Happy Rez Day, Chadd!

rezday-duckChaddington Boomhauer turned 1 today!!! Yay Chadd! My fellow Insilico-explorer, my fellow art-show attendee, the gallant duck who always flaps to my rescue. I love his Indiana Duck persona. Or Maybe that is Sheriff Duck? I can see the movie now: Raiders of the Lost Feathers.

His partner, the lovely Shale Nightfire, threw a great party at Zoo La La. She turned the dance floor into a pond complete with reeds and water lilies. Chadd knew that there was a party, but Shale had a wonderful surprise planned. She created duck avatars for everyone who wanted one. Okay, so I didn’t wear a duck avatar. Does that REALLY surprise you? But I DID supply a duck! a-duck-dance-floor-is-a-pond Yes, my gift to Chadd was his very own auto-righting duck. A duck cousin to Bill, Drake and Mallory. 🙂 They are VERY partial to Chadd. They approve of his choice of avatar.

Happy Rez Day Chadd! You are one of the many bright spots in SL!

1 Response to “Happy Rez Day, Chadd!”

  1. 1 chaddingtonboomhauer March 11, 2009 at 2:35 pm

    Thanks for taking all those shots 🙂 and for coming to the party. It was a nice surprise, very surprising.

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