Rockin’ Away

Well, we did it. We made the RL deadline. Handed over the video to the client. Many, many thanks to a wonderful team and folk who worked day and night and weekends to get their part done. You are the best partners a gal could want. And one day, I will actually post some of that video here. I hope. *grin*

But something had to give in that push and unfortunately that something was my health. I sort of hit the wall and went splat once the footage was recorded. So I have been in recuperation mode. I’m on vacation and I’m actually sticking to that – resolutely ignoring emails from work, not looking at the many feeds. I sleep, I do nothing, I read and then do more nothing. In sl – I’ve retreated to my playhouse. I go to live music, chat and do a lot of nothing here, too. *grin* Oh wait – that’s what I ALWAYS do.

Oura, however, decided that my spirits needed a boost. So she got me a new toy for my playhouse. Oh, anyone could have a rocking horse. *I* have a rocking giraffe. I rezzed him out today. His name is Jasper. Why Jasper? Because one of my absolute favorite books as a child was Jasper Giraffe. In it, poor Jasper falls down and hurts his knee. Polly Parrot flies through the forest telling everyone and the presents and get-well cards stream to Jasper. *grin* I loved it. I could read it endlessly. Make my mother read it to me endlessly. So Jasper has taken up residence in my playhouse.

Calli is always inviting me to do fun things with her (and then she crashes when I get there). I have 2 not-yet-written-posts about cool things Calli found. So I was very happy to invite Calli to join me and try Jasper on his initial run. She was dressed perfectly – they matched! Then we sat and shmoozed til she had to work and I had to nap. A lovely morning.

1 Response to “Rockin’ Away”

  1. 1 Calli May 12, 2010 at 11:11 am

    It was a lovely break 🙂 Reading this reminded me that the ability to ‘come see this!’ instantly is one of the great benefits of SL. No need to pick up the phone, change out of the sweats, brush hair, drive across town – “Come see this!” *whoosh* and there you are.

    We should all do more of that 🙂

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