Darcey’s Back!

YAY!! Darcey has returned to SL!!! I”m so happy. I LUUUURRVVE Darcey. *grin* Darcey is back and she is DJ’ing. Yep – she is spinning the tunes. LOL. Of course, Darcey and I have somewhat different tastes in music. Or rather – her current gig requires different artists than my usual iPod tunes. But I showed up for her first gig, and so did Oura, Jonah and LOLpande.

Chestnut has been doing her 365 post – a picture a day for 365 days (notice the slacker waited til it was NOT a leap year – /me nods knowingly). She dropped by the other day to chat and Darcey dropped in too. We all took photos of ourselves and each pic was different even though we had the same subject matter. We differed in angle, distance, lighting. 🙂 People are so interesting. And I LOVE chilling with my friends. It was great, ladies – thank you!

1 Response to “Darcey’s Back!”

  1. 1 chestnutrau March 16, 2010 at 9:16 am

    I had a great time. You and Darcy are so very easy to be around!

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