Sleep is over-valued

clematis1/me blinks at you blearily. OMG. I am tired. “Not to put any pressure on you, Ahuva”, says J, “but do you think you could possibly landscape this entire island tonight in time for tomorrow’s meeting?” Right. No pressure. Sigh. This is not a bus – this is a steam roller. LOL. Although, I’m not sure WHY I should rise to THIS challenge. I produced not one but FOUR scrum songs. And a scrumfire around which we could sing. And NO ONE sang the scrumsongs. No one sat in the chairs around the fire. 😦 The songs weren’t even handed out. Sob. I was crushed. My work so completely unappreciated. 😦

clematis2Okay. One landscaped island coming up. But. I need scripted benches. And I really need a trellis. I really need some more textures too, because I don’t have what I WANT. Thanks to Honour, I now see flaws in textures that I used to find satisfactory. I mean – plants are supposed to have STEMS. Not the textures I’ve been given. No stems. Those babies have leaves coming right out the bottom. Big Sigh. I can’t do much about the textures overnight, but I CAN call the cavalry to the rescue for other things. *grin*

clematis3/me sends an anguished cry to Dale!!! Help!!! Scripting!!!! *grin* It’s really not fair. Showing Dale a script that needs work is like showing a moth a light. BLAM! Connection! *grin* Dale came riding in on the white horse. Scripted cushions for the benches. We were soooooo clever. The script selects a pose at random, so that we will not have all the avatars lined up in synchronized leg-crossing. 🙂 Dale built me a trellis,too! It’s a gorgeous perfect trellis. As you can see, my clematis looks okay up-close, but it’s not really working from a distance. I’ve spoken with Honour, have some ideas on what to tweak. So much to learn. 🙂 What’s truly amazing is that I think it took longer for Dale to figure out how to get into this world than it took to build the pillow, script it, and build the trellis. *grin* Dale, Ruler of Scripts!

Anyway, I was up til 1:30 am, grabbed a little sleep, got up at 6am and started in again. Please note that I have ducks. *grin* You all may snicker at my ducks, but they received specific, favorable recognition. Anyway, I believe the island passed muster.

Mommy, What do you do at your job?

playing the slidersMy job gets more interesting every day. Yesterday, my coworker explained that some people were unhappy with their default avatars. It seems that the, um, sigh, um, the proportions were NOT to their taste. The female proportions. Sigh. Well, my coworker is male. HE thought the avatars looked fine. Maybe I could help out with this issue, help them come up with a more acceptable shape. /me blinks rapidly. /me looks about the world. Okay, yeah, not too many of us girl types here. Sigh. So I stood up, went into Edit Appearance. I slid the sliders and called out numbers. *grin* I suggested a low number that I thought would still denote female avatar but would be, ahem, discreet.

Next, the same male coworker needed help debugging an error. Apparently he found a sequence of steps for wearing inventory (that is, clothing) that actually removed all your clothing instead of leaving you clothed. Ahem. He wanted someone else to test the process. /me looks at him. Well, he says. It only happened on my FEMALE avatar, not on my male av. /me rolls eyes. Uh huh. Sigh. This is actually what I do in the other half of my work life: run through test cases looking for solutions or confirming bugs. Bigger sigh. So yeah, I’ll test this process. But I’m testing it ALONE. Underwater. Thank you very much.

Sing around the ScrumfireToday things got even more unusual. My team leader was OBVIOUSLY in good humor and started the morning meeting with: Ahuva, I decided that we need a daily song to start our scrum. YOU need to come up with a scrum song for us. (The perks of being the junior member on the team *grin*) Oh really??? /me narrows eyes and thinks: you have NO idea of what you just unleashed. Bwaaaahahhahhah!!!!! C’mon – a song by tomorrow morning’s scrum? Piece of cake. But I let all of my friends in on it. I posted to Plurk and emailed and IM’d. *grin* Nearly everyone loves a challenge. So – you can play too! The rules are simple: Should be to a tune that nearly everybody knows. Should be clean (no swearing, no sex, no whatever – PG rating, thank you). Post ’em on up here as comments. By the way – this songster is for ALL scrums – not just virtual world scrums. *grin*

In the meantime…. for your singing pleasure……. the current inventory of Official Scrum Songs:

Sung to the tune of “Row, row, row your boat”: credits: Ahuva and family

Build, script, shape the sims
A world by you and me!
Rezzed-In Site 2009
The virtual place to be!

Sung to the tune of “I’ve been working on the railroad”: credit: Honour McMillan

We’ve been working on a new world
All the live long day
We’ve been working on a new world
So that folks will come and stay

Can’t you hear the users calling
We don’t do it for the cash
Can’t you hear the bosses shouting
Server don’t you crash!

Server don’t you crash
Server don’t you crash
Server please be good today, today!
Server don’t you crash
Server don’t you crash
We have work to do today!

Someone’s writing script that’s lag free
Someone’s building prims that flex
Someone’s sculpting art that rotates
And no there won’t be any sex!

Singin’ fee, fie, fiddly-i-o
Fee, fie, fiddly-i-o-o-o-o
Fee, fie, fiddly-i-o
And no there won’t be any sex!

Sung to the tune of “The Work Song” from Snow White and the 7 Dwarves: credit: my coworker Melissa

hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to scrum we go,
where life is grand,reality planned,
hi ho, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho

Sung to the tune of “Twinkle, twinkle little star: credit: Dale Innis

Twinkle twinkle little bugs,
we will squash you to the rug.

The Bus Redux

Triumphant View under the busIt was almost a year to the day. September 2008 I threw myself under the bus – I volunteered to make trees for a conference inworld. Remember? It changed my life. It was perhaps one of the smartest things I have ever done in my life.

Well, it’s conference time again. New world, new sims, new approach. As you know if you read this blog, I have come a long way from staring at the underside of the bus. I have managed to turn a good deal of my “real life job” into virtual world work. Our company has many programs to encourage employees to learn new skills, to try out new careers. My manager, E, attended a career planning seminar. My manager is the BEST. Always. There is no one like him. I will put E up against anyone and E will always come out as the best. *grin* Anyway, he came to me and said “Hey – there’s a program where I can lend you out for a limited time. Maybe you could find someone who needs your help in virtual worlds. You may as well get credit (recognition) for the work you are doing volunteering.” I thought it was a wonderful idea and I loved how supportive he was. I contacted my mentor (yeah, my company does THAT too – we can find mentors to help us navigate life). Um, I guess I should confess….. My mentor is J. Yeah, the infamous J of conferences and gardens past. The same J who is always telling me my gardens have to go. *grin* I’m learning a lot, despite the pain. (It’s sooooooo much fun to paint J as the evil nemesis of my life. But – it’s not really true. J is incredibly helpful and supportive. But it makes a much better story the other way.) So….. I asked J “what do you think? Would this be a good idea? Do you have any suggestions where I should look?”

bambooI was thrilled. J put me on the team to build the sims for this year’s conference. LOL – oh YEAH – she wants TREES again. ROFL. OMG. I don’t think that I can count on Honour to pull me out of the fire THIS year. Actually, J is encouraging me to do more than plant trees and plants. She is encouraging me to learn to build more, do more. Build fountains. Write the scripts for various objects (sitting, etc.). Basically she is doing all that a mentor should do.

I repeat: I’m thrilled. I’m dancing on air. I’m scared. Oh yeah. Besides being beside myself with joy and the thrill of the challenge, I am really nervous. I do NOT want to let down the team. The people on this team are really really talented. This is a major project. I am playing with the “A” team here. I do NOT want to be the weak link, the one who screws up, the one who can’t do their part. While I was working out in the gym at work yesterday I asked my friend there: “Do other people feel this way, or is this a ‘girl’ thing?” Bless his soul – he looked at me and told me he’d just got a new assignment and that he felt the same. *smile* He quoted the movie “The Right Stuff” to me – said that even Chuck Yeager prays: “Don’t let me f*** this up”. So maybe some of you out there recognize how I feel. *grin*

ivyIn the meantime, my brain is spinning all the time about landscaping, textures, builds, what to do. I walk around with my camera taking pictures of botanical gardens, rock walls, brick walls, wood benches. I am looking for ideas. I am looking for textures. Honour has promised to give me a day and try to teach me about sculpties and textures and things like that. I covet her weeping willow trees. *grin* I have soooo much to learn. I don’t even know if I can turn my photos into textures – that will be part of my learning.

wooden boardsI have a growing list of what I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEED. LOL. Bamboo trees. Ornamental grasses. Better flower textures. Graceful wood benches. I’m not even going to tell you about the conversation J and I had about sculpture and art. Sigh. That will be another post. Oh yeah, what a surprise. LOL. We butted heads already. *grin* I think Honour is running a pool about how long it will be before I try to “do in” J. You may want to contact Honour if you want in on that.

But you know what? I AM going to do this. I figure for the next 5 weeks, my life belongs to this project. No social time, no sleep. Oh gee – sounds like last year. But I am not going to be the weak link. The view from under the bus can be a very triumphant view.
It aint heavy