The Discerning Eye

I really do not observe very well. There is nothing wrong with my vision (well, maybe that’s debatable) but basically I can see what’s there. I don’t observe, however. At least, I don’t observe in SL. Right from the beginning I decided that there was no point in knowing what people looked like, because they change all the time. I don’t, but I think I’m in a minority. i recognize meI focus on the text: avatar names, labels, local chat, IM. I almost never cam about. I tend to pull my camera to one general over-all view and then socialize. People are always asking me “do you see that?” or they all comment in local chat about someone’s appearance/arrival and I have not seen it. People always say to me “watch this” and I still struggle with my camera to find where the “this” is that I am supposed to watch. In a sense, this is very odd, since I think that I typically learn visually – by SEEING pictures or actions. When my husband and I learned to ballroom dance (and oh my, we are HOT, trust me) he would stand there with his teacher discussing in great deal WHAT he was to do. My teacher would grab me and lead me through my paces. I could watch in the mirrors, feel my body learn what it was to do, watch when my teacher demo’d with another teacher or student. Visual learning. But for some reason, I’m really bad at this in SL. LOL. Ask poor Honour, who has been trying for months to teach me to use my camera, to build, to OBSERVE. Still, my typical approach is really NOT visual.

I was in a fashion show the other day. We were all requested to be brunettes with short hair (we were modelling jewelry, need to display those earrings!). So I found some hair, modified it a bit (it was in my face and another lock stuck out too much) and there I was – brunette. Ahuva the brunetteI was chatting with a friend and said that NO ONE would recognize me, since people always seem to comment on my blonde hair and to find me by my hair. I amended that statement by saying Calli and Dale would recognize me. The two of them definitely OBSERVE. Calli saw a picture of me and recognized the skin I was wearing. I was totally blown away, as I’d not worn that skin in months in SL. But she was right. Dale is usually the first to notice if I’ve goofed and worn an entire folder, thereby blowing away my usual shape/features. *grin* Dale notices before *I* do. I just do NOT see. But I figure most people see my hair and nothing more.

pretty in pinkEither I am totally wrong and in the minority about how most people view SL avatars, or add my husband to the group with discernment. There I was, all brunette, on my pose ball for the show. My name was not showing in the particular view I had up. My husband walked over, looked at the screen. He said “Who’s that? Oh, it’s you.” I looked at him and said “how do you know it’s ME?” He said “I recognize you – that’s your face.” I was totally blown away. He recognizes my avatar’s FACE????? I’m not sure that *I* would recognize my face. Maybe, but probably not. Actually – he has also noticed when I’ve blown away my shape. So, either I’m totally out of things, or my husband KNOWS me.

What about you? What do YOU see? (LOL – I know – if I was running Emerald- I would at least know WHERE you were looking) Do you know me without my hair? Do you recognize YOURSELF in the viewer?

4 Responses to “The Discerning Eye”

  1. 1 Honour October 28, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    sighs – yes I would know you without your hair….perhaps if you finally watched those Torley videos that camera thing would be solved. I’m sure he explains it much better than I apparently do – and there’s a video that shows it at the same time. 🙂

  2. 2 daleinnis October 29, 2009 at 11:54 am

    🙂 I don’t think of myself as very visual. If I was looking for you and there were no blondes around I would think you weren’t there; on the other hand if someone showed me a picture of brunette you (oooh, cute!) and asked who it was, I’d probably say the same thing your husband did: “I don’t know — oh wait that’s Ahuva with different hair!”. The short hair does change the look of your face quite a bit, but it’s still definitely your face.

    I think of myself as really good with the camera an’ all, but I still have the same problem you do: someone will say “look at that”, and I’m all “what what?” ’cause I was looking somewhere else. Hm, maybe *everyone* has that problem! 🙂

  3. 3 Pan October 29, 2009 at 5:53 pm

    I’m with Dale on this one…I do look for the hair:-)

    and the boots…

    On the camera thing, I am happy to report there is a gadget that might help

    Hugz** Pan

  4. 4 Krissy Muggleston October 30, 2009 at 3:16 pm

    I’m the opposite, I’m a camera freak. I’m always waiting for things to rezz so I can cam all over. And I loved your short brown hair. It was funny when I said that in open chat to see all the cross-hairs land on you. And you were none-the-wiser. 😉

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