Ice Crystal Carousel

Christmas Eve day was a relaxed day in my house. I had time to login, say hi and happy holiday to friends. Panacea IM’d me saying “NO EXCUSES – come now”. *grin* It’s hard to resist Pan anyway, but that was a command, no question about it. Ah, Pan knows what I love: carousels!!! There was a lovely ice carousel set up in Caledon. Martini Discovolante created this winter wonderland and we had the good fortune to have Martini riding the carousel with us. I was having a bad SL/hardware day – I was crashing quite a bit. But I managed to hop on finally. I sent out IMs to all who were around (not many, given the holiday). I was lucky enough to catch Krissy and Rrishanna and they both came to ride and enjoy. They in turn IM’d friends and friends IM’d friends – a typical SL happy time.

One of the items on my never-ending list of things to learn is wind light. I always forget to change my environment setting unless someone explicitly tells me or I tp into somewhere dark. Panacea and Kristy were both calling out the windlight settings they were using for their pictures. *grin* I am glad I did midnight and midday.

I’m not sure if the carousel is still there or not, but it’s certainly worth a look-see. Hop on and enjoy the ride if it is. And play with the light!
Carousel at Midnight:

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