I’m a Gamer!

On numerous occasions here I’ve stated that I don’t play games. (Okay – I played Angry Birds on my iPad for several days straight. But now I’m stuck so I’m not enjoying it anymore.) I’m not good at games. I don’t have the patience, the hand-eye coordination, the “kill instinct”, nor whatever else that seems to be required to enjoy and succeed at electronic games. But in the immortal words of James Bond, never say never. 🙂 I found a game that is fun! It’s called Plutonium Project.

My SL script teacher Ben Candlin (who many of you know as an SL Therion) is studying for a degree in Computer Games Programming. Many of us follow his Plurks (or Tweets and Facebook posts) but he also has a blog. A few weeks ago he posted one of his assignments in which the students were asked to create a 2-Dimensional game in one of a variety of genres. Ben choose the top down space game (I have no idea what that means, actually, except he says that it’s much like the game Asteroids).

When I saw the post, I sent the link to my son and a friend but did nothing with it myself. In the back of my mind I thought that maybe I would nag my son to play it and write a guest post for me. *grin* Oh, is THAT why he went AWAY to school???? The other night I was bored with my usual entertainments and decided to give Plutonium Project a try.

Lucky for me there are 4 levels of play: Easy, Medium, Hard and Insane. I chose Easy. *grin* The mouse controls most of the action: thrusters, direction, plasma cannon. The space bar activates the shield. There are gauges at the bottom of the screen monitoring the resources. The grid in the upper right shows you the incoming enemy (except for the ships that are invisible on radar. 🙂 ) Playing the easy level I made it to the 3rd fuel stop. It took me a game or two first, however, to figure out how to coordinate my left and right mouse clicks. *grin* I really am BAD at this kind of coordination. My reflexes are slow, too. I tried to take some pictures while I was playing, but if I’m bad at playing, I’m totally incompetent at playing AND recording simultaneously.

I turned my coworkers loose on the game also. *grin* Yes, of course there could be improvements. EVERY game could use improvements. But it’s fun and easy to learn. And as one coworker discovered – a great way to spend time when the moderator is late to the meeting.

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