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Curio Obscura

Curio Obscura
something for everyoneMy friend Hunter finds the neatest places to visit. I’ve told you how we wandered Route 8. The other day he took me to Curio Obscura, a wonderful store full of the most curious objects by Pandora Wrigglesworth. As Pandora says on her website: At Curio Obscura, you will find Steampunk, Gothic Lolita, Clockwork, Dollism, Humor, Fashion, Historical Recreation/Reinterpretation, Animation, Magique, Vehicles, and whatever else pops into my twisted imagination.

I know I can fitThe store itself is worth a visit, even if the inventory weren’t so wonderful. It reminded me of the stories of Babba Yagga, except that house was on chicken legs. This store is on, um, well, it appears to be on metallic limbs and crustacean legs. *grin* I didn’t notice the house spinning about while we were in it, but who knows? Wouldn’t surprise me in the least had we been twirling.

a bit hard on the kneesI was certainly spinning and twirling INSIDE, trying to read all the different posters: Flying topters, clockwork inside, copper stockings, clockwork mustache, flying saucer skirt, Fun Fur Jacket, the horseless gown and more. Hunter indulged himself and now has a clockwork mustache. I have the flying topter, courtesy of Hunter. Thank you SO much for the generous gift! *grin* Unfortunately, the picture of me flying in my topter hat will have to wait – technical difficulties with laptops and connections and all sorts of annoying hardware-type issues.

almost thereWhat I can show you are all the toys with which I payed while I was there. There was a demo area where I got to try the broomcycle, the flying saucer skirt, the horseless gown and the oui coupe. I was laughing so hard that my pictures are worse than usual and so is my documentation. I didn’t write down all the proper descriptions. But I think the pictures I do have tell a sufficient story and convey some of the humor and fun of Curio Obscura.

Ahuva's car and hairGood thing I have Hunter to scout out these places for me!! *grin* Not only do I have fun, get wonderful toys, but I get blog material too. *Hugs*




horseless gown


flying saucer skirt









Meet Me for Lunch

A friend sent me this youTube link yesterday. I wasn’t listening too carefully when it started – I was, as always, multi-tasking. My first reaction was “why did he send this to ME??? This is really not my kind of music. Did he mean to send this to someone else?” But I was looking at the video when the veggie platter flashed on the screen. That caught my attention and I started listening. And laughing. I replayed it and then began sending the link out to friends. *grin* If you didn’t get it – you weren’t logged on.

So – what do you say? Meet me for lunch at Wilkinson’s Family Restaurant??? Salads and cucumbers. *grin*

Fusion Fashion

Fluid Fashion show/me strikes haughty pose: Ahuva, Model. Yes, it’s that time again – Ahuva walks the runway. *grin* Oh – wait. This post isn’t supposed to be about me. It’s supposed to be about the fashion designers. /me rolls eyes. Okay. I’ll behave. But I’m stealing most of the text. *grin*

My good friend Shenlei Flasheart has been teaching a course this summer for new fashion designers. She has been working with three top-rate student interns, teaching them the ins and outs of the emerging field of virtual design and development. Her interns are currently matriculated at higher ed schools around the US, and log in from their geographically dispersed homes for weekly discussion, lecture and review sessions. I love this concept. I truly believe that more and more we will all be logging in from all over the world to meet and work in virtual worlds.

The summer interns have been working for the last three months using a virtual world as their low-cost, low-risk prototyping tool to develop their avatar apparel collections. AttitudeUsing FRI’s avatar apparel framework, they were guided through the design cycle from concept board, to selecting a color story, to developing a new piece every week. Their internship culminates with the fashion industryโ€™s version of a final exam: namely a runway show where their work will be presented with live models, in a formal setting. Aha!! LIVE MODELS. *grin* That would include me. (Hey folks – this is MY blog!!) So……

Please join the Fashion Research Institute on Tuesday, August 25th at 6 pm SLT for a very special runway show, Fluid, showcasing the work of the Summer 2009 student interns!

FRI intern designers, Trinity Hartunian, Missy Lavecchia, and Palette Schuttelanz, are senior design students from fashion design schools around the US. Talk to my agentTrinity’s label is Category Five, and her collection “Linear” is clean and sleek and can be easily mixed and matched. Missy’s label is Bella Fantasique, and she designs formal and evening wear from demure to the minx. Palette’s label is Mooged, and she is showing streetwear with an urban flair. Each of these ladies has invested many late nights and long hours learning how to develop avatar apparel, and FRI is very excited about their work and their future abilities. Palette’s, Missy’s and Trinity’s work may all be found in the marketplace stores in Shengri La. These hot new talents are currently pricing their work at student rates, but the quality isn’t student quality.

So I expect to see you all there with us on Tuesday, August 25 at 6pm SLT. I will be there with Chestnut and Oura and Callipygian and Dz and many others. Come and see us strut our stuff in these hawt outfits. My favorite part??? Listening to how happy and excited the interns are as their work is modeled for the public for the first time. Come share their excitement and joy – it’s fun, it’s interesting and their pleasure will lift your spirits too. See you there!
Fluid Fashion show

The Sea Crystal Carousel

Sea Crystal Carousel
Natalya and Ahuva ride the carouselI love to play in SL. I am always thrilled when I discover a build that lets me interact with the objects there. I love doing things in SL that I love to do in RL. Somehow the juxtaposition of the virtual world with the real world tickles my fancy. That’s why I enjoy sailing, horseback riding, go Karts. So you know I was thrilled when Calli showed me the Sea Crystal Carousel.

Panacea and her sea turtleThe Sea Crystal Carousel is part of a sim recreating Battery Park, NY. My friend Panacea Luminos is part of the SecondLife “NY HealthScape” project. They are recreating Battery Park as a way to represent NYC in their project. They researched Battery Park and began laying out the paths, the seawall, the Castle Clinton, the labyrinth and park areas, reproducing the Battery Lamps and gardens. Panacea came across the plans for the Sea Glass Carousel, which has undergone many years of planning and revisions, and she fell in love with the music and etheral undersea experience of it all. She started dreaming and scheming on how to get it built. As she tells the story:

A friend recommended a builder ~ Foamy Bosch~ Most excellent with interesting geometric shapes and Prim Torture Master! After minimal exchange of ideas, Foamy went off to the top secret building location in the sky…and three days later, had the structure. dolphins, sea turtles and NatThen I was off to find dear friend Ms Martini Discovolante, who creates amazing carousels and sculptures…within two SL minutes, she accepted the commission and enlisted her scripting partner Marion Questi to do the scripting of the windows, carousel and embedding the music. To reproduce the moving images, I never hesitated in calling Calliygipian Christensen, the most amazing SL photographer I’ve met to date, though there are many I admire. As the images had to change and move and work with the starting of the music and the ride AND deal with the alphas, it was quite a puzzle. After several tries, we sent an SOS to RumbleR Boa, who swooped in and saved the day. Music was the final piece, and Calli sugggested Kyle Beltran…and a wonderful find he was, so easy to work with and totally got the drift. So within a few weeks, testing, laying in the parts…the collaborative build ” The SeaCrystal Carousel in Battery Park, WaterWay New York was realized…

oura and jonah ride the carouselI absolutely LOVE it. I have lost count of how many times I have ridden it. *grin* I have tried to bring everyone I know there. If I haven’t brought you yet – don’t worry. I will. Since I never get off the ride once I’m there, I have had to limit my visits so that I can do other things with my life. LOL. Although – not sure that other things are better than riding the carousel. But don’t wait for me – go yourself. You can find it here It is beautiful at any time, but I find it especially magical at midnight. There are more pictures up on my Flickr account.

Nat rides the dolphinIt is truly an amazing ride. The animals go up and down, the music is magical and dreamy, the setting is wonderful. There are many other things to see in Waterway NY. The grounds are beautiful and are filled with art and sculpture. You can sit on a bench and look at the water and relax. Get yourself to Battery Park and discover what New Yorkers have known forever.


Faust and friend

Breathing FireSL TOS says that we are not supposed to discuss other avatars’ RL information. That makes it tricky to write the post I want to write today. I want to talk about Faust. Part of that should be RL. *grin* I got his permission. As if he could say no to me.

Faust was right beside me when I entered SL. We were naked together on Orientation Island. He left the next day – SL was not for him in those days. But Faust has come a very very long way since that time. Just as I have. Together we have grown and changed and enjoyed life.

a full wing spanFaust is here in SL in his own right these days. He has worked with Honour, who taught him so much. He has hung out with Oura, who taught him more. He has gone dancing to Von Johin, Noma Falta, at Toby’s, at Ruby’s. He spends time at NCI. he has his own sense of fashion. /me grins. I wonder where he got THAT??? He has gone exploring. He has learned to take pictures and make machinima. He has gone shopping at Grendel’s for fun avs. He has a dragon. Oh, he has the COOLEST dragon.

Faust confident and proudI mentioned in an earlier post that we saw someone dancing to Noma and that someone had a dragon on his shoulder. Faust got himself a dragon. It’s adorable. I love it. *grin* It flies about him and perches on his shoulder. It breathes fire. It is so great that I think I may need one, too.

Faust starts off on a new adventure today. I’m so proud of him. I’d really love to tell you how wonderful, kind, generous, smart, funny, literate, thoughtful, interesting, handsome Faust is. But I don’t want to embarrass him. I want to tell you where he is going and what he will be doing. *grin* I can’t really do that either. Yes, I’m going to miss him a LOT. But I’m hoping that he will still come into SL sometimes. I also know that I will be in touch with him in RL, so even if i’m not seeing Faust, I will be seeing Faust’s rl avatar. *grin* I LOVE that whole rl-av concept.

well I see a resemblanceFaust – I love you. Best of luck on this new adventure.

(p.s. the GOOD photos are by Oura. *grin* thank you, Oura!!!)

Ahuva, Lead Gardener

In my sandbox nurseryThey gave me a sandbox. And plants: trees, flowers, bushes, fountains, planters, picnic benches, rocks. ๐Ÿ™‚ They don’t know how that goes to my head – excites me. I LOVE gardening. This year RL gardening was a total wash – literally. Rained every day but one in June. I never even cleared and planted my 2 side gardens. I discovered some cosmos sitting in a pot still in the little porch garden – I never planted them because the weather has been so uncooperative. Then they gave me my own sandbox behind the firewall and they gave me plants and they said – Have fun! OMG. *grin*

For those of you who were here with me way back in October 2008, with my first round of landscaping, you remember the tragic end. Where J made me pull out my gorgeous gardens. The ones over which I labored for days and days and days. Some nonsense about how avs couldn’t move about because my flowers were sucking up all the fps. /me shakes head. WHY would they NEED to move about? They could have simply tp’d in and looked at my gorgeous gardens, no? The irony today is that it is J who gave me the plants and said “Have fun!” LOL. Foolish J.

it really needs more flowersI unpacked all the flowers and bushes and fountains and all into my sandbox. Set up a little nursery so anyone else could also come and take everything and play as well. The flower beds from last October are behind the firewall as well. Or ones that are the same size and shape. A few days ago I couldn’t stand the lure anymore. I went and planted. ๐Ÿ™‚ I TRIED to limit myself. I really did TRY. But…. Two plants simply are not enough for me. I want to stuff the entire flower bed FULL of a riot of color – flowers crowding each other, vibrant colors everywhere. That’s how I do my RL gardens. Garish? Perhaps. But I find the colors and shapes and life pleasing to the eye. I planted with only 3 bushes. Stepped back, said “Okay, not too bad.” Then I couldn’t stop. It simply was too bare. I had to add some rocks. Maybe a few plants among the rocks. *grin* Before I could stop myself – I was up to 5 different plants and many rocks. ๐Ÿ™‚ I liked it. (By the way – ignore the wood walls – I threw them there quickly to block all the other stuff in that site.)

enjoying my gardenSo I decided that maybe before I got too carried away, I should warn J that I was on the loose. Undoubtedly destroying response time again. I sent an email. This morning I woke up, still no response from J. I’m on vacation today. What do I want to do on my day off? Play. What constitutes playing on a humid, humid day in August? Virtual gardening. *grin* Now I KNOW I shouldn’t be planting before getting the go-ahead. But my manager always taught me it’s better to ask forgiveness than get permission. Which is how I got him to agree to work in virtual worlds, LOL. Anyway, I got up this morning and attacked the second flower bed. With trees. Two flowering dogwood type trees – a pink and a white. Only 6 trees. They really need some rocks, a few ground covers. ๐Ÿ™‚ I sent off another message to J, admitting that I’d been adding yet more prims to the entryway.

Every garden needs a touch of yellowFinally J responded. Not a useful response, of course. Just a “we need to talk” response. LOL. Uh oh. Anyway, I’m not really sure what J wants to discuss. Someone else mentioned to me that I may be planting in a world scheduled for destruction. (I wonder if I should be thinking Deathstar from Star Wars or thinking of Project Genesis from Star Trek? *grin*) So maybe I should stop planting for awhile. But it was such fun while it lasted. And if it endures – great! If not – I get to play all over again! Even better!! Think GREEN! And pink, red, white, orange, yellow, blue, lavender, rose, peach……

Greasy Joe’s PitStop

JoyD and Ahuva have breakfastI FINALLY made it to Zindra. For breakfast, no less. *grin* Hey folks – remember – this blog is rated PG. Actually, I had to change my maturity setting to get to breakfast this morning. ๐Ÿ™‚ I didn’t know that I even HAD a maturity setting. I guess that’s part of what happened when I installed the latest SL viewer this week. I got maturity. /me makes note of several people that need to download the new viewer. ๐Ÿ™‚

I was hanging about this morning, drinking my coffee, trying to wake up, when a shout came through the Hey Girlfriends group chat. It was JoyD, wondering if anyone was there. I passed JoyD a cup of coffee and replied that when I finished MY coffee, I would know if I was there or not. JoyD IM’d back and invited me to see his diner. A diner?????? OMG. Panacea joins the Breakfast ClubI live in the diner capital of the world!!!! And if you don’t know WHERE that is, well, sigh, you live a deprived existence. Of COURSE I wanted to see the diner. So JoyD sent the taxi. That’s when it happened: my maturity setting did not permit me to tp there. Did I wish to change my maturity setting. Darn straight. I really do NOT want to get into this, but…. personally… LL is doing this backwards. The people who want a controlled environment should be segregated, not those of us who do NOT want a controlled environment. (Yes, I believe STRONGLY that areas of controlled environment are ESSENTIAL.) Anyway…. digression over. I changed my setting, called for the taxi and found myself in Greasy Joe’s PitStop, which is JoyD’s diner.

I LOVE Greasy Joe’s. *grin* I may have found a new place to hang while I drink my morning coffee. Or maybe that place to go when we’ve been partying all night and don’t want the evening to end. There are milkshakes and burgers. Pass the cream, pleaseYou can raid the refrigerator. I had to share the experience. I tp’d Panacea in. SHE knows where the diner capital is and she appreciates a good diner. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah, we swapped diner tales. The three of us sat there talking about diners and looking at diners for sale on xstreet, and moaning about prim restrictions that prevented the rezzing of a juke box and other fun items. The music stream there is great – sorry, it was hidden and I can’t tell you what it was. But it was wonderful – PERFECT diner tunes.

I had a great time talking with JoyD. Turns out that we have a lot of other interests in common – scripting, opensim, stuff like that. Where the cool chicks have breakfastSo of course we friended. When JoyD had to leave, Pan and I were still hanging about chatting. So I invited Natalya to join us for a real diner experience. (I’m fairly certain that Nat doesn’t know the TRUE diner capital of the world nor has she been there, but I love her anyway and maybe now she has a little taste for diners. *grin* ) I had to limit myself with photos here, but the whole set is up on my flickr account.

Open 24-7It was a wonderful way to start the morning, hanging with friends having breakfast in a diner. And all because I was hanging about in Hey Girlfriend group chat enjoying my morning coffee.

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