Puttering in the Garden

trees in planters
flowers for the tableI just can’t stay out of my garden. I think about the landscaping all the time, wondering what I could change, what might make a better atmosphere. I go there when I am stressed or upset. I try out new ideas. I’m learning so much about building and textures. Building new planters, mixing flower textures calms me.

planters edging the seating areaI have not been satisfied with the look of those columns. They are still so stark, imposing. I love the climbing roses but I still needed a little more softness in the view. I decided to try adding trees again, but this time soften the trees with flowers at the roots. Just a smattering of trees – nothing too regular. I went back to the weeping cherry, graceful, light, airy, but continuing with the overall vertical theme of the meeting area.

pink clematis on trellisI wanted more color, more softness closer to the seats as well. My original thought was for large trellises covered with flowers, but I did not want to block sight lines to the speakers. So I created a small trellis with pink clematis. I brought my trial-size planter over to see how it looked. As I moved it about to check color and shape, I realized that I actually liked it as it was. I decided to bring the outer circle into the seating area by using the outer flower boxes to flank the new trellis planters. That added something new and different in both shape and color but pulled the outside in, connecting them.

new flowers for podiumI’ve also made several different planters so that I can put “fresh” flowers at the podium each week. *grin* I know, I am hopelessly out of control. I need to get some flowers and take some pictures so I can make textures so I can make MORE flowers for the podium planter. Yeah, it’s an addiction for sure. Someone has created a monster…… 🙂

Rez Days

even skeletons need fun

Unbelievable. HellSpawneD and Prad have been in SL for 3 years now, and SL is still standing. *grin* Kind of hard to believe, isn’t it? And aren’t our lives richer for knowing them both. I caught up with Hell and Natalya the night before REZDAY. It was a wonderful re-entry for me. I seem to have been over-doing RL again and dropped from the land of the living for awhile. pogoing at the U'barHell and Nat were at a really fantastic club – or maybe it was the really fantastic DJ’s: Cher and Carmine at the U’Bar in Lusiana. I was really enjoying the music and then, of course, things got crazy. I don’t have the picture of me in full dragon avatar (go see the pictures from Cringe and Wear It ) wearing high heels instead of dragon feet. But I only did it because I felt compelled to match Hell’s red monster av. *grin* NOT my fault. At some point in the proceedings Cher and Carmine passed out pogo sticks to everyone in the bar. What fun! 🙂 Not only did I get a pogo stick, but I learned new British slang too. 🙂 Live and learn!

What the well-dressed rezzer wearsLast night was the celebration for Prad at the C2P. *grin* Talk about getting out of control….. The chat log is x-rated, the DJ’ing was x-rated. Some of the outfits were x-rated. Great music. I think we can say that a good time was had by all. I took waaaaaaaay too many pictures to post here. If you want to see all the incriminating photos (there was a rumor that Prad was DJ’ing au natural) go to my Flickr account.

Happy Rez Day, Prad and Hell!!! You RAWK!

Rethinking the Pet Issue

No, this is NOT about THAT kind of pet. So to all of you dear ones who have offered to collar me, sorry, I’m not rethinking THAT issue. *grin* My answer remains “So kind, but I must decline your offer.” 🙂 I am talking pets – animals, both RL and digital.

My beloved Simba has diabetes. We got the official diagnosis last week. Sigh. Major sigh, actually. Okay, diabetes is not immediately fatal, there ARE things you can do. Such as special food and insulin injections twice a day. Yeah, right. You see, my current crop of cats is crazed. We have had them 7 years. Seven years of love, kindness, pampering, affection, gentleness. But apparently being left in a dumpster at birth scarred them sufficiently that not one of the 3 likes to be picked up. Not one of the 3 really lets us approach them directly. They will come sit and cuddle on THEIR terms (I know, how like a cat). Simba, another dog toyBut to try to catch them and say, take them to the vet, or ha ha ha – give them a shot?? Just not happening. So I was looking at a death sentence for Simba. I love Simba. I refuse to let him go without a fight. The first day I had his meds, I loaded the syringe and waited for an opportunity to seize him. He was so weak, I figured no problem. But since we’d already taken him to the vet that week, he wasn’t coming anywhere NEAR us. Round 1: Ahuva 0, Simba 1. So I took the food away. *evil grin* Yeah, won’t hurt the girls any to go without food either. So the next morning, all three of them were looking at me accusingly. FEED US!!!!! Well, that worked. Greed overcame fear. While Simba pigged out on special WET food (they NEVER get wet food) I came up behind him and injected the insulin. This method appears to be working. I hide the food during the day. I feed them twice a day, Simba getting wet food. I come up behind him while he’s eating on the window seat, and I inject the insulin. At this point we just finished Round 14: Ahuva 12, Simba 2. Oh yeah, Sunday morning I stabbed my finger, but didn’t inject myself. *grin* Unlike eating the dog’s meds. But each round is exhausting, dinner especially so. Simba knows I am coming and even tho’ the whole thing is less than 5 seconds, he doesn’t want it. So some rounds get drawn out – I have to remove the food, put it back, go off schedule. Trust me, there is no way I am on a regular 12-hour schedule. Even though I am “winning”, the daily scrimmages are simply exhausting me.

Frenis, my sion rooster is dead. Murdered. ANGELBABY killed him. Do you know that when Sion chickens die, they tell you how and by whom? Oh yes, they do. So with his dying breath, Frenis fingered his killer: ANGELBABY. He gave me her UUID. [2009/09/20 5:08] sionChicken rev2: I (Frenis) died because of an object of avatar 216c3767-d1b4-xxxx-yyyy-e4285368542! My position is McIntyre at pos
[2009/09/20 5:08] sionChicken rev2: Use the sionChicken healing kit in order to revive me!
Frenis is DeadUsing a script I got the name of avatar etc. I IM’d ANGELBABY (yeah, she spells her name in all caps. blech). [2009/09/21 8:56] Ahuva Heliosense: Hey there Angelbaby. My rooster tells me that you killed him sunday morning. 🙂 I was wondering what happened?
To her vast credit, she REPLIED. I admit: I was totally stunned. Of course, she said that she had no clue what I was on about. So, she actually lost points for poor grammar. LOL. Seriously – I was totally impressed that she answered me. I figured a rooster killer would not have any manners whatsoever. So I wrote back:
[2009/09/22 13:06] Ahuva Heliosense: Thank you for answering, Angelbaby! I live next door to T on M—- I know she and her friends fly lots of cool vehicles etc. I had a sion chicken rooster in my water. If an object comes in violent contact with it – like lands on it, for instance – it dies. it is a no-copy item. when it dies, it gives me the uuid of what killed it. and it gave your uuid.
[2009/09/22 13:08] Ahuva Heliosense: so i was wondering what happened. I see that you are relatively new to SL. maybe T knows more about sion chickens,maybe not. but i was wondering what happened – if you landed on it, or dropped something off her skybox accidentally. because, i was rather fond of my pet, had it for months. and now it’s dead unless i buy a resurrection kit. so i’m curious about what happened. thanks!
Well, ANGELBABY did reply again, but again denied all knowledge, said I should contact T, that she doesn’t live in a sky box.

Sigh. Well, ANGELBABY is a noob – only came inworld in July. According to her RL profile she’s 18. What I WANT to do is write back and tell her I’m sorry she has no clue, that maybe she needs to learn a bit about life and manners and responsibility in RL and SL. She destroyed my property. Ignorance is NOT an excuse for not accepting and realizing that you have done wrong. I think that I was fairly restrained and polite in my IMs. If someone had sent such messages to me, I think I would have replied asking for more information, not simply reiterating that I was an ignorant git. (I’ve been hanging about with the UK folks too much, I think. 🙂 )
I have contented myself with banning her from my property, which runs the full length of T’s property. I hope that banning her causes her some inconvenience. Maybe that will encourage her to learn about SL manners and rules when she can’t fly over my property. LOL.

I also received a “pet” that requires no maintenance, unlike Frenis. Unlike Frenis, Bad Horse only makes noise when I touch him. (Folks – do NOT go there, really.) Bad Horse is yet another gift from an SL friend. The same friend who taught me about Wilkinson’s Family Restaurant a few weeks ago. *grin* I LOVE that video still. This friend has sent me several other video links that have made me laugh and I’ve passed them about. But Bad Horse….. well. I was dancing to Komuso. Oh wow, I LOVE Komuso. WHY doesn’t he play more often???? So when I got the inventory labelled “Bad Horse” I was torn. Bad HorseDidn’t want to stop dancing, but I wanted to see what it could be. I mean – Bad Horse – that could be sooooooo many things, no??? So I IM’d to ask for more information. And was told: It’s from Dr. Horrible’s Singalong blog. Okay, I confess – that did NOT help in the least. I started googling. LOL. I have not watched all of this. I’m not sure I will EVER watch all of this. Certainly the synopsis is interesting. I’m told my niece Darcey LOVES it. My coworker has indeed heard of it. My SL friend HAS been right on the other links, so maybe this one is okay too. YOU watch them first and let me know. But in the meantime, I have a horse that sings the Bad Horse song from Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Blog. The lyrics make me laugh and cringe. LOL. Much like Wilkinson’s Family Restaurant, come to think of it. *grin* For those of you who have no intention of following EITHER of those links: Bad Horse , the Thoroughbred of Sin, is the leader of the Evil League of Evil. Dr. Horrible wants to be accepted to the Evil League of Evil. Bad Horse informs him that the league will be watching for Dr. Horrible’s next heinous crime (“Bad Horse Chorus”). Oh – Bad Horse is a horse and communicates via three cowboys, the Bad Horse Chorus, who sing his messages by telephone or in accompaniment with written letters. C’mon, you KNOW you have to at least read the links, even if you don’t watch the show.

Only at the Crown and Pearl

Rrish, Ahuva, Dale and Hunter

I confess – I wrote this a few weeks ago. *grin* The last few days have been very very hectic for me in RL – not much time to be inworld or blog. But I’ve been thinking of you all….. And I can’t wait to get back to the CnP and all the cool DJs!

Lucy ARRIVESI love the CnP. It’s the only place I know where I can dance to the sounds of Frank Sinatra one day and be watching Lucy arrive on a sheep-drawn litter the next. I met my first troll there the other night. 😦 I was actually trying to have a serious conversation with this avatar, when I was warned by another that it was simply a troll passing as an av. *grin* Live and learn. Once you understand that someone is TRYING to make you angry, is deliberately saying hurtful things, those things lose the sting. Rear view of sheep litter Mostly my times at the CnP are joyous times filled with dancing and laughing with friends. I love introducing my friends to the CnP. Many of them find there way back there even without me. It’s just that kind of fun place. Yeah, there are a lot of in-jokes. *grin* But you get used to them and start understanding them in no time at all. So come dance at the CnP with me. You never know what you will see there.

Greaper, Ahuva and DJ RrishSinatra Night was simply lovely. I know my usual taste runs to Pink and Nickelback. Or Von Johin and Noma Falta and Komuso. But I do love ballroom dancing and Rrish was spinning all the oldies: Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, June Christy, Julie London and more! It was a wonderful time dancing with Greaper, Jolt and Rrish. Jolt, Rrish, Mowgli, Ahuva and GreaperMowgli kept us company. Greaper had to leave before Rrish was done but Dale logged in and so I got to keep spinning and twirling!

Sinatra night

What a Difference a Line Makes

Okay, this is too amusing not to share. *grin* I am trying to customize my avatar in yet another world. So I moved over my AO and my radar. Attached them. Nothing happened. Sigh. Re-saved the scripts (that works in one of the worlds). Nothing happened. So I went back to my source and copied the scripts. Pasted them into the new world. Nothing happened. Do you know? *grin* At least, oh thank my lucky stars (LOL and any invisible Friends I may have) that I didn’t ask anyone for help.
what a difference a check makes


I have been SL-free for over 108 consecutive hours. In that same time I’ve looked at Plurk, even responded to maybe 3 Plurks, but basically have marked everything as read without really looking. Ditto Facebook. I did reach my blog as you can tell. /me grins. I’ve been in my personal email non-stop. But I needed a break. I love my friends. I love social networking. But I was truly overwhelmed. I figured it out:

egret7 email accounts
4 instant messaging accounts
cell phone w/ voice mail and text messaging
2 landlines with voice mail
3 virtual worlds that I tend to always have open (I actually have avatars in at least 3 other worlds but I never go to one and rarely go to the others)
Facebook, Plurk, Flickr, my blog
a zillion feeds on my RSS reader
3 bulletin boards at the office which I need to monitor for product support

I’ve been told that I need to Twitter for business. sigh. I sit at a computer all day long, all night long. If I am at the office – I never see light of day – no windows.

dolphinFor my vacation: I left my blackberry in my room. I walked to the dock at the end of the pier. I stretched out in the sun in only my thong. Relaxed. Tanned. Napped. Listened to the birds and the frogs and the stillness. Watched the pod of porpoises play just out of reach. Learned to ride a jetski and saw the wild ponies. Healed.

My Day Job: Grounds Crew

birds' eye view

flower box and tree2Sigh. I don’t seem to have much luck with gardening for work. J gives with one hand, takes with the other. A few weeks ago I mentioned she gave me a sandbox, flowers, plants, EVERYTHING and told me to go plant. And I did. I will make this painful and sad story very short: J told me she had to take pillars2down that sim. In other words – bye, bye garden. LOL. Can you believe it????? Okay, J was totally apologetic and sorry. But still – yet another garden bit the virtual dust. This is a bit better than the first time – at least if she brings back the sim my garden will come back too.

lecternDo you read Charles Schultz’s comic strip “Peanuts”? Do you remember how Lucy will hold the football for Charlie Brown to kick? How she always PROMISES that THIS time she won’t pull the ball away? But she does. Every time. Yet Charlie Brown falls for it everytime. J went and found me a landscaping job in our virtual world. *grin* Yep, she volunteered me out to another group to landscape THEIR sim. Oh my goodness – I fell for it. They said they would love to have me landscape, I was delighted to have the opportunity. I said yes. Start the betting pool NOW, folks. How many weeks til J comes to me and says regretfully – Um, Ahuva, I’m so sorry to tell you this, but, your gardens have to go. LOL. I’m starting the betting at 4 weeks. 🙂

pillars and plantersAnyway, I have been landscaping a sim where technical meetings are held. It is a monumental build: huge 20 meter columns. Very formal – marble, columns, stark. I started off just putting some flowers at the lectern and trying to get some flower boxes and greenery up. I wanted to get something done quickly so that my client would know that I was serious about working on her sim. (The picture at the top of this blog is how the build looks at the end of today. The next 3 pictures are the first pass at landscaping.) The first flower box has something I called fire tulips (when I was given them they were called “object”, so I figure “fire tulips” is an improvement. *grin*) and yellow lilies. I used red lilies at the lectern.

close upI knew that those columns were crying out for climbing vines, however. At first I thought that I would create a texture that combined the marble and roses and I would re-texture the columns. There were a few problems with that idea. First, the columns were locked – I needed J to give me the column and she was busy. Secondly, the roses would have been flat against the pillars. Both Honour and Hell suggested building a cylinder to encase the existing columns and to put the roses on that cylinder. I did one pass that way but I used too many repeats of the texture. On further discussion with Honour, I redid the cylinder – only one vertical and horizontal repeat. The encasing cylinder is actually 3 linked cylinders. As I placed the climbing roses, I could rotate the cylinder vertically so that the texture would vary. I also rotated the cylinder horizontally so that each pillar has a different look. I’m quite pleased with the final result. I hope you are also.

peering thru the pillarThe pillars have signs on them. I wanted flowers there as well. Now one thing I learned from J was that it’s not really the quantity of prims that I use – it’s more that fact that I use so many different textures. So I have tried to use the same textures in this build, but modify them so that they look somewhat different. This is probably totally obvious to all you REAL builders out there but I was pleasantly surprised to “think up” the idea of copying and stretching the textures in a given plant and so changing the look that way: number of prims, rotation, size. I was a little stumped at first about the hanging baskets – I couldn’t figure out how to drape the flowers over the top and down the front. Honour to the rescue again. She pointed out that I should use a different style basket and the plants could grow from the basket itself. So the hanging baskets are more cascading roses, daisies and bacopa.

hanging basketI was having a very stressful day at work last week. *grin* Nothing awful – just LOTS of it. So at lunch I retreated to my virtual garden and created a second flower box. It was so amazingly soothing and fun to do. 🙂 I made this one larger than the first. I felt more yellow was needed. I love yellow in a garden – so bright and cheerful. So this flowerbox is yellow lilies and daisies.

Guest lecturerOnce the climbing roses were up, I didn’t like the look of the trees between the columns. The green was too dull. And there was too much vertical-ity, if there is such a word. So I consulted with Honour, my landscaping mentor, and pulled the trees and moved the flower boxes. I think that tomorrow I will send a note to my client, asking her to take a look. I’ll be happy to add more flowers – I’d love to stuff the whole platform with multitudes of different colored flowers. But I figure my purpose here was to enhance the meeting area, not steal attention from the presenters. I’m very interested in my client’s feedback.

Oh, and of course….. I’m waiting to hear when I lose THIS garden!! *grin*

And the Winners Are….

Most Original - Zha

Ugliest - Ravenne in liederhosenI give up. I have way too many photos to do this properly. They are all up on Flickr. Go look there. *grin* We had 4 categories for prizes. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if I got photos of all of the winners. 😦 I think I have MJ, but I’m not sure. And Elise was camera-shy – so I did the best I could. I think. LOL. Honestly – I never really got so SEE anyone – I had ten IM windows open and was passing inventory like a crazed person. If I have them wrong – someone find the right pictures in Flickr and I’ll update the post.

Sexiest - HunterBest Heels
: MJ who was wearing them and Chestnut who donated them.

Sexiest: Hunter who wore the Strawberry Holiday original dress and Zha who donated it.

Ugliest: Ravenne who wore the Santa Claus in liederhosen and Hunter who donated it.

Most Spirited: Elise who wore it (I believe it included a tentacle on her head) and Dale who donated it.

Most Original: Zha who wore the Full Metal Dragon and Dz who donated it.

Most Spirited - EliseWhat can I say? You folks are the most good-humored, fun-loving good sports I have ever met. MJ, Ravenne, Elise, Zha and Hunter – wow. You folks ROCK. What good sports to put on those outfits and wear them. I think you all are truly amazing people and I thank you for making the party so special and fun. It never would have happened without good sports such as yourselves.

And many, many thanks to all all of you who contributed outfits, wore outfits, and laughed and danced and had fun. I am so happy and proud to know such wonderful, wonderful people. (And Hunter – I WANT that dress. I NEEEEEEED that dress!)
Best Heels - MJ