Red Right on Returning

Although the conference is over and was a success (not just my opinion – I am getting unsolicited feedback saying the same thing), there are still some things I’d like to share. One of the managers had mentioned that a regatta would be a fun thing to organize for the conference. The schedule was very tight, it was not immediately apparent where we could add a regatta, but I went ahead and setup all the fundamentals anyway. *grin* I LOVE doing the fun, social things. Maybe you’ve noticed that? I recruited a good friend and coworker who knew how to sail. I knew he was “one of us” immersive types when within 2 hours of being inworld he was changing his clothes and making his hair purple. Keith explained to me about real regattas and then we took off sailing in our world to see how best to adapt real to virtual.

We created a course around the world. I made the inevitable t-shirt. Created a gold doubloon necklace to be retrieved half-way around the course. Created maps and textures showing how to use the inworld map to navigate. We had rules and everything. *grin* Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, we never got to run the regatta. There was too much else happening. But now I have a regatta in my back pocket for the NEXT event. *grin* I just need to make the winner’s trophy and the start/finish line and a count-down clock for all to see.

I sailed the course several time for practice and to prepare the help textures. I realized that the water was beautiful but something was missing. A buoy!!!! *grin* No sooner thought than built. I’m getting better at this building stuff, I really am. I thought of it, found an inspirational picture, built the prims, the textures and assembled the buoy in less than an hour. So I had plenty of time for a sail.

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