Educating Ahuva

I THOUGHT I was well-educated. Informed. Versed in other cultures and religions. *grin* There is more in heaven and earth than is dreamt of in MY philosophy, apparently. Christmas Pudding. Oh, sure, I’ve READ books and stories that had Christmas pudding mentioned. I got the fact that it was a traditional food and I moved on. That had seemed sufficient for my needs.

Until today. Many of you scorn Twitter and Plurk. I certainly did. But my attitude about Plurk did a 180 when my sister’s RV, um, “broke down”. (Let’s just leave it at that, shall we??) I Plurked and all my friends in that geographic vicinity responded. I didn’t need to take them up on their offers of hospitality and assistance but they lightened my heart by knowing that they were there.

Now, Plurk has taught me about Christmas pudding. To protect the guilty, I shall not name names. A friend Plurk’d about the inability to find the requisite Christmas pudding at the local store. I guess I had too much time on my hands today, because I decided to ASK about Christmas pudding. LOL. Here is the description I received: It is a nasty disgusting British cake-like substance, a bit similar to a fruit cake but with more alcohol. Wow. Makes you want to rush right out and BUY one, doesn’t it??? I made that comment and heard back: Yeah, it’s disgusting stuff. The best part is dousing it with rum and setting it on fire. No one eats it but you must have it. To which there is nothing I can say but “Tradition!!!” and I jump on the roof with my fiddle and begin to play.

At this point another friend chimed in, although I must say, with no more luck in selling this item than the first friend: Now now.. The better ones are kind of charming. In a “Wow, they do odd things with suet, fruit and flour” sort of way. And to that all I could say was that I have always found the word “suet” disturbing. *grin*

Back to first friend: I have had them imported…, sent from Harrods, made by English grannies. They all suck. There are no “better ones”. Rofl. Okay, tradition, tradition, tradition. You buy it, set it on fire and toss it. I’m sure I have some tradition that is equally weird. Yeah – “dip the apple in the honey”. I HATE honey. What a waste of a good apple. *grin* I suppose I could discuss the pitom on the etrog also.

But my good friends do NOT want me to miss out on the joys of Christmas. I may be late arriving to this holiday, but my SL friends are making sure I get it “right”. Tonight a Christmas Pudding was delivered to my home. LOL. I rezzed it and wow!! It burns!!! But I KNOW not to eat it!!!

*hugs* to my good friends. You know who you are. I love you both.

Season’s Greetings!

Wishing you and yours all the best of the season. May your holiday (or non-holiday) be joyous and may you have a happy, healthy, successful new year (or January through December). *grin*

All of you in-world know that the snow on this card is scripted. For those of you not inworld – that means that the snow appears to be falling. *grin* Yes, I stole the idea from a picture given to me by Calli, done by Random Pandar. But I have loved the picture since I first saw it in Calli’s home. I am thrilled that I made my own snow and figured out how to make it “fall”.

My best to you and yours.

Ahuva, Bamboo, Mallory, Drake and Bill (had Frenis been here, he’d send his best too)

The 1st Question

I had a NEW experience in SL last night. *grin* Just when you think you’ve tried all the genres, you realize how little you’ve tried. A friend of mine was a panelist on The 1st Question. This is a SL game show hosted on Sunday evenings by Pooky Amsterdam and Hydra Shaftoe. I heard about the friend’s appearance just a short time before the show was to start. I was playing with Emerald, and trying to get into a full sim for some wonderful freebies (no, I NEVER made it to that sim, not in two days of trying, and I am dropping that group. pffft). Oura and I decided to go check out the show.

Pooky – forgive me – I’m going to be honest here. I heard them doing the sound check – everything was indeed fine. But just as the show began, Pooky crashed. For MINUTES nothing happened, just some idle chatter. Oura and I had nearly decided to leave. I mean, how often can you listen to people stall and hope someone can get back inworld? Oh wait – we all do that all the time. *laugh* Anyway, just as we were about to leave, Pooky returned!

I was still a little disgruntled, so when Pooky launched into game show-mode I was not sure I was going to enjoy this at all. But then I listened and realized she was funny. *grin* The panelists were also good sports and articulate. That makes such a difference. They were asked to say what element of the periodic table they would be. The first panelist played it straight – picked a real element, a good explanation. The 2nd panelist mostly played it straight – a real element, a very silly, funny explanation. The 3rd panelist took off and set the tone for the rest of the night – a totally made-up element with correspondingly ridiculous explanation.

The questions on this show are HARD!!!! The first round is a yay/nay round. The panelist is given a question and must decide yay or nay. The audience is texting out answers too. I got nearly all of the questions wrong. *grin* Not a big surprise to me. The questions range all over the board from finance to science to whether there is fish oil in lipstick or Chanukah cards made of uncooked bacon. *grin* Okay – i KNEW that one. But that definitely set the panelists soaring into nonsensical hilarious answers.

There is a round where the panelists attempt to stump Pooky and Hydra and a round where the panelists are playing against each other on a timer/buzzer setup. There is a round where the audience votes on words that the panelists have created. (Have you heard of sniglets? They are creating sniglets.) Choosing just one word for which to vote was INCREDIBLY difficult. First of all, I was already laughing out loud at the local chat as well as the repartee going on between panelists and hosts. Secondly – the words were GREAT! This is the disadvantage of voice: I can’t remember the words. I was laughing and IM’ing with Oura and reading local chat and listening to voice, and forgot to actually write the words down so I could remember. I DO remember mommytasking and chatatonic. Mommytasking is what I do all the time. Chatatonic describes a very common SL condition. One of the others was misreading headlines but basically your mis-read was more accurate than what the headline said. People are so darn clever!!! I am always so envious of such creativity and quick wit!!!

Anyway, although the game started inauspiciously, it turned into a truly funny, clever, enjoyable night’s entertainment. Pooky and Hydra keep the show moving at a quick pace. If all the panelists are as quick-witted and funny as the four I saw, the answers will always be creative if not accurate. It was a wonderful evening. I will CERTAINLY be back for more “1st Question”.


Question of the Day: Did Rhett Butler ever go back to Scarlett O’Hara?

I say “no”. Ah, when I was a young lass, I was sure he did. That he loved her forever. That Love and Passion endure. But I grew up. Grew old? I don’t think I’m old. I think I’m sadder but wiser (oh wait – that’s the Music Man and I’m supposed to be on Gone With the Wind).

I seem to have had this conversation a lot lately – in SL, FL, Plurk. I guess the end of the calendar year makes people introspective, makes us reflect on endings and beginnings.

I don’t think Rhett ever went back to her. I think that after all that time of his love and passion being taken for granted – dismissed, down-played, never overtly appreciated – I think it burned out. It simply faded away. It moved from grand and overwhelming passion to fire to pain to ache to dullness to nothing. I think one day Rhett woke up and said “You know, enough is enough. It’s time to move on. I’ve offered her my soul, my life, and she didn’t want it. It’s simply over, there’s no more longing, desire, energy. I’m done.”

Sigh. I’d really rather be a romantic. But I want Rhett to have a good life. Scarlett is never going to “get it” and treat him right. /me hugs Rhett. You’re going to be okay, kid. Trust me.

Office Party

I found myself with some time on my hands today. And new holiday decorations from friends. As I have run out of prims at my home, 😦 , I decided to decorate my office. Yes, I do still have my office and I even go and hang out there occasionally. Oura made the beautiful poinsettia tree and Honour made (and is selling) the wreaths at Aintree Gardens. I think maybe I need to throw an office party. Oh – first I need to find lamps with lampshades. THEN the room will be ready for a party.

Festivities and Fashion

It’s winter – for real. It snowed in RL last night. It’s still there this morning. That makes it winter. We had several friends over for warm winter dinner. We sat and shmoozed and it was wonderful. I’m so fortunate to have wonderful RL and SL friends. My SL friends are also getting me into a happy winter mood. I’m usually a summer beach gal, so getting me to enjoy winter is an arduous undertaking. 🙂

First was Honour. She was making a wreath in response to a friend’s request. She sent it to me for any comments. Oh right, like I am the person to critique Honour’s work. LOL. SHE teaches ME, remember???? *grin* Anyway, I fell in love with the wreath. So simple, elegant, just a touch of color. (Please note – “color”, not “colour”. ) As many of you know, I tend to be very rococco and ornate when left to my own devices. Yet I do really love simple lines. This wreath made me smile and immediately made me think of decorating for the season.

I’m not very experienced in decorating for the winter season. I’m VERY good at fall and summer. *grin* And I’m SUPERB for Superbowl parties. But winter? Hmmm. So it was lucky that was also the day Fricker Fraker gave away his adorable candy cane reindeer!!! OMG!!! It is so cute! I’m in love. I went out and decorated. I suspect I’m “supposed” to have more than reindeer and a wreath, but that sounds so wonderfully alliterative, doesn’t it? Notice that there is still no snow at MY house. But I suppose Bamboo, Mallory, Drake, Bill and I need to think about a season’s greeting card. Sigh, alas, poor Frenis. By the way – Fricker has launched a very cool blog – SL stuff (clothes, gadgets, guy things) for men: “Man on the Grid“. Check it out. I am having envy – I may have to create a male alt. *grin*

It wouldn’t be winter without a winter fashion show. I am actually JUST posting this in time. I am one of the model’s for Missy Lavecchia’s fashion show on Monday, Dec. 7, at 4pm SLT. As always, go to Michele’s blog for all the REAL details. But Missy has created some beautiful gowns. I got a sneak preview of the build last week. While Shenlei and Missy discussed details and such, I skated about the build, enjoying how easy and warm it is to skate in SL. *grin* I hope you come and see us all on Monday – the usual group of gorgeous, talented, fun models will be there. 🙂 Oh – and modest. *grin* We are modest as well. Missy’s gowns are gorgeous and I’m sure you have a few holiday parties on the calendar. Maybe we can convince Shen to leave the build up for a bit so we can all skate some more.


Last night was one of those times that reminded me that SL used to be about fun for me. Hanging with friends, laughing, playing, letting off steam. It’s not always supposed to be about work and deadlines.

I’d logged in, was just standing there in my room, reading messages, thinking about what to do next. Suddenly flames seemed to be around me and loud BOINGS filled the air. *grin* Must be that Hell and Nat were there. When my home is filled with strange sights and noises, I KNOW that they have come to play. Apparently the 2 of them were totally hyped up. First they ran about me, jumped around, flew around. Then they pulled out the pogo sticks we’d all gotten awhile ago at UBar. So I wore mine too and we boinged about my room. We decided we were having such a good time that we needed to share. Except I REALLY didn’t want my bedroom trashed (again, oh Dale and Oura…..). So we boinged our way downstairs and began sending out IMs to invite people to join us.

It’s really frustrating to decide to throw an impromptu party at a time when SL is borked and not allowing logons. 🙂 It sort of limits how many people are around to play. But Oura, Bree, Panacea, Willa and Nico answered the call. I know Bree from Plurk and we’ve only met once before inworld. We plurk often, however, and I knew that she, like I, was in need of blowing off steam from a long, full day. Turns out Pan and Oura were in the same shape. *grin* So we boinged and we boinged and we boinged. I wish I could play the sound effects for you here. They really do add to the ambiance. Of course Hell and Nat led a raid upstairs to my room. It was sort of like a pogo-stick cha-cha line.

We’d been boinging for a bit when Rrish managed to get inworld for her DJ’ing shift at the Crown and Pearl. We decided to boing over to the the CnP and spread the Pogo Sillies. So we did. We did lose Bree (who had other commitments) and Willa and Nico in the move, but we picked up Rrish, Calli and Jonny. Calli of course already HAD a pogo stick. LOL. As she said – with her inventory, she may have absolutely everything. Notice of course that not only was Calli’s pogo stick colorful, it was of interesting design. And that is all I shall say about THAT. *grin* Prad winked in and out. Declined to pogo, as did 2 others who tp’d in. /me sings: every party has its pooper, that’s why we invited you! Notice that at some point in the proceedings, Hell’s grew to be quite large. His pogo stick, that is. And that is all I shall say about THAT. *grin* It gets very lewd at the CnP on occasion. Both Panacea and Calli are excellent photographers and their photos of the great Boing-Off are posted on Snapzilla.

Nat and Oura decided that the Christmas tree, although beautiful, really should be crowned with Pogo’ers, not a star. So they boinged it out at the top for a bit. Finally, I believe we need to declare Nat the victor. Nat, Queen of the Hill. Er, tree.

It was a wonderful time. We laughed, blew off steam and in general cut loose. Several of us ended up IM’ing with friends we’d not chatted with in ages as we IM’d them to join in the silliness. Ah Chadd – I MISS you. It was great to chat, even if it was only “hi”. If you didn’t get an invite – it’s because you weren’t online. *grin* As they say, timing is everything. Oh wait – maybe they say “location, location, location”. Well, yesterday SL was THE place to be. BOING!!!