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Von Johin at Key West

I’ve been following the music about SL lately. Either I’m in a music-state-of-mind or the performers and DJ’s are all in perfect grooves. Last night I tp’d to Key West to hear Von Johin play. The really good performers never bore you, never play the same-old, same-old. I don’t remember the first song Von played, but what I remember was that I’d not heard him play THAT song before, and he did a great rendition (of course). His second tune was a medly – bits and pieces of many many songs all concatenated seamlessly into a fantastic song. I’d been sitting there a bit “meh”, but by the end of that tune I was grinning and feeling very upbeat!

I also learned something I never knew. I have an applause gesture. I use it all the time, usually while I’m dancing. I was sitting this particular evening, NOT dancing. I applauded. Well. I had no idea that the gesture actually moves my hands as well as makes a clapping sound. LOL. Makes sense, no? “gesture” “applause” But I’m always dancing, and that animation overrides the clapping. When I applaud, I smile and clap my hands.

You may notice the gentleman levitating in the air next to me. I am not sure if he was simply in a Zen state or if he was practicing for the upcoming Rapture. I was so absorbed in the music and IMs that other than the levitating meditater, I didn’t notice the rest of the crowd. I should have paid more attention because 2 friends from my NCI days were there in the audience! Shortly before the end of the concert, Aa came over to join me. I swear, that man gets younger every day! *grin* You’re looking great, Aa!


When I embraced a virtual life style three years ago, one of the most difficult transitions for me was the common SL practice of deliberate mis-spelled words. *shudder* My first experience with LOLcats was painful. While I am not sure that I embrace this convention whole-heartedly, it no longer makes me cringe to see it or even to follow on occasion. It seems to me that when I am posting about the ponies of Carriage Trade, the appropriate spelling IS “ponehs!”.

Shenlei gave me a “heads-up” earlier in the day that the ponehs had a special surprise later that evening. When she began shaking the feed box in group chat, and calling the ponehs in from the field, I also “pricked up my ears” and moseyed back to the barn. In the best American beer commercial tradition, the ponehs had been rewarded with their very own beer wagon. Long-time SL residents understand that while building a multi-avatar conveyance is tricky, scripting it requires even more finesse. The Carriage Trade beer wagon is scripted for 8 ponies, a driver, and 2 riders (one on top of the beer barrels).

I got to hop on top of the beer barrels (of course. *grin* I’m kicking myself that I didn’t think to rez a bottle to enjoy during the ride). Shen was driving and the ponehs were having a ton of fun, based on the local chat. We spent a bit of time racing about the sim, accompanied by riders and horses cheering us on. The ponehs handled the turns with no trouble (I learned that the technical term is “feather the curve”) and never seemed to grow fatigued, despite the barrels. Of course, the barrels WERE being emptied during the evening. I mean – the beer was THERE. Wouldn’t YOU????

There always seems to be a lot of fun going on at Carriage Trade. The stalls are full of horses and ponies. There are rides – horseback and carriage-drawn – available for non-equine avatars. I always come away from my time there with a big smile on my face.

But… there was ONE avatar who wasn’t smiling last night. No, the expression there was one of longing. Wistful longing. Dreams. What do you think – can a ZEBRA be a beer-wagon poneh????? I sense a commercial in the making. *grin* L’chaim, all! To your health!

Everything You Know is Wrong

Or should that be: “Everything, you know, is Wrong”? That was the name of the lecture Grady Booch delivered from SL today. And the revised punctuation was ALSO his construct. It was my great fortune to meet Grady in the course of some software development I was doing. We discovered that we were both fans of virtual worlds and have remained friends since. As I rarely have the opportunity to attend in person many of the conferences at which Grady is a keynote speaker, I’m delighted when I can hear him inworld. (You can find Grady’s blog here.)

Grady was speaking at the Software Experts Summit 2011, being held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. But Grady wasn’t in California either, he was giving his talk from Second Life, so I got to attend as well.

I’ve heard Grady talk on similar topics before. Each time I learn something new, grasp a little more. (As I’ve told you – by my mother I’m a techie, but by a techie I’m no techie. *grin*) One of my favorite ‘slides’ is the one that says “Develop in anger”, which was all the more amusing as I’d just been posting on the topic of anger. I also like the other points at the slide about listening, but not TOO much. *grin* I do like the way Grady thinks.

I was able to reach Honour and Shenlei in time for them to tp over and expand their software knowledge as well! We’ll have Honour coding in NO time….. /me ducks and runs

Happy Rez Day, Daez!

I try to mention rez day parties in advance, but this one was a SURPISE!!!! Daez turned 4 the other day (I know she HATES that I mentioned that but I have LOTS of friends who are WAAAAAAAY older – believe me. I have ONE friend who is… omg… 6. And another who rezzed in Dec 2004. So you are YOUNG!)

Dz wanted to make the day very very special for Daez and planned many wonderful things, among them a surprise party at The BluJnz Blu club in Honey Harbour. Noma Falta, Rocker Extraordinaire, rocked us for a solid hour. There is nothing as much fun as Noma partying, laughing and joking and teasing the guest of honor.

It wouldn’t be a dance party if we weren’t dancing on Daez’s hud. Daez has the best assortment of dances and knows how to match dance to tune flawlessly. I need to start taking videos instead of stills, so you can see the great dancing.

As part of her surprises, Dz had a slide show of pics running on the stage. To my great delight, she included one with me, with us both wishing Daez a happy rez day!

*MWUAH* Daez!! Love you love you love you!!!! You are a very important part of my SL. Happy rez day, and thanks for being part of my life! ❤

What Not to do When You are Angry

You should NEVER blog when you are angry. I’m really really angry at the moment. Someone just took credit for my work. I’m trying to handle this properly – by NOT saying or doing anything now. But…. sometimes I listen to the 6-year old in my head. So I plurked. And I’m posting. Because I’m angry.

(an hour or two passes…..)

Wow. What a FASCINATING response to this post. Amazing how many people responded nearly immediately. Half of you thought it was about work, half of you thought it was about SL. No one thought that it could be family or other-interest related. There are MANY aspects to my life. And, yes, I confess, I DO get angry at times. Sometimes it’s probably justified, sometimes it probably is not.

Let me state for the record: whatever you are thinking this is about – you are probably INCORRECT. I’ve been somewhat snarky for DAYS. About many many things. I work at my career. I work in SL and Opensim. I work for my family, immediate and extended. I work for my friends and interests. I guess if you think you KNOW what this is about, maybe you need to look at yourself. Maybe this post wasn’t about me at all.

Bamboo Earns His Wings

Okay, this post REALLY was supposed to be entitled “Happy Birthday Bay City”, but Bamboo INSISTED that the day was REALLY about him. And I have to LIVE with Bamboo….. (/me says in an aside: Happy Birthday Bay City!!!)

Bamboo and I had a free afternoon. We waved hi to all our friends who were online. Lalo waved back and said he was flying his airship over a parade at Bay City. Bamboo had never been in an airship (I’m not sure he’s ever been in a plane, come to think on it) and so we asked if we could tag along. Lalo sent us a tp, warning us to be flying when took the jump. *laughing* i’ve never flown with Bamboo before. It is hilarious! He slides off my shoulder and hangs there, clinging as if in fear of dropping off. Aw, my precious Bamboo…. I’d never let you drop.

We rezzed at Lalo’s airship and sat in the back. Bamboo immediately began begging to fly the ship. Well. I mean, really. He’s just a little guy. But Lalo was so kind to Bamboo – and let him come and sit up front and HELP fly. Bamboo was THRILLED!!!!!! He sat right up there with Lalo and watched the dials and helped make the turns. We were hovering above Bay City, where the citizens were going to be celebrating its 3rd anniversary (I think I have that correct – Lalo blogged about the EVENT. *grin* Somehow MY post has been co-opted.)

Unfortunately my draw range was only 512m, so I missed the start of the parade, but I did see them once they crossed into the parcel below us. The parade was led by purple convertibles, then the large snails. The sky was crowded with other flying objects (vehicles AND people) and there were boats along the shore. Around about that time my laptop crashed – graphic overload, I guess. So while that one rebooted, I rezzed back in on the other machine. That didn’t last too long either. So I went back to my gaming computer and was a bit more cautious with camming and clicking. The party was great fun, with good DJ’ing and live music, lots of dancing. The complete set of party pics, including closeups of the party-goers, is up on my Flicker account.

All too soon, however, it was time for Bamboo and I to head home. Bamboo was flying high emotionally, as well as digitally. He has bonded with Lalo *grin*. He has decided that they are “best buds”, “guys together” and are “both furry”. I, of course, am chopped liver. Merely his mom. *grin* But Lalo has been wonderfully kind to my little panda and has humored him, even bestowing the nickname ‘Boo on him. *grin* Bamboo is thrilled. When we landed at the airport and thanked Lalo for a fantastic afternoon, Lalo told Bamboo that he had earned his wings! /me grins. I’m not sure I need to tp us home – I rather suspect ‘Boo could have flown us there simply from joy.

Never Trust a Peacock

I love, love, LOVE the Bronx Zoo Cobra. And I’m very fond of the Zookeeper, too. “Breaking” story here.

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