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I Love Cheeky Pea

Just a few months ago I wrote about how Midnight Mania boards really do work. That is how I discovered Cheeky Pea, a store full of wonderful furniture and items, with some of the best pose scripts that I’ve seen in SL. Isla Gealach is the talented creator behind Cheeky Pea. I have bought many of Gealach’s items since first discovering the store. I belong to the Cheeky Pea group and head over there often to see what’s new.

The other day Oura sent me a message saying that there was a great new item, a memory board with clock. I went over to check it out. As usual, I started wandering about. I found the beach chairs. Ahhhh. You know, almost anything that uses the word “beach” will get my attention. I’m predisposed to like “beach”, “shore”, “ocean”, “coast” and more. My skybox is done as my fantasy beach house (okay, it’s missing an outdoor shower, that is true). When I saw the Cheeky Pea Beach Chairs I was hooked. I do NOT need any more inventory!!!! Isla Gealach, you must STOP making inventory that I find irresistable. I WANT those chairs. No. I NEEEEEEEEED those chairs. I made Oura come and try out the poses with me. As we were testing the various poses (there are TWO pages of options), Morgan Trevellion happened by on a hunt. I asked Morgan if she would mind posing with us. I must also say that I admire Morgan’s taste in hair, as she was wearing one of Queue Marlowe’s Analog Dog styles. I LOVE Queue’s hair and am nearly always in one of her styles. Morgan was a good sport and the three of us posed and worked our way through all the chair options. It was great fun and one of those moments of serendipity in SL.

One of the things that I particularly like about these chairs is that you can buy them with a variety of options. Although the chair is usually sold “no copy”, you ARE able to buy a copy version. I find that a BIG plus. I am grateful to merchants who sell their items with a variety of permissions, enabling me to either make copies, or to transfer or give a gift. I wish more merchants did that.

I have many pics here of us in the chairs. I also have a shot of Isla’s dock (the ducks requested that I hang out with them more) and a kitty chair. I also have a bed, a yoga mat, a photo rack, rocking chairs and of course the wonderful pillows I mentioned back in June. I find that more and more of my sky box is filled with Cheeky Pea items. I wish I could bring them into my physical house as well! Keep up the great work, Isla! Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations with us all! And thank you Morgan, for helping out! 🙂

A New Diaspora?

with apologies to Sheldon Harnick, lyricist for “Anatevka” (from the Broadway show “Fiddler on The Roof“)

SL Regions

Well, SL hasn’t exactly been the Garden of Eden. (spoken)
That’s true. (spoken)
After all, what have we got here? (spoken)

A little bit of prim, a little bit of hair.
A box, a tree, some boots, a chair.

Someone should have fixed and enhanced this place years ago. (spoken)
A sim, an av.
What’s a venue? Or a build?
People who login just once to SL don’t even know why they came. (spoken)
Burn2 constructions. Live music.

What do we leave? Nothing much.
Only our creations.

SL regions, SL regions,
Understaffed, overstressed SL regions.
Where else could meeting be so sweet?
SL regions, SL regions,
Intimate, obstinate SL regions.
Where everyone has come alive.

Soon I’ll be a stranger in some strange new grid
Wishing for my inventory hid
on SL regions

I belong in SL regions.
Content filled, full of friends SL regions.
Dear wondrous challenge, thrilling grid of mine.

Ahhhhhh. (sighed)
It’s just a place.

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