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Time to Raise ANOTHER Cow

Back in January we raised a cow for Heifer International. It’s time to do it again. This benefit is dear to me for many reasons. First and foremost, Heifer International is a charity that is very special to my family. Both my son and my brother actively raise funds to support Heifer. The other special factors for me: the various people involved, all of whom are talented, creative, generous individuals. We raised a cow in January. We can surely raise at least one cow on Sunday.

Sunset Benefit Concert
On Sunday, May 31, sunset will fall at AM Radio’s The Refuge and the Expansion. Please join us for a final benefit concert to raise funds for Heifer International.

ColeMarie Soleil at 3 PM
Joaquin Gustav at 4 PM
KelvinBlue Oh at 5 PM
(all SL time)

These performers return to The Refuge and once again are donating their time, talents and tips to Heifer International. Please donate generously to show your appreciation for their performances and their generosity.

In AM Radio’s words:

“After a longer than expected stay, The Refuge and the Expansion’s second iteration (hosted at the art installation sims Wales Springs and Welsh Cove by Alexandar Vargas, as curated by Callipygian Christensen) will be sunset. Thank you all who made this installation possible and thank you for your support of the arts. The Refuge and The Expansion was a redux of The Refuge and The Prospect. It represented a laboratory, an opportunity to experiment with ideas and techniques that I had been kicking around since The Far Away (wheatfield) location. I have enjoyed seeing all of the wonderful creativity and reaction to the space. The Flickr group has managed more than 1600 images, recording the space, but also recording how people explored, utilized, and felt in the space. I can think of no better record to document the sim. Thank you all,critics and advocates alike. I learned, I progressed, and all of you will have influenced the next version of this sim, which is sure to be created soon.”

Information on Heifer International can be found at

Images of The Refuge and the Expansion can be found at

Sickness in SL?

sick in bedSL denizens do NOT get sick. We don’t have allergies, we don’t spread germs, we never have to engage in such mundane activities as blowing noses or gargling. But our RL avatars are not so fortunate. My RL avatar has been down for the count for several days. Very inconvenient, I must say. So: yes – I still love you. no – I did not uncheck you. no – I am not really ignoring your IMs. yes – I miss you terribly. But my RL avatar, she who types the keys, has simply not been able to do much. 😦 Quite honestly, even focusing on chat has been more than I can do. So….. like MacArthur and the Terminator, I will be back. I’m not sure when, but I’m definitely coming back.

In the meantime…. get yourselves to the Glyph Graves exhibit at IBM2 (read Bettina Tizzy’s great write-up first), go to the FRI graduation on Saturday, and there is a dynamite concert coming up on May 31st at The Refuge and Expansion (3-6pm SLT) to benefit Heifer International. As soon as I get more information, I will post it.

We Knew them BEFORE They were Famous

Yes, we can say that in all honesty. 🙂 Because you and I have known them for months! I believe that my first fashion show was also Jare’s first SL fashion show. I’ve been wearing Misteria’s gorgeous *PDD* Feather Dress for months. I get compliments on it every time. Don’t forget the dancing fairies extravaganza – that was also Misteria. I have a Wollemia Sands suit and just saw her great runway show. *grin* I feel like a proud aunt. I watched these designers grow up and blossom and really expand into fabulous designers.

You can see them graduate and showcase their work. Here’s the invitation notecard from FRI:
designing dreams
Fashion Research Institute “Designing Dreams”
Graduation Fashion Installation for Designers in the Emerging Avatar Apparel Design Program
Saturday, May 30, 2009
Time: 7 am SLT

Join the designers and friends of the designers as we bid adieu to four of our fine designers who are graduating from the emerging avatar apparel program in the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace. Fashion Research Institute Marketplace designers Jare Capalini (Au V), Misteria Loon (Pas de Deux), Xand Nagy, (Kicks & Twirls), and Wollemia Sands (Bull & Bear Careerwear) each showcase two of their styles apiece in this special graduation installation, created to highlight the dreams they have designed while in the program. Please join us for this uniquely designed installation of fashion displayed artistically.

Designing Dreams is hosted and sponsored by the Fashion Research Institute, Inc. FRI is committed to assisting emerging avatar apparel designers to bring their brand to the next level through programs ranging from courses for aspiring professional designers to incubation and mentorship programs. For more information about FRI and its programs and activities, please visit

(c) 2009 Fashion Research Institute, Inc.

Thank you, Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle. I have been undergoing a crisis de faith this week. I lost my way. But you. You never falter, do you? I am sitting here, tears streaming down my face, playing your rendition of “Memory”, over and over and over. Thank you. Thank you for the song. Thank you for you. Thank you for your belief in yourself. Thank you for showing the way.

GO!!!! You MUST see Glyph Graves exhibit

Glyph's WorldI have no words. I HAVE 90 pictures. This exhibit is phenomenal. Fantastic. Fun. A love story. A sad story. Maybe a hopeful story. Unbelievable. I do NOT want to hear that you have no time, blah blah. GO! 2/165/17/22

AS usual, Bettina Tizzy writing for “Not Possible in RL” has the best description/explanation of the exhibit. And excellent pictures as well. Read her post.

I feel like a total newbie again. I am overcome with awe, wonder and joy. I am transported by the creativity and imagination. I have difficulty navigating 3D space. I cannot comprehend how Glyph can not only imagine this but create it. Incredible. Wonderful. Glyph, Tez – thank you so very very much.

I was lucky enough to explore with my good friend Jaymin. It’s much more fun with someone else. He saw so much that I didn’t see. And when I got stuck or fell through things – he was there to tp me back to where I should be. *grin* Thanks Jay!!! I have uploaded my photos to Flickr. I’m sorry – there are way too many pics of me in there – but I was trying to get some sense of proportion/perspective. I also thought that I would edit myself out of most. I had no idea I was going to end up with 90 pictures. So just ignore me…..
Riding a Globe

Art in SL

This is one of those weeks where I am a bit busy and don’t have much time to be creative on my own. So today I am lifting a post from my friend Andrew, who has introduced to me to soooooo much art in SL. He is an art curator as well as an artist in his own right. Andrew’s blog also has one of the best blog names that I’ve encountered: A repository of ten thousand indignities and the harbinger of God knew what. LOL. It is certainly evocative, no??

TezAndrew’s avatar, Tezcatlipoca Bisiani, my favorite purple avatar, is curator for the new two-sim IBM Exhibition Space, located on IBM2 and IBM3 in Second Life. The inaugural exhibition for the IBM Exhibition Space is Strangers Also Dance by Glyph Graves. Glyph is a Australian based artist whose interactive works incorporate sound, elaborate visuals and narrative.

I could lift all of Andrew’s blog, but you can click here and read it all for yourself. Even better – meet me there Saturday, May 23, 2009, 6pm SLT and we can all be part of a new, exciting SL experience. 2/165/17/22

And as long as I am stealing from all my friends – *grin* – don’t forget that you should be checking out Chestnut’s weekly recommendations as well – she ALWAYS knows what’s happening and where to go.

Goodbye to Angelwood

The Last Dance

Angelwood Dance PadAnother piece of my “childhood” is vanishing. First, it was Dale’s shack on Pier, my first home. Now, it’s Angelwood. I’m not even a year old and I’m losing my past. 😦 Okay, that IS a tad melodramatic. Pier was the first house I ever saw. Pier, in essence, was my Orientation Island. Once I ventured out on my own, I ended up in NCI, where I met Gideon and Aaronson and Suki and Christine and so many others. Aa and Ahuva Aa was my first friend. He tp’d me and Suki to his home in Angel to show me what possibilities existed in SL. I was so clueless. I went back and looked at my first post about it all. *grin* Wondering why Aa wasn’t hitting on me after I’d been warned that SL was all about sex. Trying to figure out why no one was talking – because Suki and Aa kept switching back and forth between IM and local chat and I hadn’t figured it out yet. Marveling at Aa’s beautiful mountain pool w/ sunbathing towels, waterfall, inner tubes, flowers, birds, sounds. I thought I was in heaven. I WAS in heaven. Angelwood. Angelwood was my first group. Heaven, indeed.

JordanaJordana and Aa own (sigh, owned) Angelwood. Jordana took me under her (literal) wings (Jordana almost ALWAYS has wings!) and taught me soooooo many important things about SL. She made sure I knew how to function, what tools I needed. I owe my 7 Seas fishing and my MystiTool to her guidance. *smile* Thank you Jordana.

So many wonderful wonderful times and parties at Angelwood. Rez day parties. Halloween parties (ah, the Peanuts gang!!!). Dancing. Fishing. Hanging out being friends. But landlords have other ideas for their properties and even wonderful heavenly spots can come to an end. Last night was our farewell party. After May 26 – the dance pad is packed away. We will always have our memories, we will always have our friendships. The Duck Was ThereAa and Jordana are alive and well and we will find other places to rez their dance pad and kick up our heels!! Thank you Aa and Jordana! You made my entry and my stay in SL wonderful! And last night was a wonderful way to say goodbye to the dance pad! Love you both!
Raining Bunnies

Trying to crash the sim

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