Hi There!

Okay, I’m really neglectful. It’s been ages since I posted here. 😦 I actually started a post Thursday morning and then I had to – GASP!! – work!!!! OMG! How rude can they be???? Expect me to actually do THEIR work instead of MY pleasure? Oh wait – I love my work. Never mind….. *grin*

It’s been a really good week, both RL and SL. I bought my son a car in RL. It was nearly as easy as buying one in SL, but nowhere near as inexpensive. And he’s already run his first EZPass because he forgot his car doesn’t have one. Yet. /me makes note to self. Work is going well – lots of positive conversations and feedback. Lovely RL indulgence on Thursday (none of your business 🙂 ). Seeing friends.

And in SL – oh wow – seeing friends BIG TIME!!!! I was back at the Crown and Pearl not once but TWICE!!!! OMG – How I have missed that place and those people. I had a hilarious morning with Calli – that’s the post I actually have half-written. 🙂 It’s coming, I promise. She finds the best toys. I went dancing with another friend at the kind of place and kind of outfit that I simply can’t mention on this blog. 🙂 Oops. I discovered Midnight Mania boards and got a Red Succubus War Queen outfit. *grin* Yes, there ARE pictures out there. I could NOT resist trying it on. I LOVE it. 🙂 I’m sure if you offer enough, one of my dear friends will betray me. 🙂 Make ME an offer. Dale and I went to a great little party. We rode a carriage and danced and chatted and laughed. I should probably post THAT, too. And I got some good work accomplished the last 2 days – built a platform for the latest demo, accessorized it, “acquired” a teleport script to move us from the office to the sky platform (you have to love Google and people who want to share their scripts).

I think, however, that there is a storm cloud on the horizon. I have a strong suspicion that my next-door neighbor wants to buy my property. I logged in this morning to find a “I HAVE to talk to you IM”. And since we don’t ever talk, and since she’s been doing extensive remodelling….. well, that’s what I think. Sigh. You KNOW how bad I am at decisions. And I love my property. Where would I go?

missing_OuraBut right now…. RL is calling – have a brunch to attend. Where the chef is phenomenal and so many good friends will be there. So my blogging must wait yet again. And I MISS Oura, who is away for a few days. So after all my running about yesterday (scripting, Noma concert, CnP, MM boards, buying new hair), I went to Oura’s and relaxed in her chair and missed her.

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this before – but I really, really, REALLY love my life in SL. *grin*

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There's not much to say about me. I discovered SecondLife by accident, wandered in, and decided I wanted to stay. This blog was a chronicle of my adventures and misadventures in SL. It also includes stray thoughts that occur to me as a result of my time in SL. Both I and my avatar are female. We both love water and the beach and gardening and parties and hanging out with friends. Updating this after quite some time. I haven't appeared in SL in many many months (probably over a year by now) but SL has remained in my thoughts. I do miss my SL, but at least I still have contact with some of my friends from there. In the meantime.... this blog has evolved to be about my RL adventures. :) Nowhere near as risque as my SL but I do keep busy. I still like all the things listed above. I didn't have any cats in SL (only ducks and a panda) so my cats feel that they should play starring roles in my posts. :) I didn't do much eating IN SL although certainly food and drink accompanied me in RL while I roamed inworld. Cooking and baking have become more fun and interesting once I redid my kitchen. That renovation took longer and cost more than if I'd done it virtually, but I'm thrilled to have a tangible new kitchen! I hope you like food and drink as well! Thanks for reading!

One thought on “Hi There!”

  1. Awwwwwww, I really really missed you too 🙂 I love my life in SL as well.

    Hugs Bff

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