I Wanna be a Big Rock Star

Just like Von Johin of SL. I’ve posted before how much I love his music. I’m not alone in thinking Von is fantastic. He’s recorded CDs under his RL name. But his new album: it’s being released under his SL name!!!

On September 28, Von Johin’s album ‘Von The Revelator’ on LocoBop Records will be released. There is a ‘Cd Release Party’ in the works. Please visit the website, vonjohin.com, for full details.

MY understanding is that the party is going to be at Von’s standing Tuesday night gig: Dr. John’s Prim Economy on Isere at 7pm SLT.

The Vonettes are rumored to be planning a surprise as well. *grin* Don’t know who the Vonettes are? Better get on down to the party!!

So until we are rocking Isere with Von, I will practice my moves! See you all there! It will be a blast!

1 Response to “I Wanna be a Big Rock Star”

  1. 1 Votslav Hax September 28, 2010 at 12:47 pm

    It’s official , Von Johin, Second Life’s premier recording artist, announces ‘Von The Revelator’ on LocoBop Records has been released.. Available through iTunes, http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/von-the-revelator-stereo/id395357917?uo=4 the album may be purchased in complete form or by the song. Primed to become a grid wide sensation, there is a planned ‘release party’ Tues Sept 28 7pm at Prim Economy.
    Please visit the website, vonjohin.com for details, and special incentives.. tell your mama, tell your pa.. tell your neighbor.. ‘Von The Revelator’ has been released.. September 28.

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