Beyond Blogging Conference

The Beyond Blogging conference starts tomorrow: Tuesday, April 7 at 9am SLT. You really do not want to miss this. It should be very interesting and fun. Lots of good speakers lined up. I will be there for sure. There are some changes to the schedule and presenters since I posted this the other day. (Just look for IBM 9 on the map – you’ll find us there.)

Beyond Blogging: Schedule
Here is the lineup of events for the Beyond Blogging conference. All events will start at the Lotusphere Parcel on IBM 9.
April 7th
09:00 PDT 12:00 EST Virtual Worlds Culture
10:00 PDT 13:00 EST Teaming in World of Warcraft
11:00 PDT 14:00 EST Stone Soup Stories
12:00 PDT 15:00 EST Roundtable: Achieving a Work/Life/Virtual Life balance
13:00 PDT 16:00 EST Roundtable: What’s in a Name?
14:00 PDT 17:00 EST Roundtable: Appearance Matters!
15:00 PDT 18:00 EST The Wonderful World of Colin Fizgig
16:00 PDT 19:00 EST Leaving a Virtual Legacy
17:00 PDT 20:00 EST Field Trip: Social Aspects of Virtual Worlds
April 8th
02:00 PDT 05:00 EST 100 students interviews in a SL theater
05:00 PDT 08:00 EST Language Learning in Second Life
08:00 PDT 11:00 EST Homesteading in the IBM Grid
09:00 PDT 12:00 EST Lessons Learned from IBM’s Academy of Technology Virtual Conferences

Opening General Session – Virtual Worlds Culture
7th April, 09:00 PDT / 12:00 EST

Virtual Worlds are more than just another medium for the exchange of information. Most of the venues we have for social interaction on the internet today, web pages, blogs, instant messaging, all revolve around the written word. Virtual worlds such as Second Life allow for user contribute content that spurs on social interaction in ways that are quite different from previous text driven interfaces.

Jessica Qin will open the conference with a discussion of this culture arising from Virtual Worlds.

Teaming in World of Warcraft
7th April, 10:00 PDT / 13:00 EST

Massively multiplayer online games, like any team environment, rely heavily on good communication and matched goals. Due to the lack of supervision by team leaders, organization and team identity are even more important. In teams who are geographically local, the team members can go to a dinner or some other event together. However, in a geographically dispersed team whose members are unlikely to ever meet face to face, these challenges have to be addressed differently.

Sasha Oliver speaks on the lessons she has learned to address virtual teaming through her experience leading a guild in World of Warcraft.


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