Great Masters Redux

Finally! We can all go see the new interpretations of the Great Masterpieces. I got to have the great fun of posing for one of them. So sure, I’ll be happy to give you my autograph. šŸ™‚ The grand opening is today – 3pm SLT at the India Ink Gallery. Make sure you get over there and check it all out. There was a contest associated with this – you can see the winning entries (also listed below). There will be a party with dancing and fun. The art will be on display for this month (see below). See you there!


The $1000L First Prize for RL is: Ivy Lane for “Rembrandt” a very fine acrylic/canvas piece depicting… duh, Rembrandt “Self Portrait as Zuexis”
The $1000L First Prize for SL is: Sofia London for “Death The Bride” recreating Thomas Cooper Gotch’s work using all handmade poser props.
Honorable Mention goes to Parrish Kline for complexity of subject and actuation. Awesome work Everyone.

These three artists will be displayed for the month of March along with ideas based on great master’s themes by the likes of Callipygian Christensen, Chaos Richard, Holly Ruth Anderson, Sysperia Poppy and Trindolyn Beck.

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