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Take Me to the River

Drop me in the water. It was the last Sunday of the month, and that means that HalleCallilujah was leading Gospel Hour at Meatspace Lounge. I rezzed out one of my revival outfits, one that seemed suitable for a steaming hot humid summer day. I quickly realized, however, that it wasn’t the wisest choice. I need to find more outfits with flexiprims, so my knees don’t jut on through my skirt. 🙂

We had 2 newcomers and several “old timers” gathered under the tent. Amazing how some of us need to be saved over and over and over again. *grin* As usual we had a fantastic mix of music running from traditional gospel to traditional Jewish. We celebrate interpretations of religious music. Note to self: remember to pass the Right Irreverent HalleCallilujah a song i have about the pagans and the Christians.

As the spirits rose up (hey, I only had two mimosas) Calli led us to the river. Unfortunately, at that point she crashed, leaving us stuck circling in the water where she dropped us. We all straggled ashore and made our way back to the tent, where she rejoined us for a rousing finish. Gospel Hour is taking a break for the summer (it gets very hot out there under the revival tent) but we’ll be back come September!

Memorial Day 2011

Sandy Whippet had a very good post the other day, listing sites in SL for observing Memorial Day. I knew I would not be able to get to those sites on the holiday itself so I headed over early to check it out Patriot Island with a friend. We landed in front of the Events Hanger and soon were greeted by Waya Snowpaw. Waya told us about the sim. He explained that the sim had resources for veterans, active personnel and their families. Non-military folk can meet some of the vets and learn about what it is like to be in the military. They also provide peer support. There are representatives for DAV and Fearless Nation and Wounded Warrior. We had picked a good day to stop by because holiday celebration and memorial events were going to be starting in an hour. On Memorial Day itself there was going to be an old-fashioned cookout and dance. Every month they hold a fund-raiser to help Wounded Warrior. For me, it does not matter your political persuasion – you must recognize that our military have taken on a job (just as most of us have) and that they do it well, to the best of their abilities. They do not set policy. So no matter your view, you can help support those who need help.

We wandered about looking at the memorials to departed friends, a rebuilt air-craft carrier, the various planes, and the recreation of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. There is a bald eagle soaring in flight about the sim. It is a beautiful build and extremely tasteful and respectful.

Later in the evening we tp’d back to hear Von Johin do a benefit concert for Wounded Warrior. Von was donating his time for the cause. When we left, they were only L$18,000 short of their goal of L$200,000. The music was great, the crowd was upbeat and the cause was good.

I hope you have a chance to visit and check out Patriot Island. It does give you time to pause and reflect, and honor those who gave their lives for something they felt was bigger than themselves.

A Small World

I grew up in suburban New Jersey, within 50 miles of NYC. I thought I was cosmopolitan. I read the NY Times every day, heard NY news, heard news from Philadelphia, got papers from Wash. DC, talked national politics. Even so, my attitude toward the rest of the world could be summed up fairly accurately by the wonderful Saul Steinberg print “View of the World from 9th Avenue” (of course, NJ was MUCH larger in MY view and I had California some where out there too).

Years passed and my view broadened somewhat, but not all THAT much. Then I entered Second Life. Soon I began meeting people from all over the world. I was friends with people in the UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Texas (omg – Texas????), Brazil, Mexico. I started blogging. Plurking. Tweeting. More national and international connections. Now much of the world has become personal to me. If there is major flooding in Queensland, Australia – I have friends for whom I worry. If volcanoes erupt in Iceland, I have friends all over Europe who are affected. Earthquakes and tsunami in Japan, I fear for one of my favorite musicians. Now – tornadoes.

I used to love watching the weather channel. I think storm-chasers are crazy but I do like seeing the videos they shoot. I’d reassure my son that we were fine, nothing like that happens where WE live. It all seemed so remote. Not anymore. I have spent the last week fixated on streaming video on the computer, watching the tornadoes sweep across the US. I have been watching Twitter and Plurk like a hawk, hoping to hear from friends that they have survived the latest killer tornado to move through their area. I go to bed in fear and wake up and race to my email to see the reassurances that yet again my dear friends have made it through the night safely. I have finally learned that Kansas is above Oklahoma and Missouri is to the east of Kansas. I know that Indiana borders Kentucky. I know where Illinois is located. I know the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning. I have even heard the tornado sirens sound through my computer, thanks to Skype.

My world is enriched by my SL life, by the friends I have made since I ventured into the virtual world nearly 3 years ago. I have more joy, more fun, more knowledge, more interests. My world is both larger and smaller because it is all personal now. *HUGS* to you all who have been enduring what nature has been throwing our way. I ❤ you all.

Hot Tub Day!!!

I shouldn’t post this. I really shouldn’t post this. Despite being a modern, fairly enlightened person, emotionally I believe in jinxes, bad karma, and the evil eye. But my excitement is over-riding my caution. After nearly 22 years my wonderful hot tub finally sprang a leak that was not worth repairing. 😦 We bit the bullet and ordered a new one. It comes TODAY!!!!!!! /me screams in joy and runs around the room in a crazed fashion, much as my dog is wont to do. *grin* Anyway, I’m waiting for the hot tub. Hoping that everything goes smoothly and that by tonight the water is heating. Or as my grandmother would say (and here let me modify it in recognition of my good friend Honour *grin*): From my mouth to my Invisible Friend’s ear.

Llama Font

It’s another rainy monday morning. I am knocked out of most productive work by a major allergy attack. I think that’s what’s happening anyway. I had a lovely lovely afternoon with a friend on Saturday. We sat under the trees for hours, laughing, talking, eating, drinking, breathing. I’m thinking that not only did I breathe in tons of pollen, but I probably ate it as well. And I’m paying the price now. I’m ignoring most plurks, tweets, posts and what-have-you, trying to keep my few functioning brain cells for my job. (Ha! I bet you thought that was NOT how I prioritized my life.) But a tweet from Crap Mariner caught my eye and I had to follow it. I laughed and felt better immediately. I suggest you give it a try as well!

Glad We’re All Still Here

The world didn’t end this past weekend. I’m not surprised, I must say. I didn’t really think that it would. I am willing to admit, however, that, like Horatio, my philosophy probably doesn’t cover all permutations. I enjoyed all the planning for Rapture parties, Rapture events, Rapture contests. Now that it’s too late, it occurs to me that I should have kept track of all the different ways people linked their favorite hobbyhorses to the impending Rapture. The one that caught MY attention was the music. Everyone made lists of the “appropriate” songs to play at a Rapture party.

Marx Dudek tweeted that there would be a Rapture Sendoff party at the Listening Room. People began tweeting their suggestions for a play list. There were songs I love, songs I hate, songs with which I was unfamiliar, songs I’d forgotten I’d heard. I knew it was going to be a great time. I got there a little late, coming from another musical event. The Listening Room had been redecorated in honor of the occasion. Several of us got comfortable on Hobbes while others danced or sat. The first song up was “Helter Skelter” and we never looked back.

For what it’s worth, I think that the whole Rapture frenzy was the result of improper enunciation. *I* think that the original announcement was about a Rap tour that would be taking place. I realized this Saturday afternoon while I was in the city. There they were – rappers on the corner of 6th and 42nd, performing for the crowd. At that moment enlightenment struck me (better that than an errant taxi) and I realized yet again how important it is to practice proper diction.

Sunset Cocktail

I may have found my photo for Honour’s Day in the Life project. Or at least one of my photos – for her SL8PHome category. Maybe you need a Family category, Honour? I’m at my home, by the water, with my family: Bamboo, Drake, Bill and Mallory. My sailboat is there. I’m not dancing, but I think I have a photo for THAT, too. And none of my gardens are in this photo but I think I’m going to use one from my very first garden – the one BEFORE J made me rip it out. *grin*

In the meantime, it’s the weekend and we’re chillin’ on the dock.

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