Some People Never Learn

oncoming-bus2That would be me, of course. I volunteered. Again. For something that I did not know how to do. Again. I threw myself under the bus. I am getting quite familiar with the underside of that darn bus. Is there NO one who can save me from myself?????

So what exactly did I do this time? Well, I volunteered to manage a shopping mall in opensim. Now read that carefully folks. I said MANAGE. I did NOT say build. Sigh. But somehow, that became build. That became: you now own an entire sim, you are responsible for that sim, you need to build the mall, set up the stores, manage inventory for people who don’t want to run their own stores. This is worse than the trees.

I confess. I am writing this particular post on a night when I am tired and discouraged and have other things on my mind. So keep that in mind. Had I been writing this a few days ago, I would have been weeping. I really fell apart the other day and this was part of it. How the heck was I going to build a mall in a week, when I don’t know how to build at all?

Yet again, my post is about my wonderful friends. I know the best people. Honour and Shenlei both volunteered to teach me to build. I even owe Honour a build assignment. Yeah, yeah, I’ll DO it Honour, I promise. Didn’t I FINALLY make it to the new store? But I’m a bit overwhelmed this week. There is soooooo much going on in RL. I am sooooo far behind on everything. So despite their kind offers, I knew I couldn’t build a mall.

a-little-tiny-mallJo to the rescue. Jo offered to build me a mall. I seized that offer as a drowning person grasps the rope. Not only can I not build, my mind is totally devoid of ideas this week. So when Jo offered a plan, and ideas, and an offer to build, I jumped.

Excuse me while I insert another “Lesson I Have Learned in My Life”. It’s no shame, no sin, to ask for help. I used to think that it was a sign of weakness or failure to ask for help, to not do everything myself. On a professional level, I was usually able to admit to gaps in knowledge or speak up and ask for assistance. In that milieu hiding ignorance and lack of skill seemed to be the greater error. But in my personal life – I felt obliged to be SuperWoman. Everything was MY responsibility. No one could do things as well as I. I have discovered, however, that my life is much better, my relationships much more enjoyable, healthier, when I say to people “I need help on this matter”. I have learned that accepting help from others makes all of us feel better. Them, because they feel good that they were able to help and brighten someone else’s day. Me, because I had time to breathe. Okay. We now return to our regular programming…..

I’ve not been there yet (to my sim in Opensim where supposedly my mall now exists) but I believe that there is a very small mall there – 8 stores. There are also 5 carts. I believe that I can change the textures and modify and landscape and bring in plants. As soon as I figure out how and find legally allowable objects.

Wish me luck. Yet again I have gambled my professional reputation. 🙂 Yet again I have thrown myself under the oncoming bus. Yet again my wonderful friends are coming to my rescue.

I love my life. I love my job. I am truly one of the most fortunate people I know. Yes, yes, Nana, avert the evil eye. 🙂 But I am learning so much. And I am so happy even though I am somewhat overwhelmed and over-committed.

4 Responses to “Some People Never Learn”

  1. 1 Chaddington Boomhauer February 20, 2009 at 9:54 am

    How does the payment process work in there?

  2. 2 daleinnis February 20, 2009 at 10:18 am

    Is all one big happy commune, I think. 🙂

    /me is suspecting that perhaps it’s “I am so happy *because* I am somewhat overwhelmed and over-committed”. heehee…

  3. 3 ahuva18 February 21, 2009 at 7:56 am

    @Dale – oh yes, most definitely happy BECAUSE of being overwhelmed and over-committed. LOL. I guess that means I am a “type A” personality.

    @Chadd – payment works the same way in opensim as in SL. Except – one major difference. *grin* Everything in my mall “sells” for $0. What a bargain, no?

  4. 4 Jaymin Carthage February 21, 2009 at 2:43 pm

    The trick to volunteer labour is that it’s… volunteer. Unless it’s part of your job you are within your rights to bail at any time. (If it’s part of your job you’re S.O.L., which is why I’m still doing the BizTech project!) It’s just the way it works. If you don’t get the support you need, then you’re also off the hook.
    If it isn’t work, it’s your hobby. If it’s not fun, then you stop. A wise person told me that a long time ago about a very different hobby.
    And, goodness gracious, don’t worry about your “professional reputation”. That is tied to how you _conduct yourself_, not how well you succeed or badly you fail. 🙂 I tend to look at OpenSim along these lines: if it succeeds, then I’ve got a nice portfolio piece. If it fails, no one is ever likely to notice.
    In the meantime, concentrate on the journey, not the destination. 🙂

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