What Not to do When You are Angry

You should NEVER blog when you are angry. I’m really really angry at the moment. Someone just took credit for my work. I’m trying to handle this properly – by NOT saying or doing anything now. But…. sometimes I listen to the 6-year old in my head. So I plurked. And I’m posting. Because I’m angry.

(an hour or two passes…..)

Wow. What a FASCINATING response to this post. Amazing how many people responded nearly immediately. Half of you thought it was about work, half of you thought it was about SL. No one thought that it could be family or other-interest related. There are MANY aspects to my life. And, yes, I confess, I DO get angry at times. Sometimes it’s probably justified, sometimes it probably is not.

Let me state for the record: whatever you are thinking this is about – you are probably INCORRECT. I’ve been somewhat snarky for DAYS. About many many things. I work at my career. I work in SL and Opensim. I work for my family, immediate and extended. I work for my friends and interests. I guess if you think you KNOW what this is about, maybe you need to look at yourself. Maybe this post wasn’t about me at all.

2 Responses to “What Not to do When You are Angry”

  1. 1 Oura Scribe May 17, 2011 at 2:40 pm

    Oh, I still love you even if you are angry. And it upsets me that someone would do that. I’ll beat them up for you 🙂 unless it is Jonah… or me? oh thats right, I don’t work! Can’t be me.

    }{ugz, thinking about you

  2. 2 daleinnis May 18, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    What Oura said! 🙂

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