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Of Earrings and Hair

transformation ad
pre haircutThis weekend is another fashion show: Transformation. We are modeling the work of Fashion Research Institute Marketplace designer Yoona Mayo, whose brand is Cocoon. One of the fun parts of modeling is the free stuff we get. But I love Yoona’s jewelry so much that I already own several pieces that I BOUGHT. Yep, not freebies. I wish I could bring them into RL, they are so completely to my satisfaction and style. You can read all the details about Yoona’s work on Michele’s blog.

post haircutI will be wearing a gorgeous pearl necklace with matching earrings, Incense. Unfortunately, with my usual hair styles, you can’t really see my earrings. So that meant I needed to find new hair. Except I hate shopping. I hate making decisions. I LIKE my hair. I decided that perhaps a haircut would suffice. 🙂 I put on my hair, took out my editing scissors and began snipping. I removed the tendrils of hair in front of my ears and also trimmed my bangs. almost thereIt’s harder to see in the pictures, but I also trimmed the huge tangle of hair that is pulled back in a pony-tail. When I was finished, I thought it wasn’t half bad, but I thought the earrings still weren’t standing out. I tinted my hair a bit darker (you KNOW I like to be blonde). That didn’t seem to do justice to Yoona’s earrings, so I went darker still. What do you think? LOL – do you recognize me without my hair????

Come and see us all Saturday, November 7, at 7am SLT in Shengri La. Yoona’s jewelry is interesting, intricate and wearable. I know you will find at least one thing, if not more, that you like! this is the oneAnd the models like conversation too!!

Be Careful What You Wish For

I chose to do this.
I could have stayed in support.
No, I had to BUILD.

Hey! That’s MY Bus!

Prandi at the Small GallerySometimes life is simply too funny in how it all comes together in one perfect moment. Yesterday was the opening of Prandi Capalini’s photography exhibit at The Small Gallery in Shengri La. I know am boring but I was working at landscaping and building. I didn’t really feel like I had time to take off to play. But I have learned that play (and SLEEP) are actually VERY necessary if I am to keep functioning. Or semi-functioning. So I headed off to the opening party.

Ahuva and Her BusSeveral good friends were there as well. We were chatting and discussing the photos (which were great, by the way). Suddenly I saw my name in chat. Dale was saying “I believe that is Ahuva’s bus.” My bus???? I strolled down the gallery to look. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! MY BUS!!! IT WAS MY BUS!!!!! The bus under which I originally threw myself a year ago. The bus that changed my life. *grin* The bus under which I am currently pinned around the clock. LOL. Yes, I love it. Well, despite Adricantfarm’s comments on Dale’s blog, I do not find that bus scary at all anymore. (Okay, maybe a little at times.) The general consensus was that Night Bus had to come home with me. *grin* And it did.

Prandi CapaliniPrandi has many lovely pictures that are NOT buses set to run you down. 🙂 I think my favorite was Druzy, a wonderful soft and touching portrait. Had I not seen “Night Bus”, “Run for the Roses” would be hanging on my wall now. But I am severely limited these days by lack of wall space and lack of prims!!!!

Be sure to head on down to the gallery. Prandi was delightful (LOL – we were all burying him under a flood of IMs) and the photos are very enjoyable and intriguing. And check out “Night Bus” – although my view always seems to be from underneath, Prandi got a much better angle on it!

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