Secret Bunker

Deep in the Secret BunkerThe other day I was hanging about in SL, relaxing, looking for something to do. I didn’t want to work – this was just after pulling a near all-nighter to landscape an island. I was in a musical mood, having seen Bruce Springsteen LIVE the night before, and hearing Komuso the night before that. *smile* Life can be so sweet at times. HellSpawned and I were IMing, trying to decide what would be amusing. Suddenly he said: “oooo – a friend just sent me a tp to a private concert. this could be good!” (Well, HE probably didn’t say “oooooo”, but I’m writing this story.) So Hell followed the tp and sent the taxi for me. It reminded of “The Pajama Game“. *grin* We were being allowed into Hernando’s Hideaway!!!

Just knock three times and whisper low, that you and I were sent by Joe.
Then Strike a match and you will know you’re in Hernando’s Hideaway OLE!

MischSo I rezzed in to Misch’s secret bunker. Oh yes, that is what he said. This was his secret bunker (I think there was a big sign outside that SAID Secret Bunker) and he was going to play guitar and sing for friends. I settled onto a box as people continued to tp in. Only in SL can you be hanging out in a secret bunker and someone decides to ride a giant slug. *smile* It was a very interesting crowd of friends.

providing one's own seatingYou never know what you are going to find in the way of live music in SL. Most is pretty good. Some is “ouch”. Misch – well, all I can say is that *I* hope Misch does not remain a secret. I so enjoyed his playing. I liked his playing, his song selection, his sense of humor. I had a great time. He played for over an hour. I didn’t leave until he gently told those of us there that he really needed a RL break, and he was going to stop now. I decided that was probably a hint for: please go home now. *grin*

Thank you to Hell for bringing me with him. Thank you to Misch, for allowing guests of guests to bring guests. 🙂 Thank you to Misch for a wonderful afternoon of music and good humor. Please have more concerts in your secret bunker. Please make sure to let me know – I want to be there!!!

3 Responses to “Secret Bunker”

  1. 3 Oura Scribe October 18, 2009 at 8:47 pm

    Well, not so secret anymore is it? Uhmmmmm, can you tell me where it is ? 🙂 LOL

    I am so glad you had a ‘sl’ afternoon 🙂

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