Another Musical Find

I’ve had some talks lately with folks on my friends list. They told me they were bored in SL, that they thought they should leave. I replied that we all feel that way at times, that it’s a cycle. We all need to take a break occasionally. I said to one friend that she should remember what she did when she first rezzed: she went everywhere, tried everything. She didn’t have a routine – everything was fresh and new. Heaven knows there is enough in SL that you could do something new every day. So when I logged in a few days ago, weary and tired from work, wanting a diversion and finding myself dissatisfied with my “usual” routine, I remembered my own words. A group notice came up from Live Music Enthusiasts promoting artists I’d never heard. So I took the taxi.

David and OneI found myself listening to DavidRamborger Texan (on the guitar) and OneSummer Oh (vocals). I don’t remember the venue. A beach-type local, very pleasant. I perched myself on a bar stool and settled in to listen. Well. I was pleasantly surprised. David really rocks on the guitar and OneSummer was a good vocalist. I really enjoyed their song selection. I WAS a bit surprised that they tackled the Doors. Somehow in my mind, no one can touch Jim Morrison. But they did a very good rendition of Riders on the Storm. I forget what came next – also something I enjoy. Then they swung into Stevie Ray Vaughan. So their play list alone won me over. But I thought they did a good show. Good music, singing, nice chat. I went there expecting nothing and enjoyed myself thoroughly. I broke my routine, was in a new place, hearing new music. I felt great. It was a whiff of “newness”. That’s part of the thrill of SL, so much to enjoy and explore.

Yesterday I was hanging about again, supposedly working (on my blog, on my building, on textures). Apparently I was more interested in TALKING about working than I was about working. Because when Live Music Enthusiasts announced that DavidRamborger and OneSummer were playing, I followed the TP. By the way you two – you need to tell me what nicknames you prefer. One and DavidIt is simply too much to type your full names all the time. *grin* David is going to be David. But I’m unsure if you should be One or Summer??? LOL. Can’t use OS – that means Opensim to me! The performance had already started. I won’t mention the venue because actually I was quite annoyed with it. The host was spamming in local chat, those huge pictures that take 15 lines. Also doing vocal gestures that interferred with One’s talking to the audience. Not to mention incessant spamming for tips for the venue. Um. Maybe if you’d SHUT UP I’d consider tipping. Sheesh. I came to hear David and One – NOT YOU. Even more annoying was the fact that David and One were unable to rez a tip jar there. That was really aggravating. Sigh. One was apparently fighting off a cold/flu. You could hear the raspiness in her throat when she was chatting, but she was able to sing through it. She did do a slightly different repertoire than their usual (One and I began chatting) but it was lovely. They did lots of low, smokey love songs. They did a rendition of Janis Joplin’s Summertime (yes, I know that is from Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess – but they did it Joplin-style. And I’m betting more of you reading this have heard of Janis than have heard of Gershwin.) Again, it was an extremely enjoyable performance (ignoring the venue issues). I’m hoping to hear them again soon. I’m hoping that some of you, my friends and readers, will come join me!

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