm SLT. Please note – it STARTS at 4pm SLT. LOL. People complained that my starting time announcement was unclear back in Dec for the CRY fundraiser. STARTS 4pm SLT!!! I also heard (because I listen at keyholes of closed doors) that there were going to be fabulous free and almost free gifts in the vendors in Debutante. And whereas the opening itself is from 4-6 pm SLT, the vendors will remain fully stocked all weekend from 10 am SLT Saturday to 6 pm SLT Sunday.

If you look very carefully in the photo 8-jermyn-streetannouncing the gallery opening, you can see me. 🙂 You won’t recognize me, but that is me in the dark red dress with the reddish hair on top of my head. I don’t want to discuss the hair. They told me that if I wanted to be included I had to act like a big girl and put my hair up Victorian style. Well OF COURSE I wanted to play too. And I’m glad I did because it was so much fun!!! Nothing like watching an artist at work and having a pose stand put you through your paces. LOL. I’d experienced this peeking-in-the-windows-of-8-jermyn-streetonce before when Bailey took my picture for a beauty contest (okay – you SO don’t want to go there, alright????). But still – it’s very funny to watch yourself being manipulated into a variety of poses. (Don’t go there either.) We were not allowed to move but the chat and IMs went through the entire shoot. We even had the Mayor of Victoriana drop by to welcome us and say hello! It was really quite fun and interesting. Even if I did have to wear the “wrong” hair.

So when Calli IM’d me today and1st-floor-8-jermyn-street offered me a sneak peak at the new gallery and exhibit, I jumped (tp’d) at the opportunity. I LOVE getting to discuss Calli’s work with her. I learn so much about art – techniques, textures, themes. In my RL family, I am the art ignoramus. That is comparatively. I do know a little. I have been a potter in my own right. But somehow I missed out on all the education that everyone else had. So learning from Calli is both fun and stimulating. She is very kind and never makes fun of the large gaps in my a-touch-of-spring-amid-the-winter-snowknowledge. I really enjoy and appreciate most of her work. For the few that don’t necessarily appeal to me on an emotional level, I am still able to appreciate the technique and message. Calli is yet another of the incredibly generous and talented people I have encountered in SL. One of the people who make SL the stimulating, positive experience it can be.

So in this post I’m not only letting you peek through timeless-passionthe windows into the gallery, I had permission to actually take some shots inside. That raised a little dilemma for me. I WANT to show you her pictures, especially my favorites. But I also want you to go and see them for yourself because she has many different styles. You may like something that I didn’t choose to post. So. I took a long-angled shot down the length of the 1st floor. 🙂 You can see a part of one of my favorites, “Secret Pleasure”. This is a lovely period piece but a modern sentiment as well. Not surprising, given the model. You can also see most of one of her portrait shots. There are some great landscapes at the end of the room.

On the second floor is my absolute favorite picture. I might even like it more than my Geisha (you may remember me posting about how I fell in love with the Geisha and had to have her, so she was my first art purchase for my new house). I have given you only the merest hint of this picture. You MUST go see it. (Look – for those of you who have told me you don’t like my other pictures – this is nothing like them.) This picture is called “Timeless Passion”. I used to think that I was a romantic. I know better now. I am a hard-headed realist. But “Timeless Passion” – oh my, I melted inside. I felt all warm and debutante-gownsromantic and feminine and in love and cherished. It’s a kiss. It’s a wonderful beautiful evocative kiss. It’s in sepia tones. My words fail to do it justice. Go see it.

On the third floor there are several period pieces (including all of us in the Debutante gowns) and shots of Victoriana. I had to laugh. Calli has a picture of the roadsign. You know, *I* have a picture of the roadsign as well. But somehow – I just don’t quite understand this – hers looks interesting, artistic, attractive and mine, well, mine looks like a road sign. 🙂 So go and take a look. Certainly come to the opening on Saturday if you can. But if you can’t be there, or even if you can, be sure to come back and browse and enjoy the pictures another time. And leave time to shop at Debutante and go to the Carnivale and ride the train. Oh wow!! If you’re going – IM me and invite me to join you!!!! I love ALL those things!!!

When Girls Talk

alann-observes-girl-talkOne of my favorite things in SL is hanging about with friends, talking. Maybe you’ve noticed that in this blog? But there’s really nothing like “girl talk”. “Girl talk” can range from the sublime to the ridiculous, from secrets to broadcasting, from the deeply personal to the totally generic. We love to share information and tips. We love to hear how others solve the problems that we encounter. And oh yeah – *I* can use the word “girl”. That’s because I managing-inventoryam one. Female. A Gal. Even, on occasion, a chick. But if you are male – you may NOT use that word unless you are talking about a female under the age of puberty. You’ve been warned.

So Girl Talk (GT) is the best. If you are a guy and you are there when GT gets going – run for cover. Because you are totally out of your league. Ask Alann. He had the misfortune to be present at the Crown and Pearl the other day when GT broke out. You never really get a warning – it just happens. We were hanging about, dancing, chatting. The usual. Rrishanna, Bailey, Marisa, Natalya, Alann and Nicole were hanging about when I tp’d into the CnP, fresh from my adventures in Victoriana. Somehow the talk turned to inventory (perhaps because I mentioned that I’d been checking out Shenlei’s new store). Someone, and I really don’t want to point out the miscreant (BL), actually claimed that one could have too much inventory!!!! HERESY!!!! 🙂 That statement was not unchallenged but we did all agree that managing inventory was time-consuming and even problematic.

issa-tells-me-shes-pregnantWell, problematic for SOME of us. Bailey and Marisa are absolutely terrifying (to me anyway) in their approach to inventory. 🙂 Okay, I admit right up front – I am completely envious of how organized and efficient they are. I want them to come and clean up my inventory for me. I have actually cleaned up my inventory. But it takes only 1 day before it spirals out of control again. But this is NOT about me – 🙂 – this is about Bailey and Marisa. Bailey, who has actually deleted items (I can’t imagine that at all – I’m trying to remember when I last emptied my trash folder), has BOXES of inventory items that she doesn’t want. She has FIVE Don’t Want boxes and a Not Sure Box. She rezzed them out for us. They talk:

[2008/12/28 13:30] Don’t Want whispers: Please use arrows on box to scroll through items and click on box to retrieve or to choose other options.
[2008/12/28 13:30] Don’t Want whispers: Please see warning in instructions about having more than 100 items.
[2008/12/28 13:30] Don’t Want whispers: FOUND 131 ITEM(S).

OMG. Is that efficient or is that efficient???? the-advantages-of-a-temperate-climate Don’t YOU want one too???? Marisa has folders so organized that I’m sure that when she buys something new, it leaps directly into place out of respect and awe. Her clothes folder has sub folders. (okay, so does mine). Her sub folders have sub folders. And so do they. Everything is “sorted by category then color”. I can’t even figure out what half of my clothes items ARE, much less what color they are. Her shoes are organized into flats, heels, sandals, boots (tall and short) and others and then, yes indeedy, subfoldered by color. Bailey countered with how her clothes are in dresses, outfits, club wear, goth and separates and then the separates are by jacket, sweater, tank, jeans, skirts etc. Rrish chimed in saying that she organizes by item: casual / formal / dressy / designer. Natalya and I knew that we were in the presence of greatness. I was humbled and cowed and decided it would be way too much effort to emulate them, so I stood about gazing at them in admiration and uttering words of praise. Nat, who has way more energy than is healthy (for me, anyway), took their genius for inspiration and began reorganizing her own inventory. Alann – well, face it Alann – you were hopelessly out of your element. 🙂 Although you DID get off a few priceless comments. During the shoe-sorting discussion Alann let us know that he sorted his shoes by what he found on their soles. 🙂 Yes – I cleaned that up.

almost-matching-bookendsAt the point where the conversation turned to organizing notecards and landmarks I confess – I wanted to flee. 🙂 But then we started discussing having a yard sale or giving away our unwanteds to Newbies. And conversation flowed on. But I have the image of those boxes with me forever. Perhaps one day I will be inspired to clean up MY inventory as well.

Sometimes GT is simply for sharing confidences serious-girl-talkand hopes and idle thoughts. Issa and I are both fairly busy, so I treasure the times we are actually in the same location, hanging out chatting. There was the day that Issa told me that she and Huk were pregnant. Yes, you can be pregnant in SL. I haven’t made up my mind if I’m going to blog on that or not. 🙂 You’ll be the first to know if I decide that there’s something I want to post. And sometimes we simply whine and complain at each other. Or encourage each other in some endeavor. But it’s good to know that Issa is always there for me. And I’m there for you, Issa, whenever and however you need me.

Yep, Girl Talk. The best.

Dark Air II

maintenance-done-ready-to-taxiI was supposed to be scripting. I owe Hell 2 assignments (a swinging door and a sliding door) and I owe a friend a revised dance floor. I was supposed to be building. I have an assignment for work that involves building hair. I visited a friend’s house and steep-ascentsaw their tp system for moving about the house and I NEED one of those for my house. That would be a scripting assignment for me. A friend of mine offered me an underwater cave for terraforming. I need to learn Photoshop so that I can create textures for the hair that I am supposed to be learning to build. No problem. I had all of this vacation time stretching ahead of id-feel-better-if-i-had-a-seat-belt1me. Over a week of time when I could script and build and learn and be productive.

So what have I accomplished? I straightened out my inventory and I bought more stuff. What am I doing that I am not accomplishing above-the-cloudsanything productive? I am socializing and playing and shopping. I spent nearly 3 days staking out a lucky chair in order to get a dress. Now mind you – I could have BOUGHT the dress. But I didn’t like it enough to buy it. I wanted to WIN it. There were 5 outfits being given away on 3 chairs. I had 4 of the 5 outfits. I’d been staking out that chair for 2.5 hours faster-than-the-land-can-rezwhen the “A” finally appeared with the dress. But I was just a tad slow on the clicker (I was deep in a serious IM with a friend) and some $^#Q$$% other Av, who came to wait MUCH later than I had arrived, beat me to it. That is really rude, bad form and down-right inconsiderate. It took me 2 more days to finally bag that dress.buzzing-the-neighbors

And, as you can see from the pictures, I went flying again with Dark. He’d been tweaking the Spitfire and was going to take it for a test flight. It was my good fortune to be logged in at the time so I got to go along. My son was home and watching over my shoulder as we tp’d to join Dark and hop aboard. We tookperfect-day-for-flying off and headed into the wild blue yonder. We buzzed the neighbors and soared into the sky. We turned and dove and climbed. My son really wasn’t too sure that he was enjoying it (too real for him when we started spinning). But I was! We soared past the bridge and the tower and went faster than the land could rez. I don’t remember where or why we flew into a particle stream, but since it was red and green,nothing-but-water-and-sky I’m sure it had something to do with Santa. We finally hit an area that blew us out of the air and ended our flight. But we had another perfect day for flying – clear skies and good wind.

We ended the day ice skating at Shengri La. Another sublime SL experience, even though we were soaring on earthheading-for-home instead of through the skies. And so I played and played and played, and the work sits there, untouched, accusing. Hmmmm. Tomorrow is another day.

Who Do YOU Believe???

build-lesson-deteriorated-into-helicoptersI must defend myself. HellspawneD has posted pictures up on Flickr, accusing me of – sob – doing away with one of my ducks!! I ask you – Would *I* harm my ducks???? I stole them away from the evil empire work sim. I blog about them. I named them. I put them on my holiday card. Would I HARM my ducks??

On the other hand, WHO is it who he-started-by-flipping-the-duckshas a history of taking aim at those poor defenseless creatures? I can see now – I should have reported him to the authorities the very first time he took aim. But no, kind-hearted that I am, I thought a mere warning would suffice.

But tonight, there I was, in despair over my build assignment. Unable to make the correct prim be the root prim. I had the hair made. I changed the texture. 🙂 My son’s hair makes a scooping-ducksgreat texture. So there was this hair, all ready to be turned over to the client. But I did not have the correct root prim. What to do? I called to my teacher for help. Ah yes, naive, trusting soul that I am – I asked HellspawneD for help. Perhaps his name should have been a clue……

I confess that he DID help me with boxed-duckthe hair. And made me laugh with his new helicopter. But. Then he took aim at my ducks. Yes – he set his sights on Mallory, Bill and Drake. When you see these photos, who do YOU think would have harmed the duck? Which of us looks most likely to de-construct a duck?

It started gently enough, I suppose. He started flipping the ducks. Slipped a board under them, lifted them up, tossed them in the air. take-evasive-action-ducksThey actually didn’t mind that. They thought it was rather fun. 🙂

But then Hell built a box for scooping them. 10 points for catching the yellow duck, 5 points for a white duck, minus 10 points if you scooped two ducks at once. Oh, for shame!!!

When duck-scooping paled, dark-clouds-of-gunfireHell brought out the artillery. I didn’t even realize that weapons were ALLOWED on my property! (I’m going to have to check my rules.) Good thing that he is such a poor shot and that the ducks are so good at evasive action. It was almost like watching James Bond in action – not one of those shots struck a duck.

When his first sniper attack failed, Hell switched to a laser-gunsrepeater. Good thing I had my MystiTool protecting me, since pellets were spraying EVERYWHERE!!!
MystiTool HUD 1.3.0: Collision with “pellet/2”, Owner: HellSpawneD Xingjian
So tragic.

Next he brought out a laser gun. He had no more success with lasers than with pellets. Mallory, Drake and Bill remain unscathed. (So did I, on this duck-flambego-round. ) Undeterred, HellspawneD unleashed his native element: FIRE. That is right – he set my little tidal pool aflame.

But my ducks are made of stronger stuff. It will take more than fire and gunshot to sink them!!! In a last-ditch effort, Hell resorted to brute strength – sheer massive over-load to finally-the-anviltry to destroy the Intrepid Swimmers. And still they survive!!

So when you see his photos on Flickr, when you read his accusations, remember what I have shown you here. WHO spent thirty minutes tormenting and endangering my ducks???? Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case.

New Years Eve

arial-ball-gownsMany people post retrospectives of the year gone by, or predictions and resolutions for the year to come. I offer nothing of the sort. I offer you my usual fare: pictures of dancing and fun.

I scripted in the morning then met withhell-without-armor my teacher to show him what I’d done. Oh dear. I misunderstood the assignment. I was trying to make it harder than it was. 🙂 So I am actually back at the beginning of the dumb sliding door assignment which was supposed to be a simple exercise readying me for the swinging door. LOL. Leave it to me…. But I learned a lot from what I was trying to do, so not a big problem.

I managed to get to the Crown and Pearl for the beginning of that party. Had fun dancing and chatting. Tried to IM friends who were on at that time to wish them all happy new year also. Then I needed to log to get ready for RL.

RL was a blast. Had our traditional gathering at our house. Good friends, good fun, laughter, relaxation. new-years-eve-danceWe all managed to stay awake til midnight (not so easy sometimes given all the food and drink and our usual sleep patterns 🙂 ). One of the things that I prefer in SL to RL is the dress code. I rather wish I got to wear my SL clothing in RL. That would be fun. We stayed up quite late, laughing our way into the new year. So I slept away most of the first morning of 2009. I made it awake in time to see that it was still morning, but that’s about as close as I got. 🙂 I never made it back to SL till well into the evening. And thereby proved a point. I CAN go more than 24 hours without logging into SL. LOL. And livebirthday-girl-and-friends a fulfilling happy life. Of course, I didn’t get any scripting done. Tomorrow. I promise. Tomorrow I’ll get the sliding door assignment done. Correctly.

In the meantime… I love my stuffed bear but it is noisy. 😦 It makes all these noises that it claims are growls and breathing but that sound like mewls of pain. I may have to put him back in the inventory.

Lots of things have happened in the last few days that were fun and I took pictures but I didn’t blog immediately and now more things have happened. baby-and-evan-and-linusSo I may never get to show you fishing at the Crown and Pearl. Bailey got bored and dropped the floor. Again. This seems to be a fairly common occurrence. 🙂 I staggered in fresh from scripting, only to find myself knee-deep in water. Getting my fishing rod working was an adventure. I may get that posted, may not. Maybe just the pictures up on Flickr. Logged in tonight to discover that over New Year’s Eve my neighbors turned the property into a landing strip. Yup. Raised the land, put in a landing strip. Sigh. So I terraformed my land in response. How do I suddenly know how to terraform? Because a friend gave me an underwater cave to terraform and a crash course in terraforming. 🙂 A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So there has been a lot going on that isn’t getting posted. LOL. Actually, there is OFTEN stuff that happens that doesn’t get posted. People pay me a LOT of money to make sure that things don’t get posted. 🙂 That’s a joke, for all of you who take me literally.

I hope you all had a pleasant and safe holiday. I wish you and yours a healthy happy new year. May this year bring good and peace and health to us all.

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