Don’t Want No Cure

KomusoMy name is Ahuva Heliosense and I am enamoured of Komuso Tokugawa. I “discovered” him several months ago. I LOVE his music. I love his singing. It makes me crazy that he is in Japan and that means that whenever I want to hear him, I am staying up WAY past my bedtime. And most times I don’t know that he is playing until maybe an hour before show time. Which means I have been thinking that I am going to sleep and all of a sudden I realize: no, I’m staying up to hear Komuso. So the other day when Komuso sent out a notecard stating upcoming concerts, I was thrilled. I could PLAN my sleep schedule around his concert schedule! *grin* Even better than planning naps, I could invite RL friends to come inworld and hear Ko. I’ve been raving about him for so long but I never know in advance so that I can bring friends in.

Isn’t it fun when you are talking to someone in RL and you discover that not only have they HEARD of SL, but they have an avatar???? OMG, I was thrilled. We were heading to a RL rock concert and talking about work and such. RL friend becomes SL friendTurns out he rezzed back in 2005. *grin* He’d not been inworld in awhile, but as we talked, I could see his eyes light up. He asked about places and musicians. Turns out we listen to the same SL musicians. Of course I shared about Komuso. AND mentioned the upcoming concert. I didn’t think much more about our conversation. But the next night, Dz and I were dancing at the first Komuso concert when I got an IM. Mickey was saying “hi!” “Did I know who Mickey was”, he asked? LOL. That was easy. I replied that he must be my “date” from the night before. Indeed, that was who that was. He’d actually come specifically to hear Komuso as well as to reconnect with SL. I sent him the taxi and the 3 of us rocked on to Komuso. Of course it was a great show. Can Komuso DO a bad show??? I’m happy to say that Mickey agreed with me that Komuso was great and he enjoyed the show as well.

Faust, Dz and Ahuva rocking to KomusoAfter that show, we had time before Ko’s SECOND show of the night (and all at reasonable hours for me, I must say). So we played a bit, chatted, did an art opening (LOVE Calli’s work). Then it was time for the 2nd show. I texted to Faust and told him to get himself inworld – Komuso was playing. LOL. Didn’t take HIM long to log in. Then while the 3 of us were dancing and having a wonderful time, another friend IM’d. He also likes live music, so Gryph accepted the taxi I sent. Another Komuso Tokugawa fan was born. *grin*

I really truly LOVE Komuso’s music and playing. Many of you have heard me groan in mingled agony and ecstasy when I’m just about to log for the evening, and the Chat comes along: “Alrighty then….. ” And it’s Ko and he’s telling us he’s about to play. I cannot log while he is playing. Gryph joins the partyI had my head on the table in front of my keyboard, nearly weeping from fatigue and from joy at the music. That night Komuso played a version of House of the Rising Sun that was practically orgasmic. It was raw, gritty, rough, ripping. I mean – I honestly don’t know any other way to describe it. A peak experience??? I had one of those singing with Michael Tilson Thomas and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, but that was an out-of-body experience. Komuso’s music is so much more visceral. Earthy. Fills my soul. My blood runs hotter when I listen to Komuso perform. *smile* I like his music. I IM’d him the other night and told him my description of his House of the Rising Sun. He laughed and played it again that night. Bliss. I may ruin my health by giving up sleep for Komuso, but what a way to go.

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