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Happy Rez Day, Daez!

I try to mention rez day parties in advance, but this one was a SURPISE!!!! Daez turned 4 the other day (I know she HATES that I mentioned that but I have LOTS of friends who are WAAAAAAAY older – believe me. I have ONE friend who is… omg… 6. And another who rezzed in Dec 2004. So you are YOUNG!)

Dz wanted to make the day very very special for Daez and planned many wonderful things, among them a surprise party at The BluJnz Blu club in Honey Harbour. Noma Falta, Rocker Extraordinaire, rocked us for a solid hour. There is nothing as much fun as Noma partying, laughing and joking and teasing the guest of honor.

It wouldn’t be a dance party if we weren’t dancing on Daez’s hud. Daez has the best assortment of dances and knows how to match dance to tune flawlessly. I need to start taking videos instead of stills, so you can see the great dancing.

As part of her surprises, Dz had a slide show of pics running on the stage. To my great delight, she included one with me, with us both wishing Daez a happy rez day!

*MWUAH* Daez!! Love you love you love you!!!! You are a very important part of my SL. Happy rez day, and thanks for being part of my life! ❤

What Not to do When You are Angry

You should NEVER blog when you are angry. I’m really really angry at the moment. Someone just took credit for my work. I’m trying to handle this properly – by NOT saying or doing anything now. But…. sometimes I listen to the 6-year old in my head. So I plurked. And I’m posting. Because I’m angry.

(an hour or two passes…..)

Wow. What a FASCINATING response to this post. Amazing how many people responded nearly immediately. Half of you thought it was about work, half of you thought it was about SL. No one thought that it could be family or other-interest related. There are MANY aspects to my life. And, yes, I confess, I DO get angry at times. Sometimes it’s probably justified, sometimes it probably is not.

Let me state for the record: whatever you are thinking this is about – you are probably INCORRECT. I’ve been somewhat snarky for DAYS. About many many things. I work at my career. I work in SL and Opensim. I work for my family, immediate and extended. I work for my friends and interests. I guess if you think you KNOW what this is about, maybe you need to look at yourself. Maybe this post wasn’t about me at all.

Bamboo Earns His Wings

Okay, this post REALLY was supposed to be entitled “Happy Birthday Bay City”, but Bamboo INSISTED that the day was REALLY about him. And I have to LIVE with Bamboo….. (/me says in an aside: Happy Birthday Bay City!!!)

Bamboo and I had a free afternoon. We waved hi to all our friends who were online. Lalo waved back and said he was flying his airship over a parade at Bay City. Bamboo had never been in an airship (I’m not sure he’s ever been in a plane, come to think on it) and so we asked if we could tag along. Lalo sent us a tp, warning us to be flying when took the jump. *laughing* i’ve never flown with Bamboo before. It is hilarious! He slides off my shoulder and hangs there, clinging as if in fear of dropping off. Aw, my precious Bamboo…. I’d never let you drop.

We rezzed at Lalo’s airship and sat in the back. Bamboo immediately began begging to fly the ship. Well. I mean, really. He’s just a little guy. But Lalo was so kind to Bamboo – and let him come and sit up front and HELP fly. Bamboo was THRILLED!!!!!! He sat right up there with Lalo and watched the dials and helped make the turns. We were hovering above Bay City, where the citizens were going to be celebrating its 3rd anniversary (I think I have that correct – Lalo blogged about the EVENT. *grin* Somehow MY post has been co-opted.)

Unfortunately my draw range was only 512m, so I missed the start of the parade, but I did see them once they crossed into the parcel below us. The parade was led by purple convertibles, then the large snails. The sky was crowded with other flying objects (vehicles AND people) and there were boats along the shore. Around about that time my laptop crashed – graphic overload, I guess. So while that one rebooted, I rezzed back in on the other machine. That didn’t last too long either. So I went back to my gaming computer and was a bit more cautious with camming and clicking. The party was great fun, with good DJ’ing and live music, lots of dancing. The complete set of party pics, including closeups of the party-goers, is up on my Flicker account.

All too soon, however, it was time for Bamboo and I to head home. Bamboo was flying high emotionally, as well as digitally. He has bonded with Lalo *grin*. He has decided that they are “best buds”, “guys together” and are “both furry”. I, of course, am chopped liver. Merely his mom. *grin* But Lalo has been wonderfully kind to my little panda and has humored him, even bestowing the nickname ‘Boo on him. *grin* Bamboo is thrilled. When we landed at the airport and thanked Lalo for a fantastic afternoon, Lalo told Bamboo that he had earned his wings! /me grins. I’m not sure I need to tp us home – I rather suspect ‘Boo could have flown us there simply from joy.

Never Trust a Peacock

I love, love, LOVE the Bronx Zoo Cobra. And I’m very fond of the Zookeeper, too. “Breaking” story here.


RL has been taking up a lot of time. And when I’m inworld, I’ve been listening to a LOT of music. I LOVE dancing to music and I’ve been indulging a lot lately.

The other evening I logged in around 3pm SLT and tp’d from one music event to another for 5 or 6 hours.

snippet 1:
I’m fairly content with who and what I am. But if I were GOING to want to be someone else, it might be Calli. *grin* She is so talented, has great taste in music (usually LOL. and she ALWAYS plays some Janis- YAY) and has THE BEST wardrobe. Here she is DJ’ing Spanish/Calypso music, and there I am, envying her wonderful Calli-ness.

snippet 2:
I STILL love the horsies, even if I’ve not been by Carriage Trade lately. I always keep an eye on the group chat, and Shenlei and the horses cracked me up completely the other night:
Shenlei Flasheart: /me rattles grain bucket…ahem…
ghostly pricks her ears up and looks
Shenlei Flasheart: I’d like to welcome a new mare, Dreamer, to the herd…she will be in the Pony Club, so please trot by and meet her and give her a big CT welcome!
Hey, it worked! rattling that grain bucket started getting lots of ears perking and tails swishing. *grin* I love it.

snippet 3:
Honour McMillan has been thinking about an extremely interesting and, I think, important project for many months now. She’s finally unveiled a glimpse of it on her blog today, An Initial Plea for Help. Honour has asked us all to think about our lives in SL: If you could take one photograph that would show people why you come inworld what would it be? Just as Gracie Kendal photographed our avatars, Honour is asking US to photograph our LIVES. I love this concept and hope Honour continues with it into the full form I know she has contemplated. (Aside to Honour: maybe now with Rodvik at the helm, it IS do-able.) Gracie captured us as we see ourselves. Honour is asking us to capture our beloved SL as we see it. All of us have SOME picture we can take that sums up, if not our ENTIRE SL life, some important part of our SecondLives. Yes, as usual for Honour, she is being annoying (*grin* couldn’t resist, Honour) by asking that we use Koinup to participate so yes, it DOES mean yet ANOTHER login for some of us. Do it. Or Honour’s friends will find you….. *grin* Oh? You mean *I* have to do it too?????? sigh…..

There you go folks. If you want to find me, I’m probably dancing. Where? Oh, TriBeCa, Prim Economy, Houses, Fogbound, JJ’s Joint. Who’s playing/DJing? Komuso Tokugawa, Callipygian Christensen, Bear Rasmuson, Ziffy Zarf,, Noma Falta , Euterpe Queller (PLEASE come back SOON, EQ), Grace McDonnough, and many many more!!


I thought of titling this post “Émigré”, but I consider SL to be my home and my visits to InWorldz temporary. Since expat has a temporary denotation I used that instead.

I went to IW first back in July 2010. It was both good and bad. It was good, because immediately upon rezzing my friend Astra was there welcoming me. We are SL friends and rezzing in and finding a friend immediately made IW feel like “home”. It was a good experience because Astra guided me to a welcome area where there was free content for customizing my appearance. As I’ve blogged in the past, SL residents seem to NEED customization instantly. When we would rez into Opensim or other virtual worlds at work, the SL folk would click “Edit Appearance” instantly, attempting to look like ourselves. The not-so-good part was the lag, which was horrendous. I was trying to change my hair when I crashed. And there I left it for all these many months.

Now many of my friends have either emigrated to InWorldz or maintain vacation homes there. I’ve been reading blogs and watching the content grow. I hear that Tranquility Dexter has rewritten the IW scripting language (Phlox) so that the lag is alleviated greatly, if not vanished completely. I decided it was time to go and finish doing my hair. *grin*

It was great. (Okay, I’ll confess – I miss using v2. *grin* But I did begin to remember the other viewer.) I love all the nice free content available to noobs, there were a lot of people there when I rezzed, and there were flowers! I managed to make myself presentable, I think. I don’t look too much like “myself” in these pics, but that will come in time. In the meanwhile – I’m ready to rock and roll InWorldz.

Accentuate the Positive

As the old song goes, you need to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative. I have watched friends and fellow bloggers come under attack for their posts. Some of the responses are vile, out of scale and simply unnecessarily vicious. The pain, bewilderment and anger caused by these attacks is deep. The urge to retaliate in some way is equally strong. But invariably response only triggers more bile and ugliness. I’ve not had the misfortune to be attacked personally in such fashion. Perhaps that would change my attitude. But what I say to my friends is that they need to ignore the attacks. They need to consider the source and realize that other people reading this either already know, or soon grasp, that the attacks are false and inappropriate. To my regret, my words usually fall on deaf ears.

Marx Dudek posted on this topic, “Resisting Negativity“. I just met Marx the other night at one of her great “Hip-Replacement Therapy” DJ sets. I loved her musical selections and good humor. Now I know that she is wise and articulate as well. She has said words that are worth heeding and said it better than most who attempt this topic. As she says, do not only resist responding to the negativity, but find something positive on which to exert your energy. To me, if you do that, you triumph truly. You contribute to tikkun olam.

Write on, Marxi.

Sailing in the Air

I love to sail. I haven’t done much lately (well, actually Bamboo and I went sailing early one morning last week) but I do enjoy it. So when a friend invited me to sail in his new ship, I was delighted. Except…. *grin* …. his new ship is an AIR ship, and the invite was to sail in the skies above the water. And above the land.

I got to Grace O’clock the other night, which is always a dual pleasure. The joy of hearing Grace sing combined with seeing so many friends makes for a wonderful time. One of the attendees was my friend Lalo Telling. Lalo has a great blog, where he chronicles SecondLife history as well as adventures in building in SL and InWorldz. He and his partner Alisa Falconvale have great buildings for sale at Falconvale Fine Prefabs in InWorldz. Recently he got a wonderful new steampunk airship. Steampunk is another fave of mine (oh let’s be real – who DOESN’T like steampunk, right???) so I wheedled and whined for a ride, which Lalo offered graciously.

The airship is the Aer Viator, a steampunk airship. It’s made by the Bondar-Foehammer Aerosteam Company in SL. It has fun sound effects, neat dials and is VERY good-looking. It also handles sim crossings like a champ. I felt a bit of a shimmer but that was it. (When I think how I crashed and crashed on my motorcycle for Chestnut’s birthday motorcycle rally….) The ship is only 30 prims, which I think is reasonable and holds 2 passengers in addition to the pilot (pffft. Lalo insisted on being the pilot. I don’t LIKE being in the back seat. Pout. ) It was a great deal of fun. Even better – the Aer Viator is still on an introductory special, so if you hurry, you too can be an Aer Viator Pilot!

Fleur de Calli

I spent a LOT of time this weekend in my garden – cleaning the beds, weeding, pruning bushes, pruning an ailing Japanese maple, planting perennials. I came inworld in the evening for friends and music. Calli fits the bill for both friends AND music – she is one of my favorite DJs, spinning tunes at Tribeca and Fogbound regularly, as well as other locales. But with gardening on my mind, I remembered that I never mentioned Calli’s OTHER venture – besides her fantastic photography and DJing. We can now enjoy Fleur de Calli, a lovely little flower shop in Puli.

It was early March when the shop opened. Still too gray and cold and miserable to be in my organic garden. Calli tp’d me into the shop and immediately I felt more relaxed and cheerful. FLOWERS!!!! 🙂 Beautiful orchids in graceful pots. You can change the color of the pots to suit your decor or mood.

I found the white flower in the corner to be extremely striking. I asked Calli about it and she told me that it was the result of a mis-click when creating. Quite a fortuitous misclick, I would say!

So the next time you need a hostess gift, or a little pick-me-up for yourself, or even just a visit to a clean, well-built space, drop by Fleur de Calli for your flower power.

A Farewell To Art

Sigh. It was announced a few weeks ago. Another closing, another goodbye to SL. This time the IBM Exhibition Space sims closed. I’ve been to most of the exhibits there, truly fantastic works of art. The Search for the Sy, Rabbicorn and so many other great exhibits. I LOVE the Rabbicorn. But to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. I am grateful to IBM, to Tezcatlipoca Bisiani and PatriciaAnne Daviau for the art, the sandbox and the wonderful times. I met so many talented and helpful people at that sandbox. The art simply took my breath away. These sims and the opportunities they offered will be missed greatly.

But Tez and PatriciaAnne are not ones to pack their tents quietly and steal off into the night. Oh my no. *grin* When they have life transitions, EVERYONE gets to share. So there was a 12-hour farewell party yesterday. Great live music, great DJ’ing, fun chat, dancing. And yes – you KNOW it was a good party because we crashed that sim. HARD. VERY HARD. *grin* It took multiple logins and reboots to finally get all the way back to the party. Because the party, of course, didn’t stop for anything as minor as a sim crash.

I took many many photos, trying to save memories of all the cool builds that were there. Other folk were doing the same. So many people dropped by during the farewell. For me, one of the happiest parts was seeing all my SL friends who now spend a great deal of time in InWorldz. (/me waves hi again to Astra!) They came back to celebrate. For it WAS a celebration. Yes, there was sadness and regret, but there was so much joy and delight in recalling the good times, the successes, the people, and all the positives that flowed from these sims.

Thank you again, Tez, PA and IBM. It was a great run. You brought a lot of good and joy into the world. We will miss the sim, but the sparks you lit will burn forever.


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