FRI Graduation

FRI Graduation
FRI graduatesThis is very late. Graduation was back on May 31. I was still recovering from being ill. I did make it to the fashion show, took some pictures, but was still not up to blogging. But I do want to show you the set that was built for the students to model their outfits. I confess – my initial reaction was that I hated it and wanted to leave. I have RL issues with height and falling. I was still fairly dizzy and unstable from my illness. So to be up in the sky on invisible platforms – well – you can imagine. I was NOT happy. I needed a tp to get up in to the actual show and then I was afraid to move.

Chestnut and AhuvaBut as I stood about and chatted with friends, I pulled my camera back. And that’s when I saw the whole build and understood the beauty and talent of it all. This build is what SL architecture and events can be. Think beyond the physical limitations of RL. Floating in air, not chained by gravity or physics. I ended up really enjoying the build and appreciating how it allowed the students freedom to model their fashions.

FRI Fashion show in the sky

Happy 2nd Rez Day, Chestnut!!

Happy, happy rez day, Chestnut!!!! I hope you have a wonderful, fun, perfect day and a great year to come! I know that this is an “old” look for you, but it happens to be one of the best shots that I have. I suppose I could have gone to your blog and lifted some pictures (gee, I wonder where I got THAT idea from ????) but since I had so much fun at the Rave of Aquarius – I decided to use my pic from there.
Chestnut at The Rave of Aquarius

Chestnut was one of the first “names” I learned in SL. I read her blog, learned so much about what was what in SL. I remember the first time that she commented back on MY comment on her blog!!! I was so excited. We began talking through our blogs and then became friends inworld. Chestnut always was helpful and upbeat. She helped save me when I threw myself under the bus at work, volunteering to make trees for the upcoming major conference. Over time we became closer, giggling together as girlfriends do, sharing confidences, catty remarks (okay, that would be me *grin* , I would never claim that Chestnut would make snarky remarks), life observances, RL occasions. We have been fairies together, danced together, Rave’d together, listened to music together, and provided tissues and comfort to each other.

I love you, Chestnut! Thank you for turning me on to live music in SL. Thank you for all your posts about sailing – I never would have known/tried it/loved it without your posts. Thank you for introducing me to the world of blogging. Thank you for all the friends you shared (one of the biggest blessings you ever gave me was introducing me to Honour). Thank you most of all for being you, in all your wonderful warm, talented, giving, imperfect, understanding, embracing-life self. Thank you for being my friend.

I wrote this for you before, and it is still true for me:
Warm, thoughtful Chestnut
Always a hand to help friends
Giant, noble heart.

But also:
Giggles and laughter
FUN to be silly with you
Your friendship warms me

Stylish Carriage

Calli's CarriageI get in to my office nearly 2 hours ahead of most of my coworkers. I CLAIM that I get in early to try to get work done. But as you know, what really happens is that I spend that time catching up on SL friends and fun. The other morning Calli and I were chatting and she told me she had a new toy: Stylish Carriage. Of course I needed to go there and SEE it. *grin*

starting sitting safeIt LOOKS very unprepossessing. I mean, it’s a little rusty. Not much in the way of a paint job. No spoiler bar. And for sure – NO air bags. 🙂 Sorry – I just bought a car in RL. These things are on my mind. Calli assured me not to be fooled by the looks – that this baby could MOVE. “Sit!” she commanded. Sit I did. And yes – I of course forgot to turn my AO off first (Dz tells me that there is an AO w/ an auto feature to save me from this recurrent embarassment.) So Calli vroomed her feet and off we went!!!

SparksZOMG. What a hoot! The photos are terrible because I was laughing too hard, we were moving too fast, the whole thing was simply ridiculous and I couldn’t type comments fast enough to Calli and take pictures – zoom in, zoom out. I missed the sparks flying from the back the first time we did tight circles. *grin*. Don’t want to miss the sparks!!!! Calli realized that my AO was overriding the cart so we started again, this time with me standing. Oh yeah, MUCH more fun!!!

package deliveryCalli vroomed me about in her carriage for several minutes while we laughed and laughed and laughed. Then she showed me the “package delivery” feature. The same people make a shopping cart with a shopping basket. She showed me the basket also. I am a NICE person. Really, I AM. I help old people across the street (I’m going to be old some day). I help crying children. I don’t kick dogs. But when Calli went sprawling on her face and the groceries went flying all over, I am ashamed to report that I literally laughed out loud staring at the screen. I suppose I should confess that I used to find the 3 Stooges funny also. I bet most people wouldn’t have guessed that. Anyway, the carriage is hilarious as is the shopping basket. I’ve not yet seen the shopping cart, but I understand Shen has already gotten HERS!!! I am heading back to pick up MY shopping cart and we will be having races. *grin* Care to join us? /me digs through LMs looking for correct one…..

Hi There!

Okay, I’m really neglectful. It’s been ages since I posted here. 😦 I actually started a post Thursday morning and then I had to – GASP!! – work!!!! OMG! How rude can they be???? Expect me to actually do THEIR work instead of MY pleasure? Oh wait – I love my work. Never mind….. *grin*

It’s been a really good week, both RL and SL. I bought my son a car in RL. It was nearly as easy as buying one in SL, but nowhere near as inexpensive. And he’s already run his first EZPass because he forgot his car doesn’t have one. Yet. /me makes note to self. Work is going well – lots of positive conversations and feedback. Lovely RL indulgence on Thursday (none of your business 🙂 ). Seeing friends.

And in SL – oh wow – seeing friends BIG TIME!!!! I was back at the Crown and Pearl not once but TWICE!!!! OMG – How I have missed that place and those people. I had a hilarious morning with Calli – that’s the post I actually have half-written. 🙂 It’s coming, I promise. She finds the best toys. I went dancing with another friend at the kind of place and kind of outfit that I simply can’t mention on this blog. 🙂 Oops. I discovered Midnight Mania boards and got a Red Succubus War Queen outfit. *grin* Yes, there ARE pictures out there. I could NOT resist trying it on. I LOVE it. 🙂 I’m sure if you offer enough, one of my dear friends will betray me. 🙂 Make ME an offer. Dale and I went to a great little party. We rode a carriage and danced and chatted and laughed. I should probably post THAT, too. And I got some good work accomplished the last 2 days – built a platform for the latest demo, accessorized it, “acquired” a teleport script to move us from the office to the sky platform (you have to love Google and people who want to share their scripts).

I think, however, that there is a storm cloud on the horizon. I have a strong suspicion that my next-door neighbor wants to buy my property. I logged in this morning to find a “I HAVE to talk to you IM”. And since we don’t ever talk, and since she’s been doing extensive remodelling….. well, that’s what I think. Sigh. You KNOW how bad I am at decisions. And I love my property. Where would I go?

missing_OuraBut right now…. RL is calling – have a brunch to attend. Where the chef is phenomenal and so many good friends will be there. So my blogging must wait yet again. And I MISS Oura, who is away for a few days. So after all my running about yesterday (scripting, Noma concert, CnP, MM boards, buying new hair), I went to Oura’s and relaxed in her chair and missed her.

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this before – but I really, really, REALLY love my life in SL. *grin*

I Don’t Play Games

KillerI “killed” my coworker yesterday. I used the gun she gave me. I tried to avoid the issue – missed twice by simply firing without aiming. But she insisted. She wanted me to SEE how the laser tag team-building game worked. She stood still and ignored my “I stink at hand/eye coordination” and repeated instructions about mouse-look and cross hairs. Sigh. I actually DID know how to do it. So I took aim directly at her chest and fired. She died. She fell to the ground, dead. It wasn’t fun. I didn’t enjoy it. She lay there dead for 15 seconds. Look – this coworker can seriously annoy me (*grin* – EVERYONE can annoy me at some point). And yeah, there are times I’d like to smack her. But kill her?? Until she stood up, I really felt “wrong”.

So. I do not play games. I can’t say it any clearer than that. I don’t play game-games, I don’t play emotional-games, I don’t play mind-games. I’m not killing anyone any more. Don’t ask me. I don’t want to play pool on my pool table. Yeah, I tried out the dart board. Eh. Big deal. The mazes aren’t too bad. They don’t feel especially game-like. But I’m not killing anything or anyone again. And my emotions are my real emotions – they are not manufactured for SL. No games.

Calli’s Second Look

Calli has opened a new art exhibit. I was fortunate enough to “sneak in” for a preview. Quite honestly – these may be some of the best photos I’ve seen from Calli. They are simply great. Each time I thought I’d found my “favorite”, I moved on to the next and thought “Oh wow, I HAVE to have this one, this is my favorite.” It’s a great, great show.
Calli 2nd Look

*Grin* Calli is wonderful and talented and beautiful and generous and intelligent and funny. BUT!!! As stupendous as Calli is, and despite all the wonderful things I could/should say about her….. hey! This is MY blog. *grin* It’s about ME. LOL. You know – it’s ALL about me. (Although I have at least 3 friends who hold the erroneous belief that it is all about THEM.) So… since this is about ME – can you guess which photo is my favorite??? 🙂 And now back to the featured star of this post and her invitation to you:

Callipygian Christensen invites you to enjoy ‘A Second Look’, 12 brand new images of Second Life now on display as a guest exhibit at the Untold Ark.

A second look can mean many things; as I go through the images I take I often set a number aside as not usable, but as I look through the ones I am about to delete some part of the image jumps out and demands a second look; sometimes as I look at various locations I don’t ‘see’ an image but later, whether minutes or days, I might be there again with a different time of day or different windlight setting and on second look, an image is there; I guess every image taken here is actually a ‘Second look’ as well :), and the 12 images in this exhibit, two of them totally unretouched snapshots, are images I feel deserve a second look through your eyes as well as mine.

The exhibit is at Untold Ark from June 4-30.

The Effect of Swimming Ducks on Out-Of-The-Box Roosters

Sigh. This was to be a light-hearted post. But in one of life’s cruel ironies….. Frenis was slaughtered last night. Yes, I know by whom. Yes, we are attempting to resurrect Frenis. But we have not had any luck with the healing kit so far. 😦 So, this will have to stand as Frenis’ obituary…. Frenis – I’m going to really miss you. I was getting quite fond of you, my not-so-little roosck.

Theory: Environment, not genetics, plays the greatest role in determining species orientation.

ducksThere are those who will argue that all that we are is predetermined. That our genes make us. Our genes set the pattern of our days from birth to death. That we can make no move, no action, that has not been etched by millenia of genetic evolution. That we are born what we are and live that path until the very last moment.

Frenis and I say “Rubbish”. We are MORE than mere chemicals. More than simple genetic instructions. We are the result of every action and event that plays about us as we move through our world. In the score of our being we reflect every note once heard. In the tapestry of our life we show each thread left by passing encounters. In the flavor of our choices we signify each cook in our broth. The fault, dear Frenis, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves that we are ducklings.

chickensI was given a ROOSTER. Alright, to be accurate – I was given a sionChicken. Of the male variety. A rooster. Poultry. With thanks to Wikipedia:
I was given the sionChicken food set. The rooster came in a sionChicken transport box. It had a “chicken status” attachment. There was a sionChicken FAQ notecard to answer all my questions about my chicken. Vital questions such as:
Q: My chicken is eating too much??!?!?!!?
A: ONE chicken needs ONE food bowl per week. This is a fact.
Q: How do i feed my chickens?
A: Just put a bowl on the ground.

Q: I wanted to put my chicken into the inventory, now its dead! Why?
A: You cannot put chickens into inventories, backpacks or pockets.

A Chicken.

Except THAT is genetics. Environment has turned my chicken into a DUCK. Frenis is a duck. QUACK QUACK QUACK. Okay, the stupid bird still crows, but he tries to quack. Sigh. Yes, I admit it. This is all MY fault. It is ALWAYS the mother’s fault, is it not??? Movies show us endless scenes of patients on the therapy couch whining about how their mother did them wrong. Pffft. Fine. I TRIED. I did my BEST. I WARNED Shen that I was not a suitable parent for a chicken. /me lifts my chin defiantly.

4 DucksHow was I to know that unpacking the chicken down by the ducks would change his life forever? What could I, a liberal arts major, specializing in ancient Rome, know from filial imprinting? I thought that Frenis would be happy to be with the other poultry. Convivial companions as it were.

roosckFrenis is a duck. No matter where I place that rooster, he wanders back into the water. He NEVER wanders OUT of the water. (The ducks never leave the water.) He never eats. But he is never hungry. (The ducks don’t eat.) The ducks and Frenis now form a circle. (The ducks used to ignore him.)   Frenis has become a duck. He has overcome the mere matter of his digital genes and followed his environment. The proof is conclusive. The theory holds. Can evolution (or plastic surgery) be far behind????

When I get a dog, I’m not letting it anywhere near the water.

My Friends, We’ve Got TROUBLE

racked and ready
Right here in River City!!! With a Capital “T”! That rhymes with “P”! And that stands for POOL!!!!

You may have noticed that I love my life in SL. I have a great time and I am always trying to encourage other friends to come live here too. *grin* Or at least visit. (Gwyneth LLewelyn, one of the most articulate and learned bloggers out there, has the most provocative post on this subject. I am still pondering what she wrote and while I’m not sure I’m exactly comfortable with this realization, I think she has me ‘pegged’.) I have been telling my coworker J for MONTHS that he needs to come inworld. I have answered him on blogs, IM’d him, chatted on the phone, always to the same point: he can have team meetings, work, be productive and bond with other coworkers in a virtual setting.

DZ went firstHallelujah! J came back from a corporate indoctrination session. *grin* Hey, I like those courses too, but let’s be honest. J and 21 others were together for a week. He told me they bonded in “our” old-fashioned way (J and I used to meet when we all came together for the yearly corporate extravaganza.) I laughed and said “Beer?” J replied “And POOL!!! Never forget the POOL!!” I laughed. I will never forget Pool night at MacClaren’s. McClanahan’s? McGovern’s? Okay. I can’t remember the place, but I remember the fun. And the team building. And oh yes, the photos. I paid a LOT for those photos. *grin*

J has come around to my way of thinking. He wants to bring his classmates together monthly so they can continue to work together and build on what they accomplished this past week. See – indoctrination DOES work. 🙂 So J wants my help. Time to put your money where your mouth is, Ahuva.

Celestial Game TowerI told J who to contact officially in the company, to get into the corporate vw systems. But. J kept saying “Pool. I want to play pool. We all played pool. We could build on that.” /me rolls eyes and sighs dramatically. I checked but I knew it before I checked – even our wonderful corporate game master has NOT created a pool table. No pool yet in the corporate world. Ah, Oura, what would I do without you??? I sent an agitated IM to Oura saying “Find me a sex-free, working pool table!!!” Being Oura, of course she found one. In less than 30 minutes. Perfect. FW Supplies at Celestial Game Tower. Calli tp’d in to give her opinion. Turns out she has used this table – another friend has it. She said it really does work. The sex animations are an additional purchase if you are interested. 🙂 I did buy the cue stick rack. I am still considering the overhead lights (“If you got the optional pool lamp, rezzing it will make it automatically jump in place over the pool table. The lamp is MOD allowed, in order to extend its support up to your ceiling.”).

orange and white in the side pocketThe other night Oura, Jonah, DZ and I unpacked my pool table and gave it a try. First, I had to change the felt to green. I don’t play pool in RL (nor in SL) but I DO know that the table has to be green. Not blue. There are 3 sets of instructions: for the owner, the player, and basic 8-Ball rules. You wear a HUD to play. DZ and Oura racked up first, Jonah and I cheered them on. Although I have the table at home right now (*giggle* it’s on the same level as my pool) I intend to move it to my SL office. I’ll take out the sofa and chairs, add the pool table and cue rack. I’ll leave the big conference table for the pizza and beer.

with a capital PThere were realistic sound effects, you can add power and spin to your shots. I have been assured that yes, this really IS like playing pool. *grin* I am going shopping for the beer and pizza NOW. I hope J and his gang remember to clean up after themselves. *grin*

So…. taken from my notecards, and yes, this is probably copyrighted, etc.:

• Truly realistic gameplay using extensive random physics, including possible strike miss
• Realistic custom pool table sounds and balls behavior, nice balls triangle animation and particle effects
• Balls roll on table and falls down in pockets, then slowly slide down the ramp on each side
• Really intuitive and user-friendly HUD-driven game, NO painful keyboard control NOR required MouseLook mode
• Includes automatic player’s camera control for table top view or cue view
• Balls tracking security system with automatic kill upon table eject, to avoid buggy balls remaining around on your parcel
• Owner can set table for pay-required games and choose felt’s color at will
• 8 Balls pool game rules strictly respected and handled by script

Player notes:
Player just needs to click on pool table frame to receive its Pool HUD, play instructions and pool rules. As soon as worn, the HUD searches for pool table around in a 20m range. If found, the player can then “Join Table”. Once table is joined by one or two players, the game can start by clicking on “Start Game” button. This brings the balls on table, then the triangle moves up and first player can strike (first player is always the one having started game).

8 Ball rules:
1. The game is played with one cue ball and 15 numbered object balls.
2. The balls are racked in a triangle at the foot of the table with the 8-ball in the center of the triangle, the first ball of the rack on the footspot, a stripe ball in one corner of the rack and a solid ball in the other corner, as the above illustration shows.
3. The object of the game is to make one group of numbered object balls, either stripes or solids, and then LEGALLY POCKET THE 8-BALL which then wins the game.

Games done, Oura won


rez day contemplationMy rez day is nearly here. I’ll be one. It doesn’t seem possible. I feel as if I have been here much longer than that. I feel as if I am still a total noob, trying to figure out how the heck to use my camera. Oh wait. I still CAN’T cam properly. 🙂 A year. It’s nearly a year. My life has changed so completely. Hard to believe that a mere 365 days ago, I’d never heard of SecondLife. I’d have laughed if you’d told me I’d be spending every waking moment logged into a virtual world. I’d have laughed even harder had you told me that I was going to be proselytizing at my job to convert my management and coworkers to my new “vision”. Blogging???? Get Real. One year.

I don’t know what to do. I LOVE parties. I love throwing parties in RL. *grin* I will put my Superbowl party up against ANYONE’s. That is ONE heck of a party. I do pretty good monthly summer barbecues and my second-night seder plays to a full house. 🙂 I LOVE entertaining and feeding people. I had a wonderful time last December throwing a SL thank-you party for Bailey and Shenlei (who actually ended up doing all the work for that party, but hey, that’s a DIFFERENT post).

pin the tailOn the other hand, I never really celebrate my birthday. I’m not sure why. Maybe because I was born in the summer. When you are very little, that’s not a big deal. Other little kids are around for cupcakes and pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey (yes, that is an ACTUAL recollection). But as you grow older, all your friends go away for the summer – camp, beach houses, travel. No one is around to celebrate. Once I had my son, somehow my birthday seemed irrelevant compared to his. So I really stopped celebrating. I did try to throw myself a large party a few years ago – it seemed a good, timely idea. But personal tragedy intervened and the party never happened. So I am quite reluctant to throw a birthday/rez day party. Somehow it just feels like a “bad” idea.

How do I figure out WHEN to celebrate??? I have friends in every time zone it seems. So you know someone can’t come. I have friends that work weekends and friends that work during the week. so you know someone can’t come. LOL. I know. I should do what I used to do for my son, when he was little. It seemed his birthday used to stretch into a week. Family dinner this night, party that day, celebration in school a different day, religious calendar observance yet another day. *grin* Birthweek.

What do you do? Do you like celebrating your birthday? Do you like celebrating your rez day? Should I have a party? Should I ignore it? It seems way too complicated, too many decisions. Time is ticking……
party or not