Victoriana Afternoon

shens-carousel-horse-3Maybe I don’t really want to be a scripter. I know, all I post here lately is how busy I am, how much work I have to get done, how I love scripting. It’s all true, too. Except…. Somehow days have slipped by and I’ve not gotten any work done on my favorite scripting project. I made notes about what the next piece needs to be, but I’ve yet to sit down and actually get anything done on it. I’ve been spending WAY too much time in RL this week. 🙂 Totally getting in the way of living my fantasy life. When I AM inworld, I am co-ordinating the effort for my RL projects.

And apparently I am easily distracted. punting-in-victorianaI logged on this morning to hunt for work-out clothes. Yes, I am fairly determined to buy a treadmill for Ahuva’s Place. I got off my RL treadmill and knew that I needed one inworld too. Except I got lasso’d into tp’ing off to sit on lucky chairs for my Lucky Chair group. I won THREE outfits in a row. I really won 4, but there is NO WAY I will ever use that 4th prize. Ick. Perhaps one of my photographer friends would like that skin for some sort of shot. Ick. So I logged back in this afternoon DETERMINED to script and… got a notice from the Victoriana community that there was a butterfly hunt today. I haven’t hunted butterflies in a long time. I im’d Shen to see if she would be going. We agreed to meet there.

open-sesameWhen I tp’d into Victoriana, Shenlei was there on the most amazing carousel horse. Kudos and acclaim to Michele Hyacinth who gave this horse to Shen as a gift. The horse is amazing and the gift is perfect for Shen and Michele is utterly brilliant. The horse has sound effects and motion. Bright lights on the front. The structure is marvelous – engineering art. LOL. My husband came by, watched the horse rising and falling and pronounced: “Hovercraft”. Okay. How engineer-ish can you get? The horse is beautiful, fantastical, brilliant. I’m totally envious of Shen for having it and for Michele in being so clever to find it.

After snapping picture after picture navigating-under-the-bridgeof the horse, I finally tore myself away to wander about and look for butterflies. I’d not been in this part of Victoriana before. Or if I had, it had been winter and looked different. I ended up at the lake. There was a canoe just waiting there for me. So I climbed aboard and set off. I confess – it took me a moment or two to figure out how to “set off”. I was looking for a menu. Or some AO associated with the paddle. Clicked here, clicked there. Nothing. Saw a butterfly going by and starting playing with the camera and arrows to catch it and – HEY! I was moving! LOL. Too simple for words. The arrow keys made the boat go. 🙂 Nothing like overlooking the obvious.

duck-friendsI paddled about the lake. I steered my way under the railroad bridge, headed farther out. Discovered the drawbridge at the far end. The sign said to click to raise the bridge, so I did. I learned the hard way that the boat and bridge were both fairly solid when I steered the one into the other. I was also slow getting through the opening and the bridge came down on my head. Ouch!!! I re-clicked the sign so I could extricate myself and move on. All the while I was catching butterflies and enjoying the sights of Victoriana. Before I stepped back ashore I hung out with the ducks for a bit. Of course. 🙂 I think I may have to bring Mallory, Drake and Bill over here to visit.

Victoriana is truly a lovely build. I find myself smiling at the buildings and the scenery. There are so many clever little touches to make it more attractive and realistic. I had a fantastic time in Insilico – I want to go back there. But in Insilico I need to be alert, watchful. It’s a much more tense experience. In Victoriana I slow down and smile. I can feel myself relaxing. Paddling about the lake, listening to the water, watching the ducks swimming – all my RL stress and pressure slipped away. I could hear the Victoriana train in the distance, evoking thoughts of trips to friends and fun places. I used to head to Shengri La and the horses when I needed a bit of calm and meditation. I think I may have to add boating on the lake in Victoriana to my list of “relaxing places”. I put all the unedited pictures up on Flickr – you may see something in them that appeals to you that I cropped out for purposes of this blog.

Perhaps now I can get back to scripting. 🙂 Really, I WANT to script. There simply are not enough hours in the day for me to do all the things I want to do. *laugh* I guess that’s true for most of us, isn’t it? But even as I type this last paragraph, my front doorbell rings and my RL friends arrive. Ah yes, it’s friends that make my worlds. Scripting will have to wait.

Day After

day-afterOmg. What a party! Was fantastic! WAY too much food. 🙂 My poor dog – she doesn’t like it when we are all yelling and screaming. Poor me. Sooooo much yummy food to work off.

Even more incredible…. I think my very good friend M may have solved that animation issue for our mutual friend O. Watch this space….. as soon as I get permission, I will post a video of the finished product.

Superbowl Sunday!

*GRIN* This is my favorite of the RL parties that I hold. I debated holding a party in SL too, but sooooo many of you poo-poo’d the whole notion of the Superbowl that I decided to go completely atomic. Well, as completely atomic as I can these days.

I’m planning to post this then hit the treadmill. Yes, I know it’s a bad idea to do it 2 days in a row. Undoubtedly my knees will have a lot to say. But you see – my wonderful friend spent a lot of time and effort yesterday looking for a runningworkout outfit for me. She not only found some great ones, she bought them for me and gave them to me as gifts. BFF, hon!

So last night I jumped on the treadmill inworld – what a hoot! I love it, I really do. I am probably totally silly but I am going to buy that treadmill I’ve been testing. I’m putting it on the first floor of my house. Right now I use that floor for playing, picture posing, rezzing objects that I’m not sure what they are. 🙂 So I’m going to spend the L$600 and put my treadmill there also. Because I’m going to need to work off all the RL calories that I see heading my way today. And I need a way to deal with all the RL stress I see heading my way this week. Demo time. But one of my SL contacts is falling down on the job. *grin* /me pats myself on the back. I knew this was my weak link, so I have a fallback plan. No, I’m not telling you who or what I mean. All I’ll say is this much. If you are reading this – it’s NOT you! LOL.

Okay. Excuse me. I have a lot to do today. Inworld and out. Oh btw – I’m still looking for a good headband. So if you find one – let me know. And I really REALLY need a good animator. I need to repay my friend. She needs a good animator and we need this AO by Valentine’s Day. No, you rude people – NOT that kind of AO. It’s a totally clean, sweet, innocent AO. Sheesh.