Question of the Day: Did Rhett Butler ever go back to Scarlett O’Hara?

I say “no”. Ah, when I was a young lass, I was sure he did. That he loved her forever. That Love and Passion endure. But I grew up. Grew old? I don’t think I’m old. I think I’m sadder but wiser (oh wait – that’s the Music Man and I’m supposed to be on Gone With the Wind).

I seem to have had this conversation a lot lately – in SL, FL, Plurk. I guess the end of the calendar year makes people introspective, makes us reflect on endings and beginnings.

I don’t think Rhett ever went back to her. I think that after all that time of his love and passion being taken for granted – dismissed, down-played, never overtly appreciated – I think it burned out. It simply faded away. It moved from grand and overwhelming passion to fire to pain to ache to dullness to nothing. I think one day Rhett woke up and said “You know, enough is enough. It’s time to move on. I’ve offered her my soul, my life, and she didn’t want it. It’s simply over, there’s no more longing, desire, energy. I’m done.”

Sigh. I’d really rather be a romantic. But I want Rhett to have a good life. Scarlett is never going to “get it” and treat him right. /me hugs Rhett. You’re going to be okay, kid. Trust me.

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There's not much to say about me. I discovered SecondLife by accident, wandered in, and decided I wanted to stay. This blog was a chronicle of my adventures and misadventures in SL. It also includes stray thoughts that occur to me as a result of my time in SL. Both I and my avatar are female. We both love water and the beach and gardening and parties and hanging out with friends. Updating this after quite some time. I haven't appeared in SL in many many months (probably over a year by now) but SL has remained in my thoughts. I do miss my SL, but at least I still have contact with some of my friends from there. In the meantime.... this blog has evolved to be about my RL adventures. :) Nowhere near as risque as my SL but I do keep busy. I still like all the things listed above. I didn't have any cats in SL (only ducks and a panda) so my cats feel that they should play starring roles in my posts. :) I didn't do much eating IN SL although certainly food and drink accompanied me in RL while I roamed inworld. Cooking and baking have become more fun and interesting once I redid my kitchen. That renovation took longer and cost more than if I'd done it virtually, but I'm thrilled to have a tangible new kitchen! I hope you like food and drink as well! Thanks for reading!

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  1. well, Krissy, I have to tell you. I don’t give the sequel any credit. 🙂 It must have been written by romantics. Because the truth is – Scarlett is going to survive no matter what, no matter who. It is she, after all, who has the final word. She doesn’t need Rhett to come back. And it’s her story. Wow. Aren’t I the cold realist? *grin*

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